GYPSY SISTERS Nettie Stanley arrested for conspiracy and fraudulent schemes

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley arrest 2023

It’s been more than five years since we last shared an update on Gypsy Sisters matriarch Nettie Stanley. Unfortunately, this update is not a good one.

According to the West Virginia Department of Corrections, Nettie Stanley was arrested in on Wednesday and is currently in custody facing charges of conspiracy and fraudulent schemes. The West Virginia statute reveals that fraudulent schemes is a charge when there are multiple instances of fraud and a cumulative amount of damages.

Jail records also indicate that Nettie is a “pre-trial felon,” so I assume that one or both of the charges are felonies. Her bail is currently set at $13,000.

In her mug shot photo, the 48-year-old former reality star is seen without her trademark blonde hair:
Nettie Stanley from Gypsy Sisters arrested

Making matters worse for Nettie is the fact that she wasn’t arrested alone. West Virginia jail records indicate that her husband, Huey Stanley, was also arrested on Wednesday.

Huey is currently facing the same two charges of conspiracy and fraudulent schemes. Huey’s bail amount is also $13,000. For some reason, the West Virginia Department of Corrections does not have a booking photo for Huey.

Given that the two were just arrested today, there is not a court date scheduled for either yet.

UPDATE – Both Huey and Nettie Stanley bonded out on Thursday, January 19 just before noon.

@haven_ggtt on Instagram was the first to break the news about Nettie and Huey’s arrests. If you want to keep up with ALL things Gypsy Sisters, be sure to give her a follow!

Huey and Nettie Stanley’s new house

Huey and Nettie Stanley’s arrests come soon after the couple boasted about building their dream home on social media. Here’s a gallery posted by Nettie on Facebook in June of 2021 during the construction process:

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