Farrah Abraham hasn’t had sex in two years

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham hasn't had sex in two years

Although Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham spent the past year and a half dating an array of dude duds, she continues to stay positive while looking for a “real partner” to complete her family with little Sophia. But hold your horses gents! Despite what we saw during her trip to Texas in Season 4, this gal likes to take things slow and easy.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham wearing a vagina costume in a sex ed videoFarrah seemed to be very close (and rather kissy-kissy) with her on-air beau Daniel Alvarez, and she was quite relaxed posing nearly nude (i.e. in a bikini) with boyfriend Marcel Kaminstein, but apparently that is about as far as either got with Farrah. “I haven’t had sex in two years,” Farrah reveals to In Touch Weekly. “There are too many risks and emotions involved. It’s always best to wait.”

And sex isn’t the only thing Farrah is waiting for. “I don’t believe in kissing someone right away, either,” she explains. Farrah’s not exactly saving herself for marriage, but she does plan on doing things differently this time around when it comes to having children. Farrah states, “I’m working very hard in my future to do it right the second time.”

As for her most recent relationship with John Parra, Farrah admits, “I’m happy I chose not to touch him or get serious with some guy who seems controlling and clingy. I’m happy I shield Sophia from any guy drama that is caused by whomever I’m dating at the time.”

In the end, Farrah just wants to settle down with someone mature and worthy of her. “I’m ready to find a real partner now,” she concludes.

Be sure to tune in to MTV’s Teen Mom Farewell Special on October 2 to get an update on Farrah Abraham and the rest of the original cast.

Oh, and if the combination of sex and Farrah Abraham sparks your interset, be sure to check out her sex education video!

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