PHOTO: Beyonce shows off crazy toned midriff, definitely isn’t pregnant

Beyonce abs

Looks like those Beyonce pregnancy rumors definitely aren’t true! B wore a black-and-white striped outfit exposing her midriff to Kanye West’s birthday party in NYC.

Here’s Beyonce sharing a smooch with husband Jay-Z:


Kim Kardashian was absent from Kanye’s party because she isn’t supposed to fly at the stage in her pregnancy, but she sent out a sweet public birthday message for her beau via Instagram: “Happy Birthday to my best friend, the ❤of my life, my soul!!!! I love you beyond words!”

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  • K

    I don’t know… I think he should have had his party in a location where his super-pregnant baby mama could attend. I mean, money is no object, right? I’d imagine that he could have had his party anywhere. Kind of a d!ck move.

    • Sanoga

      Totally agree… That story is deserving of its own article.

    • T

      He was performing in NY for the Governor’s Ball, he had to be in NY. And there are plenty of articles on this very subject, google it.

  • whatevs

    She never has been pregnant eh