PHOTOS Gypsy Sisters’ Nettie Stanley’s husband Huey Stanley

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley's husband Huey Stanley

On My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding and Gypsy Sisters we’ve all gotten to know the Stanley family pretty well, especially sisters Nettie and Mellie. We often see Nettie struggling with being the mother of 9 (Yes, 9!) kids, and sometimes her kids’ drama (Dallas and “Nuckie” in particular) even becomes a major story line on the show. But, strangely, one member of the Stanley family we haven’t had a chance to meet is Nettie’s husband, Huey Stanley!

It’s still unclear exactly why Huey doesn’t participate in filming, and initially he didn’t even seem to want his image on the internet. But earlier this year Nettie shared the first photo of her and Huey together (top) and since then she’s shared a few more, including this next picture of the two of them sunbathing together in Atlantic City. (Did I mention Nettie has nine kids?)

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley bikini husband Huey Stanley

Here’s another photo of Nettie Stanley and her husband Huey in the early stages of a potential tenth child ;)

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley and husband Huey Stanley kissing

And speaking of kids, how about a fun Stanley family photo from Atlantic City? Sure thing!

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley and husband Huey Stanley family photo

And here’s Uncle Huey with Mellie’s newborn son, Richard:

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley's husband Huey Stanley with Mellie's son Richard

And we’ll wrap things up with the only photo of Huey Stanley we have in which he is by himself — once again taken in Atlantic City:

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley's husband Huey Stanley photo

I think Huey may have been dipping’ into the gals’ tanning motor oil!

We’re only one episode into Gypsy Sisters Season 2 and we still haven’t seen Huey, so I’m guessing he continues to avoid the TLC cameras. But who knows, right? Keep tuning in to new episodes of Gypsy Sisters Thursday nights at 9/8c to see if Huey changes his mind and gets in on the action!

In honor of Huey I thought I might end this post with the classic Merle Haggard song “Workin’ Man Blues,” not only because I’m sure Huey works hard to support his huge family, but because it’s the first time I’ve had an occasion where the opening line, “It’s a big job gettin’ by with nine kids and a wife” actually fits!

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    • unknown

      Is this family incest? Same last names?

      • app

        Traditionally, married people share the same last name.

        • Toldu

          Actually They are related, there cousins.And her sibblings have different fathers also.Her maidan name is williams not stanley.And he didnt want to be on camera because he thought it could hurt his work. Also because this man has been arrested and charged for scamming people among other things like fraud.What criminal past or present would want there immage out there?You should check out netties mug shot and charges, shes no angel either!

          • who knows

            Kayla, is that you?

          • shebee

            I can believe these two are probably cousins one or twice removed, or in the gypsy way, not removed at all. I mean Annie was married to her first cousin! That’s why I always find it funny when they have these family brawls and disagreements and everyone states in disbelief that someone took someone’s side but they are supposed to be my sister/cousin/aunt, etc. Hell ya’ll all are family! Doubly related as we call it.

          • Family friend

            NOT TRUE! Her maiden is NOT Williams it’s Collier. Now everyone should also assume since “toldu” knows so much about this family, how much of what she posted above is true when she can’t even get Nettie’s maiden name correct. Nettie also has been forthcoming about her record. You should know that since you made a fake FB page and tried to expose her. She not only corrected the information that you posted, she shared her story.

            • Phoxee

              What happened to her 10th child?

            • Toldu

              I am sorry, But you are mistaken.I don’t have a facebook page and I signed on here as a guest.I am a fan of the show and I love doing research about the shows I watch, its like a hobby of mine.Her last name was Williams , But that was a ex husbands last name also. She did marry a collier also, correct? Everything I stated in my prior comment can be found in public records online. I would link them here but I am not sure if starcasm allows that. Also I would never try to “expose” Her as you said.These are just facts that fans like to know, well atleast I like to know. There were many horrible things I did see online in police records That I did not put in my comment , I was not trying to hurt anyones feelings BUT when you put your self on a reality show , you cant expect to have privacy anymore unfortunately. Atleast when it comes to public records. But thank you for correcting me about her maiden name, I had forgotten at the time she had 3 ex husbands not 2.My fault.

    • Rumneyroyaltyy

      But her sisters have the same last name? Lol this family is so hard to keep up w! love em tho esp nettie and Dallas

    • justme

      These girls aren’t even really from the Stanley blood line. I’ve got a lot of Stanley’s that are travelers as my clients and they hate these ladies with a passion. I still love then though.

      • Barbara

        There are multiple Stanley bloodlines…

    • LaLa84

      I just want to know how in the world do you have 9 kids and have a body like that?! She may be bat sh!t crazy but her body is out of this world for her age and having so many kids!

      • shebee

        I must agree. Nettie is insane but it’s so hard to believe she has 9 kids and she started so young. Most women would be worn out by now. I mean this chick is a grandma!

      • melizzi

        IT IS INSANE!! I had 3 & was a fitness trainer for 20+ years..,people used make comments they cudnt believe I had 3 (& I didn’t look as good as this!) NINE??!!?? I can’t wrap my mind around it! Tonight’s episode showed how gorgeous her legs are & her tush! Nice toned arms…hardly any wrinkles after all that tanning?!!? Yes…she’s bat-s**t crazy sometimes, and she owns that, but there is something about Nettie that I really like & respect. Now I’m bat-s**t crazy, maybe, but just being honest!

        • LaLa84

          I agree. I respect the fact that she has the patience to raise nine (well be it, wild) kids and have to deal with her insane sister as well. How does one woman hold down THAT fort?! And look good while doing so.

    • Steve

      Gypsy’s….is that what we’re calling white trash now?!

      • Natasha Fatale

        They are another race of people are you really that big of an idiot?

      • Barbara

        Nah, these particular “gypsies” just also happen to be white trash. People with zero class, lack of education, and poor style sense hail from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.

        • FormerlyKnownAsB

          poor style sense… now that is quite the understatement, lol.

      • Eskrania

        if I were to comment on a Kanye/Kim story and call Kanye West “black trash”, wouldnt that be racist? Please think before you insert race into an insult.

        The “gypsy” way of life might be different than yours but its not less or better than anyone else. accept the diversity of cultures in the US and you’ll be a more enlightened person.

        • birdieaz

          You made a perfect comparison, thank u also for your post being level headed. Nicely said regardless of your belief, wish many more people reacted to things they don’t understand the same. Maybe the hate derived from the simple fact of not understanding a person 4 any reason would start to go away.

      • Bruge

        all the gypsies around the world are the same…trust me…white or darker skin, same shit

    • Lara

      Are all the kids his?

      • Toldu

        No, just the youngest ones. Her children have 3 different fathers.

    • Jolene

      I went out with Huey not long ago and we went to the Logans in Martinsburg. Very handsom man with very nice hair and skin.

      • Ninnie

        Yeah, you wish Jolene!!

      • melizzi

        WTF?!? Trick…do u have a death wish!? Are u saying u went out with a son called Huey? Hope so, cuz I’d hate to be u if Ninnie or Mellie tracked u down! Just say’n.,,

    • JDF

      Please stop breeding!!! PLEASE!!

    • Kelly

      Straight trash, all of them. The way they fight, drink, cuss and advocate fighting in front of very small children should land DCS at their house instead of a fan base. It’s beyond disgusting. I’d rather watch Honey Boo Boo than these trashy whores any day.

    • Super mag

      The men won’t appear on camera, because they travel around the country ripping off elderly people with shoddy paving jobs. I imagine this family has a bad rep in the traveller community for bringing attention to the existence of gypsies in the US and potentially drawing attention to the way they prey on confused senior citizens.

      • Al

        I’ve dealt with these people in the past. They’re rude and demanding. There’s this sense of entitlement you get from them that just hangs in the air. They would come into OfficeMax Print and Document Center and want us to type up pay-stubs for them. We couldn’t help but think that sounded a tad illegal, since none of us were qualified to legitimately process that type of thing. Nettie would bring in these hand written notes and want us to fashion a pay-stub out of them. O_O

      • rich lipschutz

        You are right on. They are crooks and small time thieves. This is the reason the men don’t show themselves on camera. They can’t take the chance of being recognized. In Florida they are called Murphy’s. Drive around and look for targets. Mostly elderly. They also know how to shoplift like nothing you have ever seen. Smooth as can be and usually work in teams. They are all very close and when trouble comes to them they hit the road. They also know how to work the system. Welfare, disability and lawsuits for fender benders. They are bottom feeders that teach their children at a young age how to work the system. As they get older they young men start traveling with the elders to learn how to be scrum and bottom feeders too.

    • *

      Huey is ugly!

    • texasgypsy_forever

      I’m from wv and do know a few gypsies and there not bad people…