Are Drew and Jonathan Scott from HGTV’s Property Brothers single?

Are the Property Brothers Single?

As viewers of HGTV’s Property Brothers and Brother vs. Brother know, Jonathan and Drew Scott are jacks of all trades who can hold their own while buying real estate, doing home improvements and hosting a television show. Amazingly, their talents don’t end there. The brothers seem to be total overachievers who bought their first home at 18, operate their own production group and even appeared alongside a young Ryan Gosling on a Canadian teen drama!

Naturally, they have also won over legions of fans who are into the whole “tall, dark and handsome” thing.

Unfortunately for admirers dreaming of a ménage à trois scenario with the two brothers, it seems only one is single — and other has pretty high standards: Both men were pictured with dates during the Miss USA competition in June. (Although the twins are identical, their dates certainly weren’t… Quite a height difference between the two!)

Property Brothers Girlfriends

Drew’s date was girlfriend Linda Phan, a PR and event coordinator from Toronto. Based on Drew’s timeline of interviews, he’s been with Linda for about a year and half. (Shockingly, “are you single” seems to be a question that comes up often for Jonathan and Drew!)

“It’s great for me, because we work all over the place, and my girlfriend travels around with us,” he told Canada’s Real Style Network last fall.

Even before they began dating, it seems Drew and Linda knew each other for a while — at least if Jonathan and Drew are as close as they claim to be. Jonathan was actually pictured with Linda at a fashion event in Canada in 2011. He must have put a good word in for his brother, because Linda and Drew got together shortly after that.

Drew Scott girlfriend Linda Phan

Meanwhile, it seems Jonathan’s arm candy for the Miss USA pageant was just a friendly date he could chat with about the perils of being tall and living in cold weather: She’s North Dakota native, 2011 Miss Teen USA runner-up Audra Mari.

Jonathan was previously married, but told Your Tango last year that the relationship didn’t work because they “were young & not the right match.” He added they remain friends.

On the dating market, Jonathan has a few (literal) tricks up his sleeve. A trained magician, he could give Barney Stinson a run for his money!

If that’s something you’re into, Jonathan said the surest way to steal his heart is by making his favorite food.

“I think if a woman actually knew how to make sushi I would probably have to throw a ring on her right away,” he joked to The Examiner.

Jonathan Scott Dating

Before picking up The Guide to Making Sushi, ladies should beware: Jonathan brings two kids to any relationship.

“The four-legged, hairy kind,” he clarified.  “A Yorkie and a Chihuahua.”

Watch Jonathan and Drew on Brother vs. Brother on Sunday at 10/9 p.m. CST.

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    • Bryony

      I always thought at least one of them was gay.

      • oops

        I thought both were gay :/

        • Phedra Posch

          I was wondering if the older brother, JD might be Gay. He impersonates my favorite gay dude, Adam Lambert.

          • Penny Jones

            Who cares Adam is beautiful.

      • Lauren

        Johnathan, right? Lol

    • anjealka

      I always wonder how they went from a Vegas magic act to a designer and real estate agent with a tv show overnight?

      • Barking Spider

        Giving it up to producers on the casting couch

    • frontdoormom

      So…theyre NOT gay?

      • Metrosexual is Canadian

        They’re not gay. They’re just Canadian.

        • sharpybaby

          hahahhahah funny i thought they were gay and im Canadian ha no men are like that. they are handsome as hell! i thought they were from the usa because they looked that good. NY or LA… mhmm

        • Chris

          What do you mean … just ???

        • Barking Spider

          Isn’t gay and Canadian the same thing?

          • Agent Orange

            2 words for you buddy – “Rob Ford”!

          • bambiglanville

            I guess ignorant and American are the same too, EH? no wonder Canadians and American’s will forever hate one another.

            • Penny Jones

              Hate is harsh. Jealous sounds better. Lol

    • shebee

      “dreaming of a ménage à trois scenario with the two brothers…” what??!

      • Lauren

        Gross. Not really. Those guys are unattractive.

        • reneeroseholland

          They’re attractive, but their voice bothers me, being a bit grating on the nerves. However…..Love the show and it’s great they combined their talents to create a great business. Who CARES what they do in their personal life. Lack of privacy and everyone knowing your business is the one reason I’d never ever enjoy celebrity. I like my privacy and would never give it up for anything.
          Unfortunately, the type of people who like the limelight and attention with being famous are the personality types that do have great potential for cheating.

      • Phedra Posch

        That was really a dumb comment because a ménage à trois is a trist beween three people who live in the same household.

        • sunnyincali

          It’s a trist (who uses that word?) between 3 people who live in the same household? Where did you get that misinformation?
          Its ironic that you came on to admonish someone for a dumb comment, since yours was the dumbest of all!

          In fact, it’s usually a couple of friends or a romantic couple who meet a third party in a bar on online and solict the third party to join them.
          Living together has not one thing to do with three way sex. Listen to someone who has had some life experience, clearly you have not. Maybe stay off the boards and not clog it up with your ignorance.
          By the way, I love these guys. Who cares what their sexual orientation is, I was just curious if they were single or not.

          • Phedra Posch

            You should look up the facts before you start spouting off so you know what you’re talking about.If anyone is ignorant, my dear, it appears that it’s you.

            A ménage à trois (French for “household of
            three”) is a domestic arrangement in which three people having sexual
            relations (with each other) occupy the same household.
            ‎Troilism – ‎Ménage à Trois (disambiguation) – ‎Love triangle

    • Aaaaaaahh

      Way too many hairstyles and products (on the show) for straight guys. Ea

    • Karen Clark

      Jonathan just melts me every time I see him. Sadly, though single, I’m too short and too old.

      • butterflygyrl33

        Lol if u can make sushi karen then ur in hahaha;) sadly im married lol jk me and my hubby watch them all the time they just seem like real down to earth kinda guys.

    • J

      This is not really true. Drew and Linda have been very serious…. Not just dating for over 2 years. Jonathan had a serious girlfriend recently and even had her whole family at his house (brothers live together in Vegas) for Xmas 2011.

    • K

      Um, Jonathan is still technically married to that model he married in 2007. Before she kicked him out for cheating, anyway.

      • starcasmnet

        Updated with information from an interview where he referred to her as his “ex-wife.”

        • K

          Yeah, he always does, but they’re only separated, not yet divorced. Been that way for almost four years.

          • Penny Jones

            Who cares? He is still a sweetie. They obviously are separate and she is hanging on thinking shell hit it rich. I hope he is smart and just lives his life around all the crap.

      • Nogossip123

        Hahaha wow. She was not a model. Just a normal girl he was friends with threw college and married her at a young age. They were so in love but age and reality just set in. And they were not right for one another. Enough gossip of him. They’re the property brothers (fix homes) not the Kardashians!!!! Get a life. (K)
        (Fact I know this awesome fella!)

        • similush

          Say it! !!! LEAVE HIM ALONE

        • K

          Surely you know what the K stands for here, right?…Or did you not get that?

        • Penny Jones

          I love their show and johns love for dogs. They are great guys!

      • Penny Jones

        Oh brother.

    • socalscot

      Finally…two gorgeous guys AND THEY’RE STRAIGHT!!!!

      • Mm

        They date woman for their image.
        Guys in Canada do not act like women.

    • Dee Dee

      I always thought they was gay…

    • Ryan S

      I always thought Jonathan was gay and Drew wore flamboyant shirts because he supports his brother.
      Plus, Jonathan talks about his dogs like they’re children (a very typical gay motherly trait).

      Drew’s Vietnamese gf looks yummy, BTW!

      • yourmamatoo

        I thought the opposite.

      • Phedra Posch

        My dog IS my child but that doesn’t make me gay!

        • sunnyincali

          No you are just DUMB

          • Phedra Posch

            I wouldn’t talk so loudly if I were you, your ignorance shows every time you say something. If you don’t have something nice to say, why bother?

    • Sue

      What about the third brother? The one that actually looks gay?

      • Chris

        You’re kidding, right ??? None of them is gay :)

    • Megan

      if i were to date one of the brother it would be jonathan, but 2 small fur kids?! I don’t think it’d work with my mastiff and newfoundland.

    • Whatdya know?

      Like everyone above I had them definitely picked as gay… though they could be bisexual right?

    • KB

      I was sure Drew was gay after an interview where he was asked what he wanted in an ideal date, and his answer started with “I’m assuming you mean with a woman?”

      I mean…hello.

      • KB

        P.S. – I adore them, btw. :)

      • Guest

        Why assume that if a man dresses well and/or has a sweet, sensitive personality he is gay? My husband and I watch these brothers on HGTV everyday and never thought one was gay. I think both, especially Jonathan (mostly because we see more of him on the show), seem very sweet and caring. I did see a ring on Drew’s left ring finger once so thought he was married. Also seems both are great with kids, as a big kid themselves…makes the best dads.

        • YoungVolcanos

          That has nothing to do with it. Its the imperceptible body language, the way they carry themselves. I know some very hot, well dressed , nice straight guys.

    • Reality

      Both the brothers seem cool but I always get creeped out when dude’s date teeny tiny girls/women.

      • jbird

        How is 5’3 or possibly 5’4 tiny? Drew is 6’4 and his gf is about a foot shorter.

        • Reality

          I’m referring specifically to the photo, and it STILL creeps me out, with or without your height estimates. Go away.

    • Debbie

      Why do people assume that if a man dresses well and/or has a sweet, sensitive personality he is gay? My husband and I watch these brothers on HGTV everyday and never thought one was gay. I think both, especially Jonathan (mostly because we see more of him on the show), seem very sweet and caring. I did see a ring on Drew’s left ring finger once so thought he was married. Also seems both are great with kids, as a big kid themselves…makes the best dads.

      • Debbie

        Ok who is copying and pasting my comment on here?? Stop it!

    • Debbie

      Why assume if a man dresses well and/or has a sweet, sensitive personality he is gay? My husband and I watch these brothers on HGTV everyday and never thought one was gay. I think both, especially Jonathan (mostly because we see more of him on the show), seem very sweet and caring. I did see a ring on Drew’s left ring finger once so thought he was married. Also seems both are great with kids, as a big kid themselves…makes the best dads.

      • smb12321

        Hard to figure out why the only thing you take away from a show about fixing and selling property is if someone is gay. Talk about getting off subject.

        • Debbie

          Huh? The article is not about the show but if the brothers are single, so not off topic….and I was responding to all the posts that asked the question if they are gay….

      • reneeroseholland

        Don’t think it’s that. The quick jump on assuming they’re gay probably has to do with renovating and interior design…lol

        • Penny Jones

          It isn’t a ‘gay’ thing to fix a house. Construction workers would be swinging more than their hammers if that were true. Lol

    • Karen

      Why would you think they are gay? Hot guys that are handy around the house are worth their weight in gold!!! When I first saw this show I hit the pause button to stare at them!!! Makes me want to grab a. tool belt and get busy!!! ;*)

      • adapting to poverty

        Right, and who CARES? I don’t want to marry them and have their children. Just hit the pause button and STARE!!

    • Jane Grapes

      They are so gorgeous, every gay man in this hemisphere wants them to be gay. The gays I know always think everyone else is gay, but in denial..:) Funny, but true. They are gorgeous, and I hope they are not gay…it would be the end of a lot of female fantasies!! Again, funny, but true!!

    • pearl

      they are soooooooooooo gay and canadian…two knocks….

      • sc

        If they are I don’t see any problem live ur life and let the others live

      • I know you are there

        And you are soooooooo useless…..

    • Arthur Kitchen

      So they aren’t screaming, Rape my Shitter? hahahahahaha

    • james braselton

      hi there why is there no external renovations

    • A.D.H

      Jonathan Scott, I think your so handsome, smart, sweet and caring! I wish I knew a guy like you! I’d be in heaven! I love to have just one date, it be like a dream come true! :) Ana Henry, Bellflower, Ca…

    • Guest

      I find it very hard to believe these two are straight. I think she’s his beard. Like that Jenner chick is for Harry Styles of One Direction.

    • No one

      He is seeing two different girls Kat Kelley and Lindsey W from HGTV programmers

      • J

        Wrong. Lindsey is not interested in guys if you know what I mean.. And kat is seeing an mma fighter. Ps.he said last week that kat is a nice person and he wishes her the best…. So, he’s F R E E. Keep a look out lady’s ;) (propertybrosent)

        • Sunflower

          I don’t know. Kat was with him in Denver last week. They both posted a pic from a haunted house they went to and her FB page says Denver, not Vegas. Maybe they’re just good friends…

    • Lori Hill

      I wondered if they were gay or not, so I guess they’re not. They are amazing at what they do, very entertaining and nice to look at. Glad for all their success

    • chantel

      Jonathan and Drew are good people so why with all the drama people make mistakes yes but I am sure their was more to the break up

    • bossman61

      If it says they are not gay why are people questioning it, and by what I see they both have good taste in woman. good for them.

    • Peach D&J

      If I order this life size Ken doll, will he arrive by Christmas? Are costumes & accessories included?~LOL:)

    • guest

      Hott hott hott! Is alll I got! These guys that think these two are gay! Are just wishing they were! They don’t want to think that they have to compete with all that!! Love them !

    • boulderCOgirl

      I wondered which brother was the pot stirrer : ) They keep things even up on the show – but if you watch closely, Johnathan is the Odie to Drew’s Garfield! A supportive, fun-loving Garfield and patient, good humored Odie.

    • jw

      They’re clearly gay. Those dates are beards!

    • Nicole Elaine Tubbs

      Yes, I can make sushi, and some great cocktails, too!!! Oh, and I am single!!! ; -)

    • HomeBuilder

      If the dude is making it with the hottie from North Dakota, he’s got a lot going for him and is certainly not a flamer…

    • Phedra Posch

      Did Jonathan have any children when he was marri8ed?

    • disqus_lysPXDNuNU

      Just love both of them. They are real cuties.and they do their jobs very well. And they don’t seem to act like snobs. I can’t believe how tiny Drew’s girlfriend is. But she does need to be taller. Well I hope they are on tv for a long time. And these days the good looking guys are either gay,married or broke. Thank God they aren’t any of that.

    • karen oxendine

      I have to admit, I actually was wondering myself if the Scott twin brothers were straight or gay? I’m married, but it seems like most of the time the gorgeous guys wind up being gay! Well, I guess my question has been answered!

    • Dam

      Jonathan is not single anymore he is dating

    • Just my thoughts

      Love these two! But I’ve had a crush on Jonathan for a while now. Hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to meet him in person. And PS I love sashimi and have prepared those types of dishes for years! Worked as a cook for many years actually, and I also always enjoyed renovations growing up also. I especially loved gutting boats with my dad and rebuilding them! Such a great time!