How many 16 & Pregnant stars have gotten pregnant again?

Stars of 16 & Pregnant with repeat pregnancies

Without fail, the reunion episodes of 16 & Pregnant include a scene where Dr. Drew quizzes the young mothers on the forms of contraception they use. The point MTV producers are clearly trying to make is that teenage pregnancy is preventable and the girls have learned their lessons about unprotected sex. Yet, we’ve revealed that more than 25 percent of 16 & Pregnant alumni have gotten pregnant again, which is well above the 18 percent national average.

It seems that the girls from the first season of the show have had the most luck at preventing additional unplanned pregnancies. Of the six girls whose stories were told, only Ebony Jackson-Rendon has had a second child since the 2009 episode. 

16 and Pregnant's Ebony Jackson-Rendon and her two daughters Jocelyn and Jayda

Fellow season No. 1 mom Whitney Purvis apparently had a close call last year: She was arrested for stealing a pregnancy test from Wal-Mart last year, but it turned out to be a false alarm. 

A greater number of stars from the second season, which aired in 2010, have had repeat pregnancies. Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant gave birth to her second child with husband Cody last December. Nikkole Paulun is currently pregnant with her second child. As shown in the emotional special “No Easy Decision,” Markai Durham had an abortion when she got pregnant shortly after her first daughter was born.

The girls from the second season of 16 & Pregnant who went on to Teen Mom 2 also have higher rates of repeat pregnancies than their Teen Mom counterparts. Jenelle Evans suffered a miscarriage earlier this year. Leah Messer-Calvert also suffered a miscarriage. She was scolded by Dr. Drew during the most recent Teen Mom 2 reunion episode for not using birth control. However, she went on to get pregnant again and deliver a healthy baby girl with her second husband, Jeremy.

Leah Calvert and daughter Adalynn Faith

As we recently reported, Kailyn Lowry is believed to be expecting with her husband, Javi.

Although less time has passed since season No. 3 aired in 2011, a number of the girls have gotten pregnant again. Jordan Ward-Finder had the quickest turn around of the bunch when she gave birth to a daughter less than a year and half after delivering her first child. Fortunately, Ward-Finder and her husband, Brian, have always seemed very mature and capable as parents. Danielle Cunningham is currently pregnant with her second child. She recently announced she is due June 25.

Kianna Randall-Hegab alluded to having a miscarriage with her second child in 2011. Jamie McCay got an abortion last September. Sadly, she later wrote she regretted the decision.

Girls from the most recent season of 16 & Pregnant have also had repeat pregnancies, even though most of the episodes debuted less than a year ago. Kristina Robinson-Head, who tragically lost her son’s father before the birth, went on to get married and have a second baby. It was also recently revealed that Mackenzie Douthit, who is set to appear on Teen Mom 3, had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with her son, Gannon.

In total, 12 of the 47 women from 16 & Pregnant are known to have had repeat pregnancies since their appearances. It seems safe to say that isn’t a statistic MTV is keen on publicizing.

(Special thanks to the diligent work of our 16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom blog buddy The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.)

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  • jr

    Mackenzie’s first pregnancy was actually considered a still birth because she was well into her second trimester when she lost the baby. They even named him.

    • Tyrion

      And very soon after that she was “accidentally” pregnant w/Gannon! And afterwards she still refused to go on birth control. She claimed it was because of health issues but she also said (on the show) that she wouldn’t take birth control because it made her “gain weight”. And her mother fully supported it! Because sex before marriage is sooo bad, therefore there’s no need for birth control.. But her teenage daughter’s gotten pregnant twice! Too late mom!
      And great message MTV! They really need to scrap the whole Teen Mom series, it’s gotten out of control.

  • Proud single mom

    There are so many statistics on teen pregnancy. I myself had two children close together as a teenager by the time I was 19. Thankfully that was the only statistic I fall under. What I think Dr. Drew is leaving out is that a woman is most fertile in the two years after a pregnancy whether its an abortion, miscarriage or live birth. These girls need to be educated not only on birth control but changes their bodies are going through after a pregnancy. I have two adult college educated children that were taught and thankfully learned from my poor choices and I also did it totally on my own their father to this day has never showed an interest.

  • Ashley

    I think “the point MTV producers are clearly trying to make” is that drama makes “good” tv.

  • whoknows

    If kail is really pregnant I believe it’s because she has more of a reason to move closer to haaaavi

  • Dani

    Pretty accurate. One in four teen moms have a second child by the time their first is two.

  • Amanda

    Glad that’s not me. All I have to say.

  • Sweet Venom

    Hmm…For once Heather Clouse beat you to it Starcasm

  • La

    So ridiculous. Didn’t they learn anything the first time? Stupid.

  • Allison

    Wow, I guess the only one I didn’t hear about was Jamie McKay having an abortion. Surprised that she got pregnant again actually, because of all the drama she had with the father of her first baby. You would think that she would’ve learned from that experience.

    • Jamie

      She’s still with his dumbass. I wasn’t surprised she got knocked up again!

  • Jenn

    Pathetic. How do you not learn the first time? And what, two of these girls could actually afford a second child?

  • Jamie

    Markai is pregnant again… Goodness. You’d think these babies would be good birth control!!

  • Sarah

    The funny thing is tjose half of these girls like Ebony who is 22 years of age in the year 2013 are way well into their Twenties or over 18. They’re not teens anymore, last time I checked once a person becomes 18 they’re well ADULTS. You white people
    need to stop, bashing grown woman like lets see ebony who is over 21 and leah who is 20/21 for having more kids? They aren’t teens anymore, get a life.