Casts of Teen Mom 2 and 3 feud after Teen Mom 3 cancelled by MTV

Teen Mom 3 Teen Mom 2 Twitter feud

It was revealed this weekend that MTV has cancelled Teen Mom 3 after just one season, and after hearing the news the cast members took to Twitter to express their disappointment. Inevitably, some of the sentiments expressed contained a bit of frustration over the fact that Teen Mom 2 is currently filming its fifth season, and some of those frustrated sentiments got a little personal.

As you might imagine, some of the stars of Teen Mom 2 took offense to being called out and took to social media to defend themselves and their castmates. The end result was a bit of an unfortunate feud that also saw original Teen Mom star Maci Bookout getting involved!

As with any Twitter feud involving multiple parties over a period of time, it’s hard to get a full picture of what all was said, so I’ve compiled most all of the relative tweets in order that is mostly chronological with only a few alterations for readability.

It should be noted that Teen Mom 2‘s Chelsea Houska and Leah Calvert didn’t get involved at all, and that Teen Mom 3‘s Mackenzie Douthit and Katie Yeager only had positive things to say. (I ended things on a positive note with Mackenzie and Katie’s tweets.) #Peace

Briana It’s come to an end guys!

Alex Yes no more teen mom 3. Guess we weren’t enough of train wrecks for it to be interesting. America wants to watch crazies oh well #relieved

@stephaniestavro I’m not shocked. It wasn’t a season full of drama which is why ppl watch Tm. Amber and janelle drama kept Tm and tm2 alive

Briana I know! That’s the reason why!

(Retweeted by Briana) @stephaniestavro it’s unfortunate that teen mom’s actually acting like adults couldn’t stay longer to make an impact.

@debbie_girl1991 Tm3 is canceled because @DouthitKenzie became pregnant. @MTV would be dumb to broadcast that. Bad message

Randy Houska (Chelsea’s dad) That thinking is bullsh!t … you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about

Alex Kail had a baby you’ll see that season 5 n so did Leah n they’ll show that

Briana exactly

@debbie_girl1991 kail graduated.. &they are both 3 years older. Huge difference. Mckenzie is 18 w 2 kids … 100% a bad message to do a show about teen preg& then the star gets pregnant again

Alex but she’s married and graduated with Cosmo degree n 2 kids w same dad

@debbie_girl1991 I knew the show was over as soon as they announced she was pregnant. I was bummed

Briana so it’s ok to have more kids after 19 is basically what MTV is saying huh

Alex at least she is married graduated w Cosmo degree n it’s w the same guy

Kailyn what does the same guy have to do with anything?

Alex nothing but it’s nice to finally see someone make things work with her babies father and continue their lives

Briana I agree

Kailyn So mtv continued with us because we’re train wrecks? Not to mention Leah and I were not teens when we decided to get pregnant.

(Retweeted by Kailyn) @ToniMZ81 (Kailyn’s close friend) No one should call anyone a train wreck. Lets not forget, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!

Matt McCann I think when everyone said train wreck, we know who they were referring to. Mtv didn’t want to continue because the story line was boring not because of McKenzie.. Attacking each other is just dumb..

Kailyn I can’t help but be a little offended by some of the things the girls of TM3 are saying. Cancelled or not we all relate somehow.

Kailyn The fact that my kids have different fathers has nothing to do with anything. I still graduated, work and am married.

Maci Bookout but BOTH of yours kids have tons of love around them ☺️ you should be very proud of yourself.. im proud of u!

Kailyn thank you Maci!!! Love you!


Matt McCann @KailLowry Just to make it clear, I like you and @JaviM9. You, him and @TM2LeahDawn have nothing to do with TM3 being cancelled.

Kailyn We’re supposed to be an MTV family. We all relate to each other and came together for the same cause. TEEN pregnancy prevention.

Jenelle @KailLowry it’s a shame they have to slam us and we STILL have said one word about it being canceled.

Briana (to Kailyn) all I said was, u and Leah have more than one baby so Kenzie being pregnant wasn’t the cause of tm3 ending

Kailyn it’s definitely not. But someone said something about Leah and I having kids with 2 people.

Briana well that’s not an issue… I just think they were comparing u and Leah to Kenzie that’s all

Briana Still love @KailLowry @JaviM9 lol as weird as that sounds

Kailyn We love you right back!

Javi We have love for your whole family right back!

@rachdSILLY How is not getting a second season a failure? Quit while you’re ahead….

Alex it’s not I made great friendships with mtv ppl I just think teen mom needs to be givin a good name again

@_LifeOfLogan what was the point of saying “trainwrecks” not all of them were. Watch what you say then you won’t have people bitching

Alex jenelle makes teen mom 2 only reason ppl watch is to see her fail

@_LifeOfLogan which is sad. Shouldn’t be commenting On others life when you, I and half the world don’t have they’re shit together

Alex that’s the thing I have it together without mtvs pay check

@ctdurham2 that makes no sense why call out @PBandJenelley_1 when 85% of your segment you were screaming && being a “train wreck” !

Alex because I at least better myself she’s going into season 5 a mess I at least got help for my anger

Jenelle it’s ok becuz I’ve changed since last season and I’m not failing anymore. I’m very happy with my life.

Jenelle All u #TeemMom3 ladies can put me down all yu want, yr not making yrself look any better. Let it go already. But thanks to the #TeenMom3 ladies who haven’t bashed me, very appreciated. ❤️ All I kno is I’m not going to sit here and say who is better than who, it’s not a competition lol.

@jejee91 (to Alex) I really don’t think you should even mention being with the father of your child when speaking of somebody, if you get married one day and have a baby with them you’ll be the same kind of person that you are talking about right now

Alex I’m not saying their bad I just like seeing someone beat the odds I hate the fact that I’m going to have kids with different guy

@jejee91 yeah and I get that cause it is an amazing thing but as you can by making that one of the accomplishments it is making those that weren’t able to work things about feel bad

Alex I’m not proud that I’m going to have kids with different men I will never be proud of that

@jejee91 I never said you were proud of that but by pointing that out as such a negative thing you are indirectly putting down many of your fans especially the ones that can relate to you

Alex I refuse to be a statistic.

@mamajo76 You already are one!

Alex I refuse to be a teen mom in poverty without a college degree that statistic

Jenelle That’s funny the girls say they r mad cuz it got canceled… they love @KailLowry @TM2LeahDawn and @ChelseaHouska and say I ruined it…

(Retweeted by Jenelle) @alyssanniglio it’s jealously. They got a year and you’re still going. That’s all it is. Just jealous of you ladies!

@steelergirl1014 you have to admit you haven’t shined brightly but this last season was just WOW

Jenelle no I totally agree! I was out of control and happy my mom helped me realize and be there as my hero. ❤️ and everyone is going to say I’m a miracle story when they seen how much better I’m doing and how hard I’m working.

Angie Douthit (Mackenzie’s mom) All four girls are overcomers! Isn’t that what America needs? Not more druggies…

@HWThirteen Them’s fightin’ words Jenelle!

Angie if she gets off drugs then she is an overcomer too

Nathan Griffith (Jenelle’s boyfriend) @angiedouthit I have great respect for your family and your beliefs. But God says “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at” we all have sun and we all make mistakes Jenelle has changed. I wouldn’t be with her if she didn’t.

Jenelle (in response to someone claiming Jenelle was “talking sh!t” about Mackenzie’s mom Angie) correction.. Mackenzie’s mother said I was a druggie still and that if I get sober I’ll be an overcomer. #RealMature

Angie @PBandJenelley_1 I never meant to hurt or offend u. I apologize. I do wish the network would have focused more on your positive attributes

Jenelle @angiedouthit yeah well thanks for the apology. I’m sure @MTV couldn’t help it anyways cuz ratings were a record low. Not much they could do

Jenelle still don’t get the fact why I’m the only one they attack, no one should be attacked. But it’s all good Idc now.

Matt McCann yeah, I don’t know what caused them to cancel.. doesn’t make sense to me. But maybe now life will be normal & @LekotaKoch and I can move on.

Mackenzie I would never have a bad word to say about any of the TM2 girls. Were all always family and meeting them was amazing.Sweetest girls ever

Mackenzie I don’t know where all this fight came from.

Mackenzie My mom just said ” maybe you should make a pregnant porno” lmao o gahhhhh

@k_munny teen sex is bad but a p0rno is ok? Uh huh ….. whatever makes money

Mackenzie its was a complete joke. Trust me. I thought it was funny

Katie Everyone love everyone ❤️

Katie Hush with the peasantry

Katie Everyone is arguing over twitter and I’m over here like “should I get ice cream or pizza”

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