Report: Kail Lowry is expecting baby #2 with husband Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin

Kail Lowry and husband Javi Marroquin have been teasing big news for weeks now and at one point, Javi even said that his family was expanding. Fans guessed that they may be having a baby but since Javi was away at Air Force training for three months, it didn’t seem possible. Then, earlier this morning, Kail’s sister-in-law Lidia Marroquin stated that Kail is pregnant with her second child.

“They’re overjoyed! When Kailyn told Javi, he cried,” Lidia reveals to In Touch Weekly. Kail and Javi weren’t exactly planning a pregnancy, “they weren’t preventing it, either,” a friend adds. “They’re nervous about the transition to two children, but are so excited!” Kail already has three-year-old son Isaac from her previous relationship with Jo Rivera.

Kail Lowry Javi Marroquin Isaac

Currently, Kail is working as a dental assistant and soon, she and Javi will be relocating to wherever he is stationed in the Air Force. Some reports have already claimed that they will head to Florida, but neither has confirmed the report.

Kail turned 21 earlier this month but to fans, she’s still a Teen Mom and that could mean that this pregnancy news may result in some fan backlash. However, Kail is working, married, and stable so there’s no reason why she should wait to expand her family. “She’ll forever be 16 in America’s eyes,” Kail’s friend explains. “But she’s not a little girl anymore — she really feels like her life is just beginning.”

Kail and Javi recently revealed that they are having to post-pone their fall wedding because of money issues, but we can’t help but wonder if this pregnancy was the real reason — or at least an additional one.

So far, Kail and Javi haven’t commented on the story.

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  • Amber

    Good for them. She’s 21, married, he’s in the air force, and she’s had a place of her own for a couple years now, there’s nothing wrong with expanding the family. Wondering though if she is off her bi polar medication, usually women go off that due to possible birth defects…. Wishing them a healthy pregnancy!

  • Diana

    Lidia doesn’t seem like that great of a sister in law to be selling info like that to the media.

    • BB

      I’m pretty sure Kail pre-approved it she does that with all her stories.

  • Kayla

    I noticed when she has big news she lets other people sell her story (when she got married her friend Toni sold that story) It’s weird, you’d think SHE would want to announce it, but hey, more power to them I guess! I’m happy for her and Javi and can’t wait to see their babies grow 🙂

    • tab

      it wasn’t Toni that told the story, Gigi leaked it, that’s why they arent friends anymore.

    • oh dear

      wasnt there something with their mtv contracts, that theyre not allowed to sell stories about such news because mtv wants to have the exclusives?

  • jeff

    Well… at least it isn’t Janelle… right?

    • Courtney

      I love how if the baby daddy goes and gets another girl pregnant people are so quick to call them out yet its the GIRLS that are getting pregnant again and again! It seems like every time a Teen Mom gets pregnant again the articles and fans congratulate the girls yet the dads that get another girl pregnant are dead beat dads! The girls are carelessly and purposely sleeping with guys and NOT using protection! They openly admit it! So why does everyone congratulate them?!?!

      • jeff

        I personally think they all suck and they all set a horrible example. But it still stands, at least it isn’t Janelle.

  • Lost hope

    Yeah she’s married to someone in the service, free meal ticket for her. Congrats, you know officially don’t have to due a damn thing the rest of your life.

    • happy

      It is due not do. Since you have a holier than thou attitude I thought I would point that out.

      • Jenn

        LOL. No, it’s “do” not “due” Geez….

        • Mia003

          I think that’s what happy meant to put because she already put “due”.

    • honestmind

      You must not be able to read. She is a dental assistant.

    • Lost hope

      Do* now* hard to view this website on my iPhone. I still mean erery single word of what I said.

      DA? That’s a certificate program haha she’s 21, could have a masters by now.

      • Actually, most people get their BA by 21 not their masters. BA/S is 4 years (at least) and then masters is 2 or 3 more… you’re lucky to have a masters by 24 if you do the math and know how long it takes.

    • Christina.

      Umm. How do you figure military spouses don’t DO anything with their lives? I’ve spent 9 years as an Army spouse and have done plenty with my life, thank you.

    • She works and goes to school!! Shes never had any help and have always been on her own!! Angry much? I hope you dont make a habit of speaking on things you clearly no nothing about…

      • ladyd

        She hasn’t done it all on her own she lived in Jo’s parents house her entire pregnancy and even after. She choose to leave and go out and face her own struggle. I’m just saying give credit where credit is due. People keep feeding her this crap that she is super woman and did it all on her own Kailyn isn’t doing anymore than any other working mother is doing to provide and support there family minus the MTV income.

    • Its really not what you think.

    • Mia003

      How is this child a meal ticket because her husband is in the service? What makes you think she is going to be a stay at home mom and even if she is what makes you think stay at home moms don’t do anything? For some families it’s cheaper to stay home then put kids in daycare since daycare can be more then your rent and your biggest bill! I don’t get what you are trying to say. Are you saying people in the military don’t do anything?

    • Mia003

      I don’t understand why people care so much what she does with her life. As long as she is taking good care of her kids then what do you care? Is it because it’s not the life you would have lived or the decisions you would have made? Well it’s not your life. You have kids when you want too and should not judge her if she is happy and this is what she wants. As long as her kids are taken care of well I don’t see what the problem is. It is not your life, it’s hers and you should not try to dictate when people should do something in their live and what’s right for them.

      • Sweet Venom

        If you do not care, than why are you here? I don’t think anyone actually cares what these people do with their lives, but people are allowed to have opinions and express them. I think everyone knows that they are not Kail, so no one needs that lecture. This is just a site where people discuss things. Just have fun with it and don’t take it so seriously is my suggestion.

        • Mia003

          Maybe I should have worded differently. I am interested in what is going on with these girls because I watched the show. I don’t understand why people would have such a problem with her choosing to have a baby with her husband. It’s not like she is doing something so bad and maybe it’s right for her life and what she wants. If she was behaving badly and being a bad mother then I could understand the outrage. It doesn’t mean I agree with everything she does like being a hypocrite with Jo’s girlfriend and going off on Javi. There are other things I have not liked that she has done but that doesn’t mean it would be so bad for her to have a baby with her husband. Like you said people are allowed to have their opinions and express them and this is what I did.

          • Sweet Venom

            Yes you’re entitled to your opinion, but that doesn’t mean you should say people are judging her for expressing their views. Why is it judgement when it is a negative opinion and not judgement when it is a kind one?

            • Mia003

              I don’t really like Kail and her attitude but I just think people are being ridiculous acting like her life won’t be good if she has another baby at a young age. This is what she wants so maybe her life will be good to her having kids young. I haven’t had kids yet but I have friends that had kids young. It’s not something I would personally do because I just think it’s not right for me but I am not judging them as long as they are taking care of their kids. I don’t watch the show hardly anymore and I don’t like any of the teen moms on the show but I was just wondering what is going on with them.

  • Not a Teen Mom fan

    yet another story that Kail had someone else sell for her. I don’t know why she thinks she fooling anyone.

  • Real star article on starcasm?

    Yeah, congrats! At least she’s morestable than Jennelle, but still not stable in my opinion.
    Does she now allow Joe’s girlfriend around Isaac? I find her such a hypocrite about that: she can date boys ( Jordan, Javi) and have them meet her son when she doesn’t accept Jo’s relationships. Anyway, off topic. But hopefully, she has done something about her temper and will be able to handle a second child with a husband potentially deployed.

    • again she had no problem with “cool Joe” dating but when a girl is on Facebook talking about smoking pot and all she does is party, I wouldnt let my kids around trash like that either!! Joe should make better decisions!!

  • BB

    I just don’t understand why these girls don’t wait I mean whats the harm? I always thought Kail was smart but I guess not considering she is having a baby even though she hasn’t finished school. Plus her and Javi haven’t even known each other for two years yet and he just joined the military.

    • Exactly! Why can’t they wait until they are 25. They should be stable then and out of the spotlight.

      • Mia003

        If she waits tell she is 25 to have another child that will be almost a ten year age gap between her kids, that is a big age gap. Some people want their kids to be closer in age.

        • She’ll be 25! She’ll still be considered a young woman. It’s her fault in the first place for having a child that young.

    • its not your life!! Should she keep going through life alone? I had my 2nd child around her age!! Ive been married over 23 years now we have 5 amazing children.. we are happy, enjoying life together, vacations, holidays, Everyone said we wouldnt make it and we are the only ones that have made it!! We have been together since I was 15.. Im 39 now.. people need to stop judging what is not their life!!

      • Sweet Venom

        Stop judging? What do you think the point of these posts are? Also, just because you have a happy marriage and had a child young does not mean people should actually consider following that path. If it happens, it happens and you deal with it, but perhaps the smarter thing to do would be to calm down on the procreation and grow up a little. You know, actually finish school and stuff.

        • sweet venom, i agree with you all the way. Plus if you chose to be in the public’s eye, then you are basically agreeing to be judged anyway.

      • Ally

        Since you had kids so young shouldn’t you really be against it knowing the hard path ahead of them? Also you kinda said it your self “Everyone said we wouldnt make it and we are the only ones that have made it!!”. I’m glad your one of the rare cases, but you can’t necessarily say cause you did it everyone can. Plus on the show even they are always at each others necks, hopefully they prove me wrong but I just don’t see them together even 5 years down the road.

      • spottedgiraffe

        How many posts are you going to make on the same article. Get a life. Based on your thumbs down your opinion isn’t even valid to most people.

    • Mia003

      Well I think she is doing a lot better then when she got pregnant the first time. She has her own place, a husband and her husband is in the military. If she chooses to be a stay at home mom for a while then go back to school later that is her business. Her husband makes enough money to support them all and Joe pays for his child.

      • Mia003

        Although there are some woman that have a baby and still go to college they just put the kids in daycare or get a babysitter. What is wrong with a stay at home mom? I don’t think there is nothing wrong with a stay at home mom or a working mom.

    • Mia003

      She already had a baby before she finished high school and was only 16! Do you think that is smart? She finished high school though. Her and her husband have jobs, they have a house, she already takes care of the one she has with Joe so what makes you think her and Javi can’t take care of the one they will have. Do you think her and Joe don’t take care of Isaac good? Joe did not go to college but people think he takes care of isaac fine. So what is wrong with having a baby starting out in the military? A lot of families do that and they are not homeless and they feed their kids. Do you have to be filthy rich with designer clothes and bags to be doing good?

    • Mia003

      Also just because you finish college doesn’t mean you will find a job in your field of work. My Aunt works with a guy and he has been looking for a job in his field for years and years. People also get laid off. Things are not all fairy tale and roses all the time just because you go to college. Joe didn’t go to college and you all seem to think he is doing good. You don’t have a problem with Joe not going to college? Do you think he doesn’t support his son well enough? Maybe you should go tell him and constantly gripe at him about it.

  • Mimi_p89

    I hate the fact that this girl can have 500 boyfriends and they ALL meet her son, but God forbid Jo has ONE girlfriend and she goes ape sh*t because he introduced HIS son to his girlfriend

    • NavyWife&Mommy

      Yes!!! She is such a selfish hypocrite!

    • I think you miss the whole issue that she had with Joe’s girlfriend and that was her smoking pot and always wanting to party!! I wouldn’t allow my children around that kind of person either..She’s NOT perfect but I think she does a damn good job considering she has never had anyone on her side, anyone helping her, no family back up.. so maybe you can over look that shes not perfect in ever issue in her life,, Instead of cutting her down support someone for a change!! She works, goes to school, takes very good care of her child!! I cant imagine the stress she does feel.. and 500 guys? Over aggregate much? 2 is a far cry from your 500..

      • Mimi_p89

        Its not like shes high and drunk when his son is around, Jo would never allow that. No one on her side and no one helping her? Jo and his family helped her out a lot, they basically paid for Issac the first year of his life and they let her live in their home rent free. Even now Jo is still helping Kail out by paying child support and buying stuff for Issac, on her own would be her raising her son alone without anyone else’s help or income, and 500 is called sarcasm btw!

        • yeah as long as she lived by their rules 24/7.. even when she and Joe was broken up!! And yes alone!! Joes parents was there for Joe.. not her!! And I’m well aware of your “sarcasm” but since you seem so perfect I didnt think you would realize your “sarcasm”.. and its called child support for Issac not helping Her.. if someone os smoking and has to party all the time its common sense that they dont need to be around a child.. and Joe is this bid time rapper boy and clearly thinks hes above everyone else when he has zero talent and sounds like crap.. guess he doesnt have to get a real job though or go to school.. he has Mom and Dad paying his way..

          • pepper2010

            uhm Jo have a real job, get your fact straight before you insult someone.

            • lyss

              jeremy is fired. just as much of a joke as the rest of them.

              • pepper2010

                Seriously LMFAO, poor leah will have to find a job now. I put my money on mcdonald or a tanning salon personally

                • Sweet Venom

                  You’re right, she just got a job at a tanning salon.

                  • Jenn

                    And Jeremy was laid off. He either got his job back or got a new one so they won’t have issues with money.

    • Christie

      Agreed ! All girls do that. Say theyre gonna “wait” to introduce their new man to their son but are always quick to do it. But when it comes to the father they always go nuts just hearing he has a new girl.

    • Courtney

      It’s funny how the Teen Mom’s just so happen to meet, date and often marry “The One” right away! It seems more likely that they just make the next guy fit into “The One” spot cause I REALLY doubt these girls are finding their “Soulmate’s” SO quickly. They act like they aren’t complete unless they have a guy and have a title of engaged or married. SLOW DOWN GIRLS!!! You know they are ALL TRYING to get pregnant again… It’s not an accident the second time SO soon!

    • tiff

      Okay javi and kail were hanging out and were than a music vide couple where jo just jumps into a realationship with some gorl from his music video get a life

  • Tia

    I don’t think anyone would judge her she has a lot going on that is good for her.. Also everyone accept Leah having another child so soon and so fast after she and Corey spilt.

  • Liz

    They’ll be relocating to wherever Javi is stationed? Does Jo have any say in this?

    • teenwolffan

      That what I was thinking. Kail can’t just do that Jo and his family. It’s not like they don’t have a relationship. With issac I hope Jo would go to court. And stop her from moving that far away. You would think that because kail knows. How it feels to not have family she would be. Doing everything to protect Isaac and Jo. Relationships as father and son

      • Danielle

        If they have joint custody she can’t just up and move without Jo’s ok. If she did move without his consent (and I suggest she get it in writing) he can have her arrested for kidnapping.. Thank goodness I got 100% custody.. I don’t have to ask my ex anything.. =)

    • tab

      my guess is that they will work out an agreement where jo will get him for large chunks of time when they move. it kills me that javi and kail would do that to isaac. he has zero say in any of this.

    • I could see him going somewhere like Norfolk, VA. If you have joint custody of your children, doesn’t the army take that into consideration? I mean there are a TON of airforce bases in the NJ, Delaware, MA, CT, PA, NY, VA areas. It would just seem so silly to move a child that far away from their parent when there are plenty of options that are closer. I understand Javi has to go where he’s needed and will never knock somebody for defending our country, but I hope Jo doesn’t end up getting screwed over.

      • Sandra

        No, you have to go where they send you. You can not choose your duty station. She will have to go to court and get permission to take him. usually when it comes to military obligations, a judge will give permission.

  • ohmygeez

    And she thought a wedding was expensive…

    • Mia003

      She already had a baby so I think she knows how expensive it is. At least they are not wasting a bunch of money on a wedding which is only one day. They can put that money toward their baby.

      • Sweet Venom

        But what money? I could be wrong but I thought the reason they cancelled the wedding was because Kail owed money in taxes? If that’s true than she does not have money to raise another child.

        • Mia003

          Maybe they have less money so they are trying to save money for the baby. I doubt they are broke with his military salary and her teen mom salary. Even if they only had his military salary they still would be doing good. I have a friend she had both of her kids in her early twenties and she is a stay at home mom because it’s actually cheaper then daycare. Her husband is in the military and they do really good. They have a brand new house and two nice cars.

          • Cp

            Just because you’re in the military doesn’t mean you make a lot of money.

            • Mia003

              I didn’t say you make a bunch of money in the military but obviously if you save and spend wisely you can do good. I know people in the military that are just starting out and they seem to being doing good to me. My friends husband has only been in the military a short time. My friend has a new house. It’s not a big fancy house but it’s a new house and they have nice cars. It doesn’t mean they don’t budget and try to spend wisely. They actually own two little house but are renting one. I am just saying you can do ok in the military. You don’t have to make a bunch of money to do ok and have a good life.

          • kim

            not when you are first starting out you generally only make enough for yourself you get more money as you move up in rank

      • ohmygeez

        She does waste money on the horrible ink and piercings she keeps getting. It may be her business but that’s my opinion. And if she knew how to save money she wouldn’t have been so caught off guard with taxes which is the reason why she says the wedding is on hold.

        • Mia003

          I agree but I would think they would have a lot of money from teen mom because I heard their salary from teen mom are pretty big. Unless they are actually blowing through all that money. Even with the tattoos I can’t understand how they could be broke with those salaries but their have been people that win millions from lottery and blow through it all.

          • Yup, I said it

            The women have been filmed by MTV since they first became pregnant 5 yrs ago. They have no idea what its like to raise a family without MTV money.They blow through the money by living $1200/mo homes, vacations, VS PINK clothes, Coach bags, buying boyfriends, tats, piercings,big cars, gas for the big cars, extensions, taking care of themselves, their kids and their parents (except Chelsea) because they think another season of MTV checks are coming. Now that they havent been filmed since last season theyre realizing the party is over and they might need to cut back and save.

  • jhen123

    need to get off the backs bout they life gone be or if they have another child its there business not the whole world .. i know some of y’all haves to . so think before u judge some else least there marry n happen ….

    • tab

      you are so ignorant. go back to school.

    • LexiconD1

      WTF? Is that English? I do not understand what you are trying to say?…

  • Roxiee

    At least she is been with Javi more then Leah was with Jeremy. Oh, and they didn’t get married because she was pregnant. Good for her though, wish her the best.

    • Leah miscarried the first baby with Jeremy so they didnt get married because she was pregnant!! The second pregnancy happened after they married.. and so what? The main thing these the are great moms except Jenelle.. who says they are perfect?

      • Roxiee

        Your right and since you like to point out details in comments, let me correct myself then. (Atleast Javi didn’t propose to Kail because she was pregnant unlike Jeremy proposed to leah because she was PREGNANT. Your right nobody is perfect. Yet, if you think about it would Leah and Jeremy even be together if she would have gotten pregnant. BTW Leah tries to act so perfect its disgusting.

  • Yeah Ok

    These women are fully grown adults. Of course they will get married, have other kids and go on with life. The premise of Teen Mom 2 doesnt apply to these women any longer. CANCEL THE SHOW MTV!

  • :

    I hate seeing stories like this – “Teen Mom star pregnant again”… She *just* turned 21, doesn’t she want to do more with her life than raise kids at such a young age? She is missing out on a lot already. She has her whole life ahead of her… I just hate seeing people sell themselves short.

    • Mia003

      She is already a young mother when she had a baby at 16 and she can’t change that. She probably wants her kids to be close in age. If she old enough to get married shouldn’t she be old enough to have a baby with her husband? She already has one with Joe ans she wanted one with her husband. Some people want to be young parents while they have more energy. Teen years is too young though.

  • becky

    Stfu if yall don’t have anything nice to say then stfu. Its her life she can do what she wants dang. Yall probably have kids so go take care of them!!!!

    • oh dear

      just an idea, but how about you take your own advice? 🙂

  • Christie

    So funny that the only “teen mom” to not get pregnant a 2nd time was catelynn and their the ones who gave the baby up for adoption and the one with the most stable relationship. J

    • …..Chelsea?…Maci….? That one in jail…. Farrah…

    • Mia003

      Yet. I am sure they will all have another kid eventually. Chelsea thought she was pregnant again. I thought Catelynn did too at one point. Farrah is acting like Jenelle so that’s good she hasn’t had another baby yet because she might kill someone on the road and go to prison for vehicular manslaughter.

  • anjealka

    At least she is in a better situation then most but I would have liked to see her get her degree. She at least got a dental assisting certificate but she wanted to be a dental hygentist which would have given her a solid high paying career (dental assisting 10/hr dental hygentist 40-50/hr). I’m not saying money is everything but it would have been nice if she could have finished a 2 year program before having baby number #2. You never know when you will need that degree someday. I hope everything works out for her. Military life has its perks and hardships, I hope she can cope and is happy.

    • at least now she has a family.. I feel bad for her.. she has never had anyone on her side.. never had anyone doing the best for HER.. but she still fought and went to school and worked and honestly all most of us women want is LOVE and to be LOVED and I know how she feels, when you have your parents that arent there for you, it does mess you up, it is hard to sometimes make better choices because all you want is someone to just love you for you.. I think she will be ok cause shes a very strong young lady and now she has someone that believes in her and her son that makes her want to be a better person..

      • anjealka

        I have always felt bad about her lack of a stable upbringing. What saddens me is that if she had just either pushed through the program in 2 years she would have been done before marriage. If she got the dental hygentist degree she would have that stability for herself for life, no man or family could ever take that away. Of course we all hope for happy endings and long marriages but that piece of paper would have meant Kail would never be homeless again, never worry about money again, it would have given her so much. Those type of programs are not ones you can just jump in and out of either, she would mostly likely have to almost start over except for the pre-requistes. I just watched my SIL who had a 4.0 in high school and got married at 19 and had 2 kids go back and become a CPA while working and it was so hard , she cried so much from sheer tiredness, 2 days a week she got less then a hours sleep, and she told me over and over again why did I finish school before kids.

      • Ace

        Ok we get it, you are in love with Kailyn, you think she’s fantastic, in your eyes every decision she makes is justified. You’ve made it clear by your multiple comments. Hopefully she will make you her best friend now.

        • onlyoneme

          It baffles me that every time kail makes a “mistake” everyone else and especially her is quick to justify it. Oh i’m learning i’m not perfect we all make mistakes. But when it comes to Vee the only thing that comes out of her mouth is the pic of her smoking weed out the gas mask I’ll never meet her i’ll never like her. Why can’t she see past vee’s mistakes??? Just a though Teen mom has had its time and now that the girls are no longer teens its time to cancel it. I wonder if everyone would be so supportive if she didn’t have the MTV money.HELL NO she would be another to young 21 year old working at a pet store making min wage or just barely over with a husband who just joined the military everyone would be telling her of how foolish getting pregnant so soon is.

    • dee

      I’m dying of laughter that you think dental hygienist make 50 dollars an hour!! Lol

      • anjealka

        Dental hygentist make $40 on the low end(starting average salary $39 an hour) and can make much more. 20 years ago most dentists had hygentists full time that cleaned your teeth and then you saw the dentist to talk about any issues. When dental insurance changed (lower payouts) dentists started subcontracting to hygentists, maybe they work 1-2 days a week doing cleanings and the hygentists get the insurance payout which is typically $50-70 a cleaning which takes about an hour of time (considering clean up, and consulatation). Alot of hygentists do not work full time so even though the average us salary for hygentists is $69k a year , they are not working 40 hours a week so the per hour rate is higher. I have one friend that is a hygentist, in California she made $65 an hour, in Utah $45 but cost of living is is different and in both places she worked only 2-3 days a week and had plenty of time with her kids and great pay and job security.

  • Sweet Venom

    …But why?! Is she even finished school yet? Kail is young, I don’t see why she has to rush into her second pregnancy like Leah. Is there like a baby competition I am not aware of?

  • Anna

    Um…not preventing a pregnancy IS planning a pregnancy. Duh.

  • *sigh*

  • Yesisaidit

    These girls are going to be in for a rude awaking when the show ends. Ijs Pet stores and tanning salon salaries aren’t nearly enough to support a family. Yes kail has Javi but he won’t be making any big bucks for some time now either. Her and leah are equally stupid. Kail should have waited what happens when Javi gets deployed. Javi’s dumb ass needs to take a DNA test she got pregnant awfully quick considering they were only together a weekend during graduation. Yes true it doesn’t take much but Kail isn’t the most loyal woman I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a side piece while Javi was away.

  • missem

    Let’s do a quick recap of who all has gotten pregnant, married, or divorced!
    Season 1
    1. Maci- none
    2. Farrah- none
    3. Amber- none
    4. Ebony- pregnant, miscarried; pregnant and gave birth to a girl, Jayda Jewel, in October 2012. married to father of both children (lasting marriage #1)
    5. Whitney- none
    6. Catelynn- none; engaged to Tyler
    Amber, Ebony, Whitney (as I’ve last heard) and Catelynn are all with the fathers of their child
    Season 2a
    1. Jenelle- pregnant, miscarried; married to Courtland
    2. Nikkole- rumored to have had an abortion; pregnant again
    3. Valerie- none
    4. Chelsea- none
    5. Lori- none
    6. Samantha- none
    7. Nicole- none
    8. Leah- pregnant, miscarried; pregnant and gave birth to Adalynn Faith; married to Corey; divorced Corey; married to Jeremy
    9. Lizzie- married to her baby’s father (lasting marriage #2!)
    10. Kail- rumored to be pregnant again; married to Javi
    Samantha and Lizzie are still with the fathers of thier children.
    Season 2b
    1. Brooke- pregnant and had a daughter Ryley Jean; married to Cody, father of both (lasting marriage #3!)
    2. Felicia- none
    3. Emily- rumored to have a daughter; married to Daniel; divorced Daniel
    4. Markai- pregnant and chose abortion
    5. Aubrey- married Brandon; divorced Brandon
    6. Christinna- married Isaiah; divorced Isaiah
    7. Kayla- none
    8. Megan- married to Nathan; divorced Nathan
    9. Ashley- none
    Brooke and Markai (as I’ve last heard) are still with their child’s father
    Season 3
    1. Jordan- pregnant and had a daughter Arri Monroe; married Brian (lasting marriage #4!)
    2. Jennifer- none
    3. Jamie- pregnant and chose abortion
    4. Danielle- pregnant, miscarried; rumored to be pregnant again
    5. Cleondra- none
    6. Kayla- none
    7. Izabella- none
    8. Kianna- pregnant, miscarried
    9. Taylor- none
    10. Allie- none
    Jordan, Jamie, Danielle, Cleondra, Kayla, Izabella, and Kianna are all with the fathers of their child.
    Season 4
    1. Mackenzie- none
    2. Katie- none
    3. Briana- none
    4. Lindsey- none
    5. Alex- none
    6. Jordan- none
    7. Myranda- none
    8. Hope- none
    9. Sarah- none
    10. Sabrina- none
    11. Devon- none
    12. Kristina- pregnant and had a boy named Tommy
    Mackenzie, Jordan (possibly), Myranda, Hope, Sabrina, and Devon are all with the father of their children.

    • Mia003

      I thought they all got pregnant. That’s why they are on the show!

      • missem

        Well crap, I forgot my again after pregnant =) I to make sure I put it in and I still missed it! Sorry!

  • Katie

    Is Kailyn really working as a dental assistant? I follow her on Twitter and I haven’t seen her post anything regarding her employment as a dental assistant. I know she was going to school to get her certification, and a couple of months ago she was doing an externship and tweeting about preparation for a state x-ray exam. Kailyn often tweets what her plans are for the day, i.e. “work 8-4” or “school 9-12.” Therefore, I find it hard to believe that she finished the dental assisting program, passed state exams to get her certification, and got a job as a dental assistant because she hasn’t tweeted about any of those things (to my knowledge). I hope she at least becomes certified before her new baby arrives.

    • anjealka

      A dental assistant (like what Leah did for a week) is very different then the dental hygentist program Kail was in. Denatl assistants can be trained in an office or you can take a short certifcate course. A dental hygentist(the program Kail wanted to complete but has not) has a degree and sits for the exam and makes ALOT more money. Kail could just had got on the job training like Leah did or took a few courses.

      • Katie

        Thanks for clarifying. I thought Kailyn was just going for dental assisting, not dental hygiene, which is why I was so surprised that she hadn’t finished. I still hope she finishes the dental hygiene program before she gives birth.

    • yesisaidit

      I often wonder the same thing from the sounds of her twitter it seems like she sits home all day and tweets in between naps. She isn’t far enough along to be on bed rest but than just a week ago she got offended that someone on twitter made the statement that she was living off MTV’s money. I don’t understand why they try to play us the real working people for fools. She lives in a house owns a Tahoe truck and never goes to work and when she does it seems part time. She really wants us to believe that her pet store/dental assistant salary is paying for all of this. RIGHT

      • Mia003

        Everyone knows they make a lot of money off teen mom. It’s no secret. They try to pretend that they are struggling but why would someone that makes that much money be struggling.

        • Sweet Venom

          You’re right, WHY would someone with that much money be struggling. It’s because they do not spend their money wisely and are living in the moment instead of saving. Kail is currently getting her tats done and getting two others removed. That’s where her money is going.

  • Mickey

    Ummm, I’m just gonna put this out there. They had an episode where kail got an iud, so she’d have to have removed it to have gotten pregnant. “not trying to prevent it” is an understatement. She’s just like Leah.

  • Guest

    how about everyone get a life its her life she’ll do what she wants and its none of yalls bs and talkin about her life im pretty sure half of yalls life isnt perfect either so my opinion is most of yall on hee is jealous andhve to say somethng about her persnaly life but impretty suryal have done som worser shit than she has GET A LIFE!!

    • *HERE

    • Sweet Venom

      Stop telling people to get a life. As if we all don’t have one, get over yourself. Kail is in the spotlight so that means people will judge her, it comes with the territory. Buy yourself a dictionary fool.

  • get a life people her personally life is none of yalls bs im pretty sure none of yals life is perfect,my opinion is yall have no life and have to down everyone elses life cause yalls is prob. not so great, i think she is doin better than most teen girls that have kids, you got to think shes doin good for her self, and most teen moms isnt, i think she is a good mom and if she wants another kid is that a crime to want one with your husband…. low life people who has to down everyone elses cause theres is shitty i swear……i think all it is that most of yall is jealous…. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!

  • Negra

    i really dislike her, she is a big a** b**ch and hypocrite. Not only that she is really ugly.

  • lindz

    ok a she is NOT “16 and pregnant” or “teen mom” any more she is an adult now…a married adult that is so if they wish to expand their family I wish them the best of luck!!

  • bobo

    I would think the reason why everyone is congratulating the girl’s on the show who have got pregnant again and not the guy’s is because the two girl’s are actually married now. That makes a lot of difference. Does anyone think Adam is gonna marry that girl he knocked up?