VIDEO Nick Lachey tossed from NFL game, accused of choking and cursing out fans

Nick Lachey tossed from Bengals Chargers game

Former boy band singer Nick Lachey is being accused of getting a little hotter than 98 degrees at Sunday’s San Diego Chargers football game.

Lachey loves him some hometown Cincinnati teams and was on hand to support his beloved Bengals. Things got out of hand between Lachey and some Charger fans which resulted in Nick getting tossed out of the stadium. Undeterred, because you gotta have thick skin if you long-love the Bengals, Nick bragged about the incident via Twitter.

It was alleged that Nick got kicked out for too much trash talking but he denied this via Twitter. Cinci went on to win the game and he bragged on his team by writing, “Bengals win again. I’d talk trash to everyone in SD, but what’s the point? you already had me kicked out of the stadium and you still lost.”

The Charger fan involved is claiming that Nick choked him in addition to calling his wife a f***ing b**ch (and the NFL wonders why people would rather stay at home and watch the game in HD instead of dealing with this type of crap).

Here’s a video of Nick being escorted out and getting in the face of the fan in question:

The unnamed fan stated that Lachey and his Bengal-Posse continued to talk jack during the 2nd half and went a little too far. Lachey is said to have insulted the playing career of a former Charger and this dude’s wife told Nick, “Well, he lasted longer than your boy band.” Zing!

Charger fan intends on filing a police report against Norv Turner Lachey. It’s important to note that Nick and his crew were forced to leave and the Charger fan in question was not.

Nick has made one last “hey overall Charger fans are great” tweet and then someone in his camp decided it’s time to let someone speak for him. Nick’s rep stated, “This is a gross misrepresentation of what happened. It was nothing but a spirited debate between fans of opposing teams. At no point did Nick say anything derogatory to the man’s wife and anything to suggest the contrary is simply untrue.”