Gypsy Sisters’ Huey and Nettie Stanley wedding vow renewal ceremony photos

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley and husband Huey - click to enlarge

Everybody knows that a Gypsy Sisters wedding is an elaborate, blinged-out Swarovski soiree, but if you tuned in to the show’s Season 3 finale you saw that their wedding vow renewal ceremonies are a little more subdued but fun just the same. Granted, Long-time husband and wife Huey Stanley and Nettie Stanley were a last-minute replacement for the ill-fated vow renewal of Kayla and Richard, but the end result was a beautiful beach-themed affair captured perfectly by photographer Patricia Hinman.

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley and husband Huey Stanley wedding vow renewal - click to enlarge

Patrica has been sitting on the photos for some time, and she seemed to almost explode as she posted a massive album of pics on Facebook Thursday. “After months of being silent of what I was doing when I meet the Gypsy Sisters,” she wrote, “Here is the answer: I was able to Photograph Nettie K Stanley and her husband Huey’s vow renewal ceremony. Thanks again to Nettie for making this possible!”

Here are a few of our favorites including Nettie, Huey and their children as well as Nettie’s co-stars Mellie Stanley, JoAnn Wells, Kayla Williams, and Annie Williams followed by Patricia’s posting with a link to the full album:

All photos: Patricia Hinman Photography

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