Farrah Abraham takes legal action against her ex-boyfriend for Twitter hacking

'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham gets her Twitter hacked

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was recently targeted in a Twitter hacking scandal. Last month, several offensive tweets and a nude photo were posted to her account by who she claims was her ex-boyfriend. While she has since removed the tweets and changed her password to prevent something like this happening again, she’s also making sure that her ex pays for what he did.

According to Omaha.com, Farrah has contacted police about the issue and has filed a request that they grant her a protective order against her ex-boyfriend, University of Nebraska at Omaha soccer player Mohamed Salama. “I’m a reality (star) on MTV networks and this is hurting my brand and his actions are defamation of character,” Farrah explained in her request.

The site reports, “[Farrah] alleged to police and in court documents that Salama threatened her and hacked into her Twitter and email accounts after a Dec. 17 argument.”

Farrah Abraham's ex-boyfriend Mohamed "Mo" Salama

During the hacking, Mohamed (allegedly) posted messages to her 600k+ fans including, “I am being hacked because I am the most coldhearted b*tch in the world. I have no feelings towards anyone,& I am boss b*tch status. FWM,” and “Even God makes mistakes.. I mean look at my face.. without makeup.” It was pretty gruesome. If you’d like to see the whole thing, click here.

Farrah’s response to the whole thing, and we quote, was as follows: “As many of you noticed yesterday some crazy , attention crazed, disgusting, weak and spinless boy (dare I say man) hacked my account. The reason; other then clearly being upset with my and or envious of my artistic abilities, literary aspirations, and future success I will have out of my current achievments.”

A hearing regarding the case was held on Tuesday but neither party was in attendance, so Judge Greg Schatz denied the request.

Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon and Farrah can get back to looking hot in a bikini and insulting the other Teen Mom stars on Sulia.

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  • Ally

    Honestly I would not be surprised if this whole thing is just a publicity stunt.

  • LOL @ artistic abilities and literary aspirations…like she’s Twain or Hemingway. Earth to Farrah, Earth to Farrah: Your album proved you lack artistic ability. Like seriously, how do you use auto-tune and are still off key?

    • NotaFarrahFan

      She may think she is Shaina Twain- she probably has no idea who Samuel Clements even is!

    • Sarah

      What exactly is auto-tune?

    • sarah

      What is auto-tune?

    • Burkey

      hahaha right? not to mention she seems pretty incapable of using proper grammar and putting together a sentence successfully.. so im gonna say she probably didn’t write too much of that book on her own lol

    • Demona

      be careful she is a “reality star with a brand” What brand is that? I popped something out of my vagina when it should have still been closed for business?

  • NotaFarrahFan

    “Literary aspirations”?? What a joke just like her so-called musical career. Farrah is just a joke in general.

  • Kelly

    Lets give this guy a medal

  • lol

    It was pretty gruesome. If you’d like to see the whole thing, **CLICK HERE!!** Love you starcasm.

  • Mel

    How can it be defamation of character when it’s true? Get off your high horse, Farrah. Get over yourself.

  • LaDy

    Just stop being an idiot, waxing your child’s eyebrows, and calling yourself things you’re not. Or at least start calling yourself something more realistic than writer or artist… Lackluster crackpot would be a good start.

  • OMG Farrah just GO AWAY and stop posting publicly. You continue to make yourself look like an ass and you wonder why people hack your shit and insult you.

  • Wait, her “brand”? WTF? You got knocked up and paraded around by MTV. That brand is called stupid.

  • Fabisss ;]

    NOTHING uglier than farrah’s face..

  • Burkey

    umm thanks for deleting my comment starcasm.. which had nothing inappropriate at all but okay..

  • A

    I can’t believe she calls herself a star. The teen mom series isn’t even reality…it’s totally scripted, just like that guy said the hacked tweet!! She’s ridiculous to even say that she and all the other girls, dare I say women, in the franchise are stars.. #farrahisajoke

  • Bev

    The b**ch, Farrah strikes again. Little Farrah loves to dish it, but poor baby can’t take it. She has no problem spewing venom on every single person she comes in contact with, but when someone gives it back, she cries like a whiny b**ch.

  • AreYoUForReal

    I like how she was talking about her “artistic abilities”. I have never seen that much autotune in one album. Ever.

  • Sirius black

    I still can’t believe she had a boyfriend.