Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis sentenced to jail time for 2011 assault

Joe Francis Sentenced to Jail

Although Joe Francis just finished his stint on Couples Therapy, a judge has ordered Joe complete an additional year of psychological counseling and a Level 3 Anger Management Course. Worse yet, Joe was sentenced to 270 days in county jail. All the penalties stem from his 2011 assault of a woman.

The original crimes occurred in January 2011, when Joe met three young women and forced them back to his home. Once there, one of the women claimed Joe grew violent and slammed her head onto the tile floor. Before releasing them, Joe allegedly warned the women not to call the police.

A jury of peers agreed with the women’s allegations. In May, the Girls Gone Wild founder was convicted of three counts of false imprisonment, one count of dissuading a witness from reporting a crime and one count of assault. The infamous hot-head was not pleased.

“This is a total joke!” Joe told The Daily News of the charges. “It did not happen, and that mentally challenged jury should be put in jail!”

After the conviction, Joe was allowed to appear on Couples Therapy with his girlfriend, Abbey Wilson. His temper was a big issue throughout the show, which culminated with Joe throwing water in the face of cast mate Heather Marter.

It’s unclear whether that incident had any bearing on the judge’s sentencing, which was thoroughly documented by TMZ. Following today’s court hearing, Joe was led out in handcuffs. His bond will be set at $250,000.

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  • meg

    That’s a lot of makeup on a man, Wow.
    Following Kim k’s contouring routine by the looks.

    • claire_a_belle

      Haha, was just going to say… Entirely too much makeup for my tastes

  • Mickie

    This guy’s a major d***. Someone needs to give him the swift ass-kicking he deserves.

  • tab

    I loved how on the show he wouldn’t do the anger exercise because he said he doesn’t believe in violence but his actions always show otherwise.
    this guy needs some serious help. he’s a fake and a fraud.

  • burkey

    I’ve only seen a few episodes of Couples Therapy but every one I saw it was obvious he’s a complete jerk and I would not be the least bit surprised if he’s physically harmed his girlfriend. She seemed like shes walking on egg shells around him and basically afraid of him.

  • Sam

    270 days?? what a joke. He should get a lot longer than that

  • SammyG

    His next DVD: Inmates Gone Wild!!!!

  • Hayzii

    No one could be more deserving of that horrific nose job.

  • christee

    Someone wasn’t hugged enough as a child….

  • Bec

    WOW that is a scary face

  • Yelly

    He’s a joke.