PHOTOS: How did Snooki lose weight?

Just a few pounds make a big difference on pint-sized Jersey Shore caricature Snooki Polizzi. During her wildly popular run on the first three seasons of MTV’s Jersey Shore, Snooki, who struggled with an eating disorder in high school, carried a few extra pounds.

The lifestyle featured on the show, boozing and lounging,didn’t exactly help keep her fit. Now, after reporting that she’s been hitting the gym for the past few months with a trainer and cutting back on drinking, the now svelte Snooki posted some pics of the new her to her Facebook account.

Her physical training  has paid off in more ways than one: she recently got her demonstrate her gymnastic skills at Wrestlemania. Snooki’s also kicking some butt to gear up for filming the fourth season of Jersey Shore in Italy, the land of pasta, wine, and tiramasu. Right now she’s eating mostly egg whites, chicken, and salads, and she she does drink, she goes for Vodka and seltzer instead of Long Island Ice Teas.

Thankfully, Snooki can also indulge in her favorite treat, pickles, because they barely have any calories. The only problem there is the sodium. Maybe Snooks could develop a taste for pre-pickles, a.k.a. cucumbers.