Gypsy Sisters Sheena Small continues feud with Nettie Stanley and Joann Wells

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley and Sheena Wells Small continue EPIC Facebook feud

In case you missed it, former Gypsy Sisters co-stars Nettie Stanley and Sheena Small proved that the TLC show’s on-screen drama is a true reflection of their reality as the two of them (well, 98% Sheena) got into an EPIC Facebook feud after Nettie shared our post explaining why Sheena didn’t come back for the current season. Sheena continued her ranting well into the night, and I updated our post accordingly. I assumed that once Sheena slept on it she would lose enthusiasm for her diatribing, but like the Energizer Bunny, Sheena just keeps going, and going, and going, and….

Before I start the “Sheena Soapbox Show” I’m going to go ahead and post Nettie’s 2% from today. “I will not be led into her evil ways,” Nettie wrote. “I am above that I will pray for her,” she added along with some praying hands emoji. “Let’s all do that.”

She later introduced me to yet another use of a word that I hadn’t heard before (I’m still recovering from the gift of the term “nunny”) when she called out a certain unnamed person(s) as a churner: “I’ve never in my days seen big churners come down talking high class yet wear swim suit cover ups as dresses and think you actually look good! Lmao churneerrrrr”

Nettie then shared a photo text graphic that seemed to indicate TLC had asked her to not engage with Sheena online. “TLC has contacted Nettie in light of the Sheena Drama,” the image reads, “TLC & Production have asked Nettie to not engage Sheena anymore. Nettie will no longer waste anymore time on Sheena and her nonsense. Please DO NOT TAG NETTIE IN ANYTHING PERTAINING TO THE DRAMA. It is clear Sheena is seeking attention. Thank You and Have A Happy Day.”

She didn’t “engage” Sheena after that, but she did share an amazing side-eye photo with a not-so-subtle context:



And now, without further ado, here’s the main attraction. Please, silence all cell phones. Take it away Sheena…

Nettie Stanley u wanna play! Game on b!tch! Rember molesting a boy? Buddy Nicholson! U was a big grown women with kids UR husband was n jail! And u was a pedafile! U made a baby with a underage boy! That’s how u got UR kid chastity!! What kind of heat was UR box feeling to sleep with a kid??? How can u get hot and bothered? But u girls are born with a hot box! How many other kids have u molested Nettie Stanley!

Joann and Nettie Stanley have been plotting on how to throw stones at me!! When I can honstley say! They have none! Talk is cheap! Any boy I have been around!!! Knows I hold RESPECT for my self! I don’t prove myself out for dirty wh0res like Nettie and joann there below me! Nettie sleeeeps with a computer man down there in west va!! Nettie also was arrested years ago of steeling pocket books everywere she went! And her boys got put in a foster home! Then her brother William had to adopt them! Nettie didn’t raid half her own kids and on the show she claims to be mother hen? Yes that’s chicken sh!t!!! Hahaha cocka doodle dooooo any c0ck will doo!! That’s mother he. For ya!

Hey Nettie stop lying about lupus! That was a story line u put out for TLC! U wanted pitty! After how dirty u done Kayla on tv! U lost fans and wanted to gain them back! What u really have is a drug promblem u don’t want UR husband or no one to know! Pain pill popper!! That exsplains why u act like u do! Go to rehab u addict!!!!!

Nettie Stanley! I sure hope u got all that mouth when I come drag u put and beat u like the dirty b!tch u are! And joann carter!! She’s getting it to!! U girls better eat good! Lay off the D and get u some rest!! This been a longggg time coming! hey by the way! Didn’t u make urself known to take road trips??? To kick @ss u bad @ss? Lmao we’ll UR welcome to my place anytime u and UR RV! My doors have no locks n chains on them! I would love for u to grow the balls u think u we’re born with to come to me!! Either way UR getting it! U are not my familey! U ain’t got enuff gypsy in UR blood! U or joann! REFFS !!! Huey Stanley is prombley the MOST gypsy u had in u!!! Nettie collier! Go back to UR roots! Represent UR culture! Not MY GYPSY people!

Nettie n joann with UR costume jewelry!! Aka bling! Rumneys don’t brag about costume jewelry!! Hahahahah have u ever hurd of LADA? The real jewelry! That right there alone bling bling box! Shows UR straight REFF!

Nettie Stanley that slept with her CuZzinz husband!!! Knowing her Cuzzin had kids by! These girls are sick and twisted! They sleep with eachothers men! They all need to be thrown n a island we’re they can go like what they really are! And the animal planet needs to go film them!

The truth speaks for it’s self!!! Nothing that Nettie has did or said on the show proves she is not a gypsy/rumney!! Nettie and joann needs to be punished!!! For slandering my culture!!!! I wanna press charges!!!! Nettie makes people think all Gypsys do is fight! Gypsys are very quit and we stay to our self! These girls don’t step foot in a church!!! Belive me when I say! These are not real Gypsys Nettie n joann!! These girls don’t know the first thing about my culture only what they hurd!

Now I can’t waste another day on those trash! But I will tell u this!! Don’t belive what u see on tv! About Nettie n joann ! They Are fakeeeeee!!! Come on what 30 year old women! That’s had more men then she can count wears a little girls tutu and calls her self a princess!! Joann the gypsy princess! Our culture don’t have a princess and if it did it wouldn’t be her!! And Nettie needs to go put her kids in schoooool!! And stop cheating on her husband with the man rob that works at the computer store!!! I’m done for now!!

Joann the gypsy princess had s e x in the freezer of ci ci pizza. While she was with her husband!!! She got a job! There I swear! In Lynchburg va! And had the boy n the freezer!!!!

Nettie Stanley my mother had to send UR mother money for food yesterday!!! Ain’t u her daughter??? UR n the same town she is in! U got a sick mother! And u like to run UR mouth!! Lmao!!! Listen u know as good as I do what I’m going to do to u! Skin and bones!

Hey Nettie everyone knows I liked Richard when I was young!!! Hahaha I was only 14 u had s e x at 14 lmao!!! Took a rod like a pro!! Kayla knows I would never try that with her!!! Kayla is not like u! Y’all pretend to like Kayla hahaha I’m not the one who try to hurt my Cuzzin! I was there to help Kayla! What I should have done was made u SUV urself side ways!! U only pretend to like Kayla cause the show!! U know if it wasn’t for Kayla they wouldn’t have a show!

Nettie Stanley that paid for her fake toys with her income tax!! Go get them redone! Hahah talk about me! I don’t need or get Botox! And fake stuff all my stuff is real! Hahahah

Nettie Stanley UR new nick name is TAX TITTS!!!!

Let me add this! Joann the princess took naked pics and sent them to ray her ex brother n law!!!! We know these girls ain’t afraid to snap there private areas! That right there alone is proof what these hoochiez are! Ask anyone any guy !!! I have neverrrrr took a naked pic! Ever!!! Hillbilly p0rn stars!!! With there saggin body! Loose as a goose!! And still took a picture! Hahahaha Nettie claims she took naked pics for her husband we’ll her husband knows what she’s got he don’t need a pic!! And joann not only took a pic of her virginia she had her fingers all up in hers! Now go to Joann’s how’s n ask for a drink or food!! Hahahah would u even wanna eat off of girls like that???

Hey I can say I was a virgin when I got married at 18 lmao can u Nettie n joann say the same??? N Nettie wasn’t u the one who caught joann n bed with UR ex husband! Merdock…. God rest his soul! N joann try to take wetzel from Tanya!! Girls I can go on and on!

Nettie Stanley u think UR cute? All the Botox n the world can’t fix UR long forehead! UR lips like arrow smith! Big enuff to put a football in! UR sunk n hawks and sunk In eyes! The tv adds ten pounds! UR add sags to UR knee caps! UR skin is wrinkled! U would be two tonzzzzz of fun! But u got on tv and has been a druggie!!! To try n stay skinny! Lmao o Nettie what’s UR secret to stay fit! Lmao!!! Nothing about u is attractive! Cake the make up on and still can’t look right! U sisters only Bragg on eachother! And didn’t know eachother until tv wanted to film u! And joann goes around bragging on doing keeglessss to keep her minge tight! I swear! We’ll looks like u better get to working out joann cause all u are is a pass it around s|ut!!

Joann carter wearing a pagent dress and a crown does not make u a princess!! Let me tell u what they do they buy clothes to wear on the show!! Leave the tags on them then return them and get the money back!!! Hahahahah I laugh my ass off when I seen them do that!! They don’t wen own the clothes they film in!!!

Another thing about the twisted sisters! Joann would always still money from me!!! My husband would give me money like her husband have her! She had no reason to take mine! We go out to a mall n to eat whatever! I know how much I had on me leaving her n the car one day I ran into gas station come out and joann all of a sudden wanted to go back home so I took her! Then after a lil while later! Looking for my money! Goneeeee!!! She has stolen all her life from anyone familey strangers whoever!!! Trust me if UR around sneaky c*nt! Things come up missin u better belive joann got it!

There reporting everything I post !!! They need to REPORT to me and get there @ss handed to them!!!! Report this bitchez!!!

No I have to take a time out lol got plenty of dirt on these bitchez there’s not enuff time in one day! Anything they say about me! Lol ain’t worth it! Coming from wh0res talk is as cheap as there NUNNYS are!!!!

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