VIDEO Justin Bieber shows off mustache in trailer for new Believe movie

Justin Bieber mustache photo

Justin Bieber wants his fans to know two things. First, he has a new movie coming out. Second, he has a mustache. (Actually, the latter is nothing new as The Biebs was proudly sporting his attempt at a lip broom as recently as last month.)

As a reward to his fans for giving him another Number 1 hit with “Heartbreaker,” Justin is starting a thing called #FilmFridays, which is pretty much exactly how it sounds. In his first post, he shared a teaser trailer for his Believe film, which is coming out Christmas Day.

In the clip, Justin and Usher tell us that Justin is not a little kid anymore.

“As a 19-year-old, Justin is becoming is own man,” Usher says.

In case viewers need a little more convincing, Justin points out his mustache, saying, “That’s how much of a man I am.”

Then, Justin’s mom, Pattie Mallette, jumps in to confirm that the “Baby” singer is a baby no more. “I think it’s hard for parents to let go,” she says. “But it’s really exciting too, to see him maturing.” (Oh, did we miss it? Shoot.)

Check out the clip below, and let us know: first, will you be watching Believe come December (whether of your own free will or shackled to a young offspring)? And what do you think about the Bieber ‘stache?

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