Teen girl bank robber arrested after posting Youtube video bragging about it

Chick bank robber Hannah Sabata arrested after police see her youtube video confession

I’m not sure if there is a Bank Robber’s Handbook, but if so, 19-year-old Hannah Sabata of Stromsburg, Nebraska must have the old edition that doesn’t include the new chapter on not bragging about your crimes on the internet! York County law enforcement arrested Hannah at her home on Wednesday for her part in a Waco, Nebraska bank robbery and car theft thanks in part to Hannah uploading a video to Youtube announcing she had robbed a bank and stolen a car!

The video, titled “Chick Bank Robber,” features a silent Hannah displaying written messages as Green Day’s “Warning” and “Minority” blare away. During the course of the 7+ minute clip Hannah reveals that she stole drugs from a car, then actually stole a car, then robbed a bank — all because she believes she is “a victim of the government.”

Here’s the video, for as long as it remains on Youtube, followed by a transcript of all that she wrote. WARNING – The Green Day songs do contain a bit of foul language, albeit critically acclaimed angsty foul language.

I stole from a car a full bowl of weed in an ICP pipe.

and like, an ounce of weed and a couple pre-rolled joints. The other one has already been smoked.

Then I stole a car! (shows the keys) It is shiny. SHINY!!

wait. assho|es.

The shiny new car is a Pontiac Grand Am. Of course I already took the license plates off and threw them out.

Then I robbed a bank!! With a gun, a pillow case and a note. $6,256 I told my mom today was the best day of my life :) She thinks I just met a new boy. (fans herself with the cash)

Why? Because, you see, I am a victim of the government.

How? For one, the whole system is just a game.

Where’s my pen? OMG.

But more specifically because the government stole my baby and they took him away before I could even take him home. And they charged me with neglect. I may not be a mother anymore. But I can still find purpose :-)


According to Omaha.com Hannah is wearing clothes in the Youtube clip that match those worn by the robber in the surveillance footage. It’s also the same shirt as the one Hannah was wearing when she was arrested:

“At the time of the arrest, she was wearing the same clothes she was pictured wearing during the bank robbery,” York County Sheriff Dale Radcliff said. “Then we found the pink back pack that she was seen carrying in the bank. We also found the sunglasses. It was everything we needed.” The stolen car was also recovered along with a bracelet left beside it on the ground that read, “I love Hannah.”

According to police records, the note Hannah used in the robbery read, “You are being robbed! No alarms or locks or phones or ink bags! I have a loaded gun. You have two minutes.”

YorkNewsTimes.com reports that Hannah’s “been charged with robbery, a Class 2 felony, and theft of a motor vehicle, a Class 3 felony. If she’s convicted of the crimes, the 19-year-old could be facing a possible maximum sentence of 70 years in prison.”

Here is Hannah Sabata’s mug shot photo from the arrest:

Teen bank robber Hannah Sabata mug shot photo

If you’re like me you were quick to “shake your damn head” and relax knowing this dumb girl is exactly where she belongs — in prison. But, I did some research in an attempt to find out a little about Hannah’s background, and what I discovered was jaw-dropping and opinion altering. Certainly she deserves to pay for her crime, but this is a young girl who has been through Hell and needs some serious professional help and guidance.

I could summarize it all for you, but it wouldn’t have the emotional impact of reading it from Hannah herself, so here are a few select journal entries from her online blog:

Hannah Sabata Facebook photo

Ten Things About Me…
Written on August 18th, 2010

1. I am a Senior in high school.
2. I have HIV.
3. I have been diagnosed with “major depression.”
4. I am currently on a monitoring device (located on my ankle) for running away.
5. I’ve been through severe behavior treatment centers, such as Boys Town.
6. My boyfriend is 11 years older than me.
7. I am a highly philisophical person.
8. I want to be a lawyer some day.
9. I am an amazing artist.
10. I have a weird obsession with LSD and hallucinations…

Youtube Chick Bank Robber Hannah Sabata photo

I Am Independent…
Written on February 13th, 2011

I have had a tough life and have been put down many times. I’ve been to Boys Town and locked up a good share of times and a lot of people I knew there have just given up on life and have dropped out. The guards and staff at jail encouraged me to get a GED, but I refused because I knew I was going to graduate, not settle. Now I’m getting A’s in school AND taking college classes. I am going to be a lawyer and a politician.

When I was in Boys Town, I ran away because I was being mistreated. I had to walk the streets of Omaha in January to find a place to stay. I can make my own money and make my own living to support myself. I’m ambitious and nothing stops me from accomplishing my dreams.

I have proven I can make it on my own and I will keep succeeding.

Teen bank robber Hannah Sabata pregnant 13 weeks

My Unborn Baby
Written on February 15th, 2011

My Unborn Baby!!!
scrawled by Hannah Sabata on t’ date o’ Tew’s Day, Februarrry 15, 2011 roundabouts 8:28 in the evenin’
let me start out by saying the shift and delete button aren’t working properly so i apologize about the misspellings and bad grammar ;9 i can’t go back lol

but i love my baby sooo much….i know i’ve been posting a whole bunch about my baby but i’m so excited.
i was so sure the baby was dead because i had excrutiating cramping and a little bit of bleeding a couple days ago.
i got expecially scared when they couldn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat on the doppler today. they had to take me to the hospital and do an ultrasound on me. well, i was crying. crying hard. bawling….

i didn’t want to look at my unborn baby on the screen when the o.b. lady put the magical baby looker-atter on my belly. i thought it would be floating around, dead.

but nope 1exclaimation point1, the baby was big and moving around 1exclaimation point1. by the way, i am 12 weeks along right now. it did a summer-salt and my mother gasped. it would not stop moving around, literally. it has a beautiful face, i saw it. it has a big forhead, lol and a small chin. i saw its brain, too! hey, my shift button worked for once! twice1 1.

i don’t know why but i already love this thing. how can you love something you don’t know/question mark/ and i realized i’ve never loved anything so much in my life before. all the pain and sickness i have is so worth this baby. i even catch myself singing to it. and if you know me, you know i never sing in front of anyone. …. ever…. this love is very weird. its overwhelming. i feel sooo happy. the love is so strong, i can see, smell it, feel it, taste it. i can’t hear it though, lol ;winky face; i’m usually so depressed cuz my life sucks so bad, don’t disagree because if you lived what i lived through, i guarantee you’d be traumatized; but anyway, i actually skipped down the road when i sent my letter to my husband in jail! skipped! and i only looked down at the ground a couple times to make sure there was no ice i’d slip on.

i am so lucky to have a loving husband that will literally do anything for me and who practically worships the ground i walk on—i don’t know why, i’m not that great, lol—in all caps and have a healthy baby on the way. i need to think about those two good things in my life more often and maybe my head will lift once in a while.

february 15th 2011 12 weeks, 3 days. hannah smotherman-sabata

Youtube teen bank robber Hannah Sabata wearing an ankle bracelet

I Got Hiv At 17
Written on February 18th, 2011

Last year, actually.

Last year, I also first lost my virginity. I got HIV from being ignorant and selfish. I just thought this carnival worker was cute and he thought i was cute and it turned out he had HIV. He called me a few months later and told me. I knew I had it. I got tested twice positive and now I am supposed to be taking these enormous pills but I CAN’T take them. I really am unable to. So I recently ordered some liquids. I don’t really want liquids, either, though. I want a port, and for some reason they don’t want to give it to me.

I’m also afraid the medications they give me have worse side effects than they do help. Liver damage? May lower your CD4 count? WTF? That’s like depression medication. “May cause suicidal thoughts.”

Anyway, I don’t want to die painfully. I want to die calm in my sleep beside my husband. I hope I die of old age before I die of AIDS.

Hannah Sabat arrested for bank robbery after uploading a video to Youtube confessing

The Beginning Of The Worst Time In My Life
Written on March 3rd, 2011

When I was fifteen years old, I could be considered…to be in the very weird/crazy stage. I had a multicolored mohawk and always wore mismatched knee-high socks. I tried out so many different things, so many different types of music. One especially intrigued me. Nirvana. I saw Kurt Cobain and I “fell in love.” I guess you can say I wanted to be just like him. Unfortunately this obsession happened when I was also obsessed with horror movies and death.

So…I guess you can say, partly, that I attempted suicide because I wanted to be like Kurt. But that was only actually a small part. I have always had severe depression and I wasn’t taking any medication. I also recently turned agnostic-so my faith in a god was very small. I wanted to see what happened in the afterlife. Also fights with my friends and family didn’t help.

So, it all added up. I told my mother that I was depressed, and my mother loves taking me to mental hospitals for any reason she can get–she always has, and so she told me to “pack up my stuff” because she was taking me to the mental hospital!

That scared me. I have bad memories from the mental hospital. So that was the last straw of many, many straws and I took whatever pills I saw first. I saw Wellibutrin and Ibuprofen. I took the full, entire bottle of Wellibutrin (an anti-depressant) and about seven pills of Ibuprofen.

The mental hospital was about an hour and a half away from where I lived, so I thought for sure I’d be dead by the time I arrived there. Nope. The mental hospital was actually full at that location so they had to transport me to another mental hospital that was located another 3 hours away from there!! Keep in mind I never told anyone about the overdose I took yet–and I also had no symptoms from the overdose yet, even though it’s been about 4 hours since I had taken it. Ironically, they had to transport me by ambulence. It was just procedure–they were ignorant of my condition.

About an hour and a half into the drive to the other mental hospital, things started moving in slow motion. It was crazy cool I thought! By the way, I have never gotten high before during this time. But I was definately high. By the time we arrived at our destination, I was actually pretty scared of dying. Really? lol. I was. So I told the two ambulence men about my overdose that I took 6 hours ago. But it took me about six hours to say that!! It was extremely hard to talk. As I found out later, it was extremely difficult to move at all. So they transported me into another ambulence and took me to a medical hospital.

I was in there for 3 days and I hallucinated like I overdosed on ‘shrooms and acid. Like I was Alice in ******’ Wonderland. It all lasted three days. I couldn’t move, though, and unfortunately I remember everything. I remember having to be carried to the bathroom to pee and I needed help showering. I remember the nurse stabbing the IV in my wrist hastely, and I remember the water just leaking right out of my skin. They never gave me anything for my overdose. Not even charcoal. They were so rude to me too. They thought I was faking it for Pete’s sake! They wouldn’t allow me to watch T.V. or read. So I just slept. Luckily, I had my hallucinations to entertain me. Thank God I had a good tripp.

Anyway, after that, I was put into the mental hospital for 3 months, then put into a modern day adolescent insane asylum cleverly named an RTC for 7 months, which drove me mad because it was just like a prison and I’d hear screaming of my peers all the time, everyday–then they took me to Boys Town of which I had the chance to run away from and I did within a week of being there. Of course I got caught within those two terrible weeks of being free and got put into a detention center for a month which was actually substantially better than the RTC, then I was taken back to Boys Town—but put into a shelter. This lasted a month and a half. I convinced the staff and the state to take me home with my clever words and sly actions. I knew I deserved to go back home. I was put on a more stable medication and I’ve been home now for a full year and a few months. I am now eighteen. Anyway, I’m out of the state’s hair and I’m a good citizen. I’m also more emotionally stable, but still suffer depression once in a while. (actually, more often than once in a while, but that’s aside the point)

All of this happened because of an overdose. If I never overdose, I could’ve saved myself a lot of mental and physical injury, some of it permanent. There were a lot of things that happened during that year that I was away.

My advice is don’t overdose!! I wish I never have.

Authorities say they recovered all but $30 of the money that was stolen. I hate to say it because it will sound like a cliche, but Hannah’s video now seems like a desperate cry for help to me! I just hope she’s able to find it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/sara.hearn.79 Sara Hearn

    Poor girl, I can’t imagine what she’s been through and has to go through. Yes this is a huge cry for help and I hope she gets the help she needs instead of jail time. She will be in my prayers.

    • Krystal

      I am 19 in nz. I have never had a criminal record. What she did is no excuse. I Am diagnosed with major depressive disorder, bulimia nervosa, borderline personality disorder, anxiety and insomnia. I have had over 50 over doses, self harmed (cutting) since 13yrs and 4 failed suicide attempts in the last 2 years where I was found and admitted into hospital. I have been on many drugs for it for over 4 years. I grew up with my father abusing me and beating my mum and pets. Using your illness and past is NO excuse to try and get away with crime. There are other ways to get help, she had help previously but abused it. No excuse. There are people much worse and they dont do things like this.

      • phendraana

        Everybody reacts to stress and mental issues differently. Sometimes people just snap and do stupid things. Her problems were certainly not an excuse for this, but they were a reason.

      • min

        Many people are abused growing up, yet do not overdose, starve themselves, cut themselves etc. Don’t try to convince yourself you’re better because you mutilate your body over robbing a bank. If there are other ways to get help, why aren’t you using these methods? Personally robbing a bank seems much more acceptable than numerous suicide attempts and slicing yourself up.


        Way to turn this into something about you.

      • http://twitter.com/ladycheeba Kayleigh B

        50 overdoses? You really suck at “overdosing”, dude. You aren’t taking nearly enough of whatever you’re taking if you’ve survived 50 times.

        • Sarah

          haha best post by a lot. i feel bad for everyone struggling but this is actually hilarious ahahah

        • Junebugg

          Lol totally wanted to say that damnitt

      • bc7640

        As a person with mental problems you should be the last person criticizing this girl. Yes, you may have all those problems and know right from wrong which is great but when you do something like rob a bank and tell the world you just did it, well that’s not having mental problems, that’s being crazy! You should just be thankful that you’re not!

      • DK

        I am very, very sorry about all of the cruelty you have experienced. I wish that you would try acupuncture (they have some low-cost, community type settings in most cities) that may help put your body back into balance after the high stress situation that you grew up in. I really think it will help and I wish you the very best. Good luck.

  • ohhhhno

    She wants to be a politician, yet she commits serious crimes and broadcasts them in the internet? Sounds about right.

    • bc7640

      Uh, you have to remember that she’s not playing with a full deck. What sane person would put out a video confessing to all their crimes? Not any that I know. This child needs some mental help but unfortunately it seems the kind of place she’ll be going to would make a sane person crazy!

  • Karen


  • Nikki

    I’m sorry, but I feel no sympathy whatsoever for this person. A drug addict that lost her child at birth (most likely because the child tested positive for drugs), had sex with a random carnival worker and got HIV, robbed a bank, then puts all of this on the Internet? Call it what you want, but it looks like a cry for attention, not help, to me. The majority of her problems were due to her own actions. People can be sympathetic all they want…I have no sympathy whatsoever for trash like this.

    • W

      Actually she wrote that she lost it because she stopped taling her HIV medicine – and I guess also because she probably has neither rich nor supportive parents…

      • Nikki

        “But more specifically because the government stole my baby and they took
        him away before I could even take him home. And they charged me with
        neglect.” This is the quote taken from her video. Usually, mothers who have their children taken from them from the hospital, while also being charged with neglect, have this done because the child tested positive for drugs. So I don’t know what information you are talking about. I also don’t get what not having rich parents has to do with anything. My parents weren’t rich, and I wasn’t out robbing banks and losing custody of my children. I wish people would quit making excuses for wastes of space and air like this. She’s 19 years old…it’s called get off the drugs and get a job.

        • http://twitter.com/JanaMirrh Jana Mirh

          She has videos of her baby, the baby got sick, went to the hospital, and they wouldn’t let her take him home. Even if she did what you said, they wouldn’t charge her with neglect for being a drug addict while pregnant, they would called child endangerment, not “neglect”. Neglecting to take medication herself, may have been neglecting to care for her baby properly, but it wasn’t from using drugs.

          • Nikki

            You can look up many cases where the “mother” tested positive for a child and was charged with unlawful NEGLECT. I’m not going to sit here and argue about it. Someone who claims to be “obsessed” with LCD, steals marijuana, and has overdosed is a drug addict. As stupid as this girl is, I could completely see her doing drugs throughout a pregnancy.

            • http://twitter.com/ChromsomeXXUnCe ChromsomeXXUncensore

              nvm you’ve already been told you were wrong it was neglect because she didn’t treat the HIV you just insist on arguing the drug point. Which is somewhat valid OBVIOUSLY but not the reason she lost the child….now is the child better off? More than likely. But the reason has been cited by news sources as being the HIV not the drug use. I think empathy is different than sympathy I don’t feel sorry for her – she did this crap she deals with it. She could have gotten herself counseling before this escalated or done a million other things. There is an empathy for someone this young and this dumb because that isn’t always an accident. Somewhere she was failed by parents, counselors, and a world of adults.

              Empathy is the capacity to recognize feelings that are being experienced by another.

              Sympathy on the other hand involves caring about their well being in the future of which I won’t when I click off this page. Done.

    • Trimegistus

      That’s your problem. You are quick to judge. You give what you get.. so think about that next time you are in a situation where you would appreciate a little sympathy.

      • Nikki

        Sympathy? Oh, you bleeding hearts sicken me. The only person I feel sorry for is the poor innocent child that she had and neglected in some way, shape, or form, the bank teller that she probably scared half to death, and the person who was without their vehicle because some whacked out moron stole it. I can assure you, I don’t break the law, partake in drugs, or neglect my children, so I’m more than glad to get what I give. Don’t want to be judged? Don’t break the law and put it out in public. Don’t write boo-hoo blogs. Keep it to yourself.

      • Bubbubsky

        People earn sympathy. They don’t have it handed to them willy-nilly because they continue to do incredibly dumb things.

    • http://twitter.com/ChromsomeXXUnCe ChromsomeXXUncensore

      actually our local news station KSL just posted an article today about her and they stated the reason she lost her child was due to refusing treatment of a disease. Add in this article and the assumption would be she didn’t treat her HIV while pregnant.

  • Lisa

    There are tons of people out there that have had bad things happen to them and they don’t steal cars and rob banks. It seems that all of the bad things that have happened to her are simply consequences of her own bad decisions. Yes, she absolutely needs help – but she is a criminal, plain and simple and deserves jail time for what she’s done.

  • Just strolling through

    She obviously has some mental issues. Maybe histrionics? She takes unnecessary risks such as sex without protection at least twice (once with the carnival worker and once where she got pregnant), she steals a car and robs a bank, and then to top it all off, she broadcasts it on YouTube.

    She either thinks she’s invincible, she’s not very intelligent, or something is wrong with her mental health.

    The only two places I can see her being in 10 yrs (if she gets out of prison before then) is back in prison or dead…unless she gets some major help.

    • http://twitter.com/JanaMirrh Jana Mirh

      She admitted she has a mental illness

  • http://twitter.com/megatonponch megatonponch

    thanks for posting this! her life has become very interesting to me, which I’m sure is what she wanted and I’m fine with that.

    • kayla

      I’m curious to find and read her blog!

  • Bri

    She wants to be a lawyer someday? *coughs and says that’s not going to happen!!!!

  • Nemesis Nexus

    Sounds more like a desperate cry for attention to me! I think she’s got more going on than just severe depression I think she might also be bipolar. While she does need help she also needs understand there are consequences for her actions.

  • http://twitter.com/toni_ROTTEN Bebe


  • W

    I wonder whether a modern country like the US doesn’t have mother-child-homes, special facilities where young mothers can live with their children and get constant support by social workers, nurses, etc. until they are fit parents?

    • http://www.facebook.com/maiko.higa.33 Maiko Higa

      No, because the us is too prude to ever accept that unwed mothers do exist and they (we) are too cheap to pay for anyone but ourselves.

    • http://twitter.com/JanaMirrh Jana Mirh

      Because we have half the country who lost their humanity and think people should do everything themselves, not tax payer money. Social services are paid with tax payer money. More people don’t give to charities anymore, churches used to help, communities too. Now a days there is very little extended family, families are spread out all over the country, when they used to all stay in the same neighborhood near each other. times have changed and the right wing seems to think it’s OK to make women have the babies, no abortions, but when the babies are born, they punish the parents, thus the born baby. It’s a crazy world we live. People are devolving, and “progressive” is a dirty word to them.

      • m1ke

        ’nuff said.

        Thank you “voice of reason”, once more.

    • http://www.facebook.com/natashakillinoff Natalia Mirksyaya

      Why don’t you feel bad for the baby that this irresponsible sick bitch brought forth? It will live with HIV, most likely in poverty, and most likely turns out like her. Great decisions

      • W

        The baby is HIV negative!!!!

  • T Keern

    Talk about a train wreck.

  • m1ke

    If the government “stole” her baby before she “could even take him home”, why does she have videos of her kid at 5 months, obviously in a home setting. hoping someone can explain this one.

    • http://twitter.com/JanaMirrh Jana Mirh

      The baaby was taken to the hospital for an illness not named, it could have been a cold. People are assuming the baby was taken at birth, because well, that’s what happens when people don’t read. I too saw the videos of her baby, and the baby looked healthy, and she was playing with it, very normal lovingly even. There is more to this story, but since there are blanks, there are going to be some who fill in the blanks with their own opinions. Thank you for taken the time to do more research and question what should have been obvious to those who are thinking she must have been a drug addict. “Neglect” can be anything, but if the baby was taken at birth, which he wasn’t, she would not be charged with “neglect’ but maybe ‘endangerment’.

      • m1ke

        and thank YOU for explaining. I’ve only been able to find a few resources for info on her past. Trust me, I’ve read pretty intently but with two last names, and the mind of a pretty conflicted youth choosing what parts of the story to relay to the world, this one’s a bit confusing. Is there another blog besides her “experience project” account where she explains the baby situation? As you said (and I think is a HUGE problem in the world today but one that is unfortunately, not able to be solved due to the other HUGE problem, pride), people all too often fill in blanks or unknowns with their opinions stated as fact. Thank you Internet. (Why do I feel the need to capitalize the word “internet”?)

  • Girard Summer

    I bet people wouldn’t have the same pity if it was a male in her exact position. She made mistakes of her own free will and refuses to take responsibility for them. She gets no sympathy from me.

  • really

    I am so glad you posted this.

    It saddens me to see so many people who don’t care or think its all her fault.

    We all have parents. Some better than others. It is obvious that hers were not fitting. Where were they when she was in the hospital? Who was making sure that she was not being abused? Who was taking care of her when she grew up and made sure she wasn’t in trouble.

    She is just a teenager and we all make mistakes. I certainly did similar things(not to this degree) when I was crying out for attention, my dad was a single dad with 3 kids and never home. Nobody was so I ran the streets for a little while. As soon as I started to get into trouble and skip school my dad realized that I needed help. He tried his best but knew I needed more surveillance. Really I just wanted a family life. So he moved me a hundred miles away to my uncle’s house, where my grandma took care of my cousin that was about the same age as me. In that setting I flourished. I went back to highschool, made good grades, got full scholarships, make the dean’s list almost every semester in college and I am about to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Biology and Anthropolgy. Also, my dad and I are closer than ever before.I would have been some idiotic fool, knocked up, maybe on drugs, etc.if my dad didn’t take notice that I needed structure to flourish and reach my full potential.

    Yes, she is guilty and should serve time. But maybe we can take something away from this sad story. Maybe we as a country need to realize that kids are slipping through the system. Obiviously these programs we have to help kids are not working, or atleast not for many.

    To me, all of the posts she wrote tell of a girl who needed structure and never got any. Someone who made mistakes that many of us do and ended up with terrible consequences. For example, it sounds like she didn’t lose her virginity till she was 17? And then she got HIV…A 17 yr. old with a sketchy family structure, HIV, and questionable education…. How can any one condemning her relate.

  • http://twitter.com/JanaMirrh Jana Mirh

    Not without help. She needs help. To pull oneself up when one is sick is very difficult to do. Mental illness is a disease, it’s not something that she can control. She also has HIV, and living with that, is enough to take a toll on mental health too. Would you say the same if she was suffering a heart attack? How about cancer? She should just pull herself up, and go work or something?

    • JustAGirl

      I agree here as well, to be that young with HIV…I can’t imagine that. I know I’ve thought about getting myself “fixed” so I can’t have children to stop the painful medical problems that come with it and I know that will hinder future relationships bc everyone wants babies it seems lol. Thats gonna be in the head of a girl that young. Seeing that she was so open about it though is good, she had enough of a brain to not hide it and just keep passing it along like it got passed to her. I pray she will get the help she needs so she can turn her life around.

  • christee

    She does need to serve her time, but I hope for her sake, she is given the help she clearly needs. Many personality disorders develop as result of mistreatment suffered during childhood (borderline in recovery here, hi) but they are no excuse for this behavior. She seems to have some “book smarts,” but not so much common sense. And not every baby born to someone with drugs in their system is taken away post-birth. My aunt adopted one child of 8 born to a known crackhead (4 born before she went to prison, 4 after) when the skank finally lost custody of the first 4, when the child was around two years old. And if jenelle evans was clean when she had jace…well I don’t believe in fairy tales 😉

    • JustAGirl

      I agree, I hope she does get the help she needs. But looking at her other videos on her page the kid is there in a walker or bouncy chair so that part was a lie, unless the parents got custody for some reason and she lived with them. I am praying for this girl, I hope she can turn in around so if the kid ever comes looking for her she will have a better life and an option to have him in her life at that point. Just a sad story. I hope that you do well in your recovery as well, sending a prayer your way :) I don’t know you but I feel it helps, not trying to offend anyone or you in case that isn’t something you believe in. And your aunt was great to take in the baby like that, its hard on the people who have to deal with a child if they are born addicted to drugs, but has a way better life now then they would have with their mom. I plan to adopt children that need someone like those babies when I am older and financially able to. I want to help make any difference I can.

  • m1ke

    Umm…are you aware of how many people make their personal life WAY more public than her? Hello “Anonymous”. Welcome to the internet. Wait until the current generation of children get to be her age. “Social networking” = Vanity 101

  • http://www.facebook.com/tana.moorecarpenter Tana D. Moore Carpenter

    I feel so badly for this misguided, young woman. She has been through too much in her short life. I pray that she gets the help she needs to turn her life around. Judging from her drawings that I have seen, she has real, although raw, talent. Maybe she can use her art as a therapy.

  • Paige

    I hate to say that I’m from this town where this all happened. It’s funny because just cause she was having a ‘rough’ time doesn’t mean taht we should all forgive her. From reading thesse comments, it’s like you guys are feeling sorry for her. If were going to really judge people and feel sorry for them if they are having a bad time the we should do that to everyone. She was the idot for doing what she did. I love how she want’s to be a lawyer..Honey I don’t think you really going to make it far now..

    • JustAGirl

      I understand your point here. If you know someone is a bad person but see people defending them it sucks, none of us know her, just what we have seen. I don’t believe we should forgive for what she has done, I just hope she turns her life around after this. What is posted here is of her shit storm, but some of her writings could be lies, who knows. She has obviously been trying to get her story out, for attention maybe, who knows. I always wish I could help every person who is having a hard time, but I am only one person. I just pray she can get her life together and hopefully have a better future. I wish that for most people. Yeah, the lawyer thing will be out but maybe she can turn it around and council troubled youths…I just hate seeing young people throwing their lives away.

      • bc7640

        She could be a jail house lawyer. Just sayin.

  • LC

    Thank you for posting this blog. I have read so many hateful vile comments on her. This is a refreshing change. Yes, she does deserve to pay for her crimes. But I do not think that she deserves the fullout hate that is spewing out of people’s minds onto the computer.I too took some time to find out a little bit more about Hannah. She is an amazing artist. I hope that she will get the help she needs while in prison.

  • Victim

    Desperate cry for help?? Sorry but no, someone made my life hell because they mugged and car jacked me. A lot of my possessions were taken. Imagine how the poor bank teller and car owner felt? I have very little sympathy for this girl. Sometimes life sucks and some act out on it but hers are just over the top. Hopefully she can shape up and change.

  • JustAGirl

    I saw a story on her and looked her up and it led me here, knowing her full story, I think she may have done it to get help like you said. She needed some way out of the life she had but this was the worst way to go about it. I pray for this girl, knowing her kid got taken away, I don’t know if cases like this is the child has the chance to look them up once they became of age. Friends I know did but they were 8 & 10 so they knew their mom. I hope that she gets her life in order if she doesn’t spend so long in jail. Sad story, aids at 17! Just sad. I thank god every day that I never got anything bad like aids/stds/jail time etc from the stupid stuff I did when I was younger. I hope she will straighten out for her kid so when/if they come around she isn’t locked up or strung out on drugs or something. She is a beautiful girl she just got the shit end of life but she can turn it around. I hope people will pray for this girl instead of bashing her to death. I know I will keep her in my prayers.

    • babysAuntie

      I know Hannah personally.. she is my ex sister-in-law… and my nephew (her baby) was taken from her because she refused to take the medicine necessary for preventing her baby from contracting HIV . It makes no sense that she would put that little boy in such harm if she hated having the disease herself. I have known Hannah at her best and at her worst and I still cry over this whole mess. My nephew deserves to know his mommy and her him. But unfortunately this is what we family members get to deal with. How are we supposed to explain this to him?? Will he even understand?? None of us are or ever will be prepared to explain to her son where she is… why she is there and mostly… why the state had to protect him from her bad- no not bad…TERRIBLE decision that ultimately separated them at his birth. I pray for strength, wisdom and ultimately I pray for him to learn forgiveness.

  • JustAGirl

    I can’t agree more. I have never been in a situation like this. No law issues, don’t do drugs, etc. But recently a family member of mine was in the newspaper bc of an accident and the reporter never contacted anyone to find out info so they article was lies and a bunch of bs, It really does hurt the families of the people involved more than you know. I was crushed, angered, and all sorts of other emotions from the comments made about my family member, even though there was no reason for it, I yelled at the reporter for not getting accurate info & just spouting lies. I wish people would take into consideration the families of the person who did this, and other things. I understand people think she’s stupid, a drug addict or whatever else, but she does have a family who loves her and it can cause a lot of emotional issues to see such hatred projected at your family.

  • AndyDaniel

    It’s quite obvious that the entire thing – bank robbery, YouTube posting, and arrest, was planned her as a single event. I original saw thia sorry with a classic “dumb criminals” headline, implying that she was caught because of the YouTube posting, but this was obviously the plan all along.
    Dumb idea? Probably? Her motives, either a cry for help, or attention, or some perceived revenge on the system for taking her baby, or maybe just a different form of the suicide he failed at the first time – ending her “free” life rather than her biological one.
    Really a very sad story. But in all honesty, if I were a very sympathetic judge, what would be able to do to/for someone who literally ran away from attempts to help her in the past? She feels that those attempts were misguided and poorly executed, but that’s what we have to offer. This will be a tougher call for the judge than for the jury.

    • bc7640

      You’re crazier than her if you think she planned all of this! This child has some real mental problems. Why is it so hard for some of you to see that? No sane person would rob a bank, steal a car and then tell the world she did it on you tube without trying to conceal her identity.

  • Kill Her

    Somebody call the whambulance…such a poor, tragic, heartbreaking story of a tortured soul. NOT!!! Give this dumb @%$#& the needle already. Piece of $hit loser.

    • bc7640

      This girl is obviously mentally disturbed but you can’t see that when you’re a judgmental douche bag! YOU sound like the loser who deserves the needle! Yep, you should get what you give.

  • http://twitter.com/sparklecopy jojo

    This is what happens when you have babies. If her parents used condoms and then got abortions in the first place this never would have happened. Damn you anti-abortionists!!!!!

  • GMX

    LSD is not an addictive drug.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phylwx Alex Argueta

    Her parents must be quite some figures.

  • less

    American Idiot. She gets AIDS on the first try and goes ahead having sex with more, gets pregnant?

    • bc7640

      yeah, because a teenaged girl should never again have sex if she gets hiv. You’re the real idiot.

      • less

        You’re the illiterate ass who needs to get HIV. She knew she had HIV yet continued to have unprotected sex with others which means she could’ve infected them and any child that might come along. Condoms discourage that, but I suppose she spent it on dope and tattoos like a good generic yank

  • http://twitter.com/Skwirrlmaster Silky Johnson

    She’s gonna get raped to death with a table leg in prison doing her mandatory minimum 17 years

  • min

    A lost soul.. she needs a good support system, and serious help. I feel bad for her, and I hope her cry for help is answered.

  • Mandy

    so whats ganna happen to her baby than shouldn’t it be just about born if shes telling the truth

  • curious

    Where is her actual blog?

  • http://twitter.com/kendradoherty Kendra Doherty

    Where is her blog? I’d kind of like to look into it. Can’t hurt to try to understand someone.

  • Me

    Try showing some compassion. You turned out better. Good for you. But you are lacking in human compassion. I don’t know which is worse. I had a horrific childhood. I didn’t do those things either. But because I have felt that same pain I have great compassion to those who have. Try kindness!