Vicki Gunvalson deletes Twitter & Facebook accounts after Vicki’s Vodka lawsuit filing

Vicki Gunvalson Twitter deleted after Vicki's Vodka lawsuit filing

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson’s business partner Robert Williamson III filed a lawsuit on Friday alleging that Vicki and boyfriend Brooks Ayers committed fraud in a series of “good faith” dealings that basically amounted to Vicki selling a portion of her ownership of Vicki’s Vodka to Brooks, who then sold it Williamson for cash, and then Vicki refusing to honor the deal (according to the documents). Soon after the announcement, the usually vocal Vicki shut down her opportunity to respond to the allegations publicly to fans by deactivating both her Twitter account and Facebook account!

In addition to shutting down her social media profiles, Vicki has yet to issue any sort of statement at all.

The same cannot be said for the super suave Brooks Ayers, who of course seems unfazed by the allegations as he casually continues to tweet along — including addressing some rather harsh comments about the latest accusations.

(I love Brooks’ Twitter photo! He must be so proud that he is such a rock star her gets to hang out with, and put his arm around, scantily clad young women.)

I assume that filing a lawsuit against Vicki was the last thing Robert Williamson III would have wanted to do because the whole company was based on her name and fame. This is shaping up to be a HUGE mess!