Justin Bieber’s neighbor files battery charges against him after heated argument

Justin Bieber attends the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City, USA.

Justin Bieber and his neighbor were reportedly involved in a bit of a tussle earlier today at his Los Angeles area home. The alleged incident took place just after the singer returned from his trouble-laden tour overseas, with Justin and the neighbor exchanging words (and possibly more), resulting in a charge of battery being filed against the Biebs!

L.A. Sheriff Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, “The accuser told deputies Justin made physical contact with him and he has filed a battery report. He also claims Justin threatened him.”

According to a source close to Justin’s security team, it was the neighbor who initiated an argument with Justin, coming onto his property and yelling about what he claimed to be loud parties happening while Justin was away. Justin then told the man to leave the grounds and went back into his home as his security team removed the man from his property. The source insists that Justin never made contact with the man.

Later in the day, one of Justin’s other neighbors revealed to TMZ that the argument between Justin and his accuser was not over a party — it was over Justin’s wild driving around the neighborhood in his new Ferrari. Justin had the car delivered to his home last night on a flatbed truck and first thing this morning, he was racing the car up and down the streets in his Calabassas neighborhood.

The neighbor was fuming mad that Justin was being so loud and endangering his community with his reckless driving, which led to the confrontation he claims got physical. Now, the Biebs is facing some pretty serious charges.

The incident is the latest in a series of unfortunate events (including a birthday party gone wrong, nearly passing out on stage in London soon after arriving to a previous concert there a couple hours late, screaming obscenities and threats at a paparazzo, an instagram rant, and being booted from a Paris hotel) that have lead some to speculate Justin Bieber is not doing well and may be heading for a breakdown

Of course, it could just be that J.. was just feeling like he needed to prove himself after Selena told the world that she made him cry.

Top Photo: Rob Rich/WENN.com

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  • Sweet Venom

    Wow, he’s seriously not handling his breakup with Selena very well. I bet she doesn’t doubt her decision to end things now!

  • The problem with Bieber is he’s trying too hard to be

    ” gangsta “

  • belieber

    wouldn’t you be ticked off if the media was always pissing you off?
    or if everyone thought you were a badboy?
    i sure would…
    idc what the media says.
    i love justinbieber and i always will.

  • Harper33

    chris brown more and more each day

  • the neighbor thinks he can get some quick money nuff said

  • Butch’s Law Degree

    He’s going to get knocked out if he doesn’t watch it. Just because you’re “famous” doesn’t mean the rules of karma no longer apply, little boy. Time to act like the grown up you so desperately believe you are.