The Little Couple’s Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold adopted a second child with dwarfism


Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein of TLC’s The Little Couple adopted their first child Will from China earlier this year, and they’re already expanding their family!

The second addition to their loving home is 19-month old Zoey from India. “We’re so delighted that Zoey will be joining our family and that William will have a little sister coming home very soon,” they told People.

Both Will and Zoey have been diagnosed with dwarfism, something that’s important for Dr. Jennifer and Bill because of their own experiences. They feel that they have a purpose both as parents, and as reality stars to raise awareness to the public. “We’ve dealt with prejudice and many challenges,” says Arnold. “I feel very lucky and fortunate that I have the wonderful life I have.”

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  • dreaken

    Good for them 🙂
    It’s so nice to read about something positive!

  • jebus

    They all look so happy! Congrats for em 🙂

  • Real star article on starcasm?

    Great for them and great for the kids who will most likely get a better life with them.

  • You

    I LOVE this couple! They have made the most of everything, between dwarfism and infertility, they literally got the short end of the stick, they always turn their negatives into positives. I am so happy for them!

  • anjealka

    This is one decent show TLC left on the air. Jen has handled her challenges with such grace. I can’t imagine what it has been like for her to see 100’s of women give birth & care for their babies & Jen has never complained about her own fertility issues. I’m so happy they are getting an instant family. What lucky kids:)

  • I am so happy for them! Their son looks so happy!

  • LexiconD1

    They are so darn cute! If ever I was going to root for anyone on a reality show, It’s Jen and Bill (now their kids William and Zoey)! I’m so happy for them!!!!

  • Bec

    Love to see people adopting! William and Zoe are very blessed to be in a loving home with people who will understand the obstacles they face!

  • they look so happy…. he does to … they waited a long time n went through so much to have a baby n there so happy to have him n zoey on the way… as soon as they seen his pictures they became his parents …. im so happy for them there going to b amazing parents n these r gonna be one happy little boy n one happy lil girl…..

  • Bridget

    I hope you are feeling better soon! Children have a way of helping us find the right tools to help us recover from things that at one time we would have thought impossible. I believe that you have a lot of babies the heal in the future one day at a time, one step at a time. Your family will be in my prayers. Bill take care of yourself also.