First photos of pregnant Leah Messer-Calvert’s baby bump

Pregnant Leah Messer-Calvert takes daughters Ali and Aleeah to the park

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer-Calvert and husband Jeremy Calvert announced they were expecting a baby just one week ago, and now we’ve got the first photos of her baby bump. Over the weekend, Leah took her twin girls, Ali and Aleeah, to a park in West Virginia and at least one cameraman was there to capture the fun.

Leah, 20, was photographed in a form-fitting brown shirt and jeans, and while she just announced the news, it looks like she’s been pregnant for a while! If we’d have to guess, we’d say she’s about 6 months along — or there’s more than one baby in there! Rumor has it that she’s due some time this winter, and now that we’ve seen her belly, we’d have to agree.

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer-Calvert pregnant and showing off her baby bump 2012

Leah met Jeremy not long after getting divorced from her first husband, Corey Simms, who is the father to her twins. Their whirlwhind romance led to a pregnancy and engagement in December of last year and a wedding in April of this year.

Leah tragically miscarried her and Jeremy’s first child, and in the newly released season 3 trailer, Leah is seen sharing the news of the pregnancy with her two daughters. Also in the trailer, Leah accepts Jeremy’s marriage proposal. Yes, it looks like yet another emotional roller coaster for Leah and her family this season.

Teen Mom 2 which will be back on MTV in just two weeks from today. Tune in on Monday, November 12, to see Leah and the rest of the girls!

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UPDATE – Leah has shared a couple more photos of her growing belly, including one with Ali and Aleeah giving it a kiss! (Click the link to check ’em out!)

  • kristen

    i’d say 4 or 5 months

  • Rachel

    Looks low, looks like she maybe having a boy! I would also say 4 or 5 months, def not 6 months, she looks to little!

    • Fatima

      Its actually very possible that she is further along. On her 16 & knocked up episode, she was VERY small for a woman carrying twins…but that could have been from [allegedly] smoking cigarettes.

    • ashyyy

      Im pretty sure its just a myth about being low its a boy cause I had a boy and i didnt carry low and my sister had girls and one was kinda low

      • jeff

        its a myth because we have science to say it’s a stupid old wives tale. This isn’t the 1800s.

    • Meghan

      I carried my daughter low everyone thought she was a boy up until she was born. This is a myth.

  • jean

    So they tried again immedately after she miscarried from their ‘unplanned’ pregnancy and got married. Slow down lady…


  • Well hope she don’t cheat on this guy, and she can handle this marriage!!

    • Tua

      oh she will this guy makes a ton of money. She will make sure she keeps this one.

    • Von

      dnt hold ur breath lol

  • she is a good mother

  • she got married after the twins were born she got married to(corey) her and corey had their ups and downs but they are good parents

  • go to her facebook page

  • congrats to her and jeremy….i would have to say she’s around 5 months as well…good luck to her :):)

  • I agree that Leah is good mother. I think its a shame that she couldn’t be a good wife to Corey. However I wish them the best but I think maybe they should’ve waited til they had been married longer before trying for another. Maybe focused on the ones she already has. To each his own…I wish them luck!

  • sammi

    So if they got all this on camera, id say the footage would air in….2014 maybe 2015 lol. U know how MTV does it, by the time they air footage, we all got to see everything play out in real time lol

  • Jeff

    tragically miscarried? No, luckily miscarried. That woman should keep her legs shut, she’s too young and stupid to keep getting married and popping out kids. You had a miscarriage and a baby with genetic problems, stop bringing kids into the world.

    • Jay

      Regardless of the circumstances NO miscarriage is “lucky”. That is emotional hell for parents- especially the mother.

      • jeff

        Yeah, if I was that kid i would consider myself lucky.

    • Kelly

      So what you’re saying is its lucky that her baby died? Wow. It’s one thing to think she’s not ready for another child, but to actually consider her miscarriage to be a good thing is sickening.

      • Rrrrr

        Actually, miscarriages many times occur because there is something very wrong with the fetus. So yes, she may be lucky it happened.

    • Cheermom1

      Wow, that’s one of the cruelest statements I’ve heard in awhile. You have no idea if her daughter’s genetic problems come from the maternal OR paternal side. I’m sure she has discussed all possible genetic risks with her doctor. Who are we to judge? If they aren’t on welfare, it’s none of anyone’s business how many children she has.

    • cecigunz

      that is so rude. stop bashing on someone you know nothing about and only from the hour a week every so often you see her on tv. who are you to judge a young child that its mentally challenged. And i myself have had a miscarriage and it is one of the saddest things i have ever gone through. if you have nothing nice to say don’t bother watching the show. better yet why waste your time looking at pictures and reading up on leah? stop being a hater!!

  • A

    With baby ali’s health problems, I don’t think she should have another baby right now..

  • me

    She looks about as far along as I am. I’m due in Feb with one baby and I’m pretty small. I have heard that after having 2 kids, adding a third to the mix hardly matters anymore, but I still wonder if they’re ready to handle that many little ones running around… especially since one is special needs.

    • Ace

      F**k that, one kid is hard work. I now have a baby & a toddler and it’s even more hard work. I’m done having kids for sure.

  • Ashley

    The epitome of class right there, out with your two kids while pregnant with your third at the ripe old age of 20.

  • Amanda

    I’m actually surprised and overjoyed that her kids are dressed half-way decent for once! Every photo I’ve seen of them they have dirty ass faces and aren’t wearing clothes! She’s a pos mother. I feel sorry for the fetus.

    • Ace

      Wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s a pos mother, but yea her kids do look pretty messy quite often (probably from eating snacks off the floor lol) while she is always dressed up, hair done, full make up etc

  • HereWeGoAgain

    Barely in a relationship with Corey and she gets pregnant and now it’s the same thing all over again. Marriage #2 at the ripe old age of 20. Slow down and enjoy being young for a while.

    • AubrielleAndGage’sMommy

      She is 20 she is an adult if she wants to have another baby then she can. She is a great mother. If Leah and Jeremy are old enough to have more kids if they want they are married.

      • You must be a 16 year old mother.

        • AubrielleAndGage’sMommy

          No I am not, I’m 25. My first was born when I was 22 and 2nd was born a month after I turned 25

  • Gejsiahhshs

    Can Ali walk yet does anyone know?

    • Broski

      She is starting to walk by herself. Leah released a video a few months back of Ali taking her first steps. It was beautiful.

  • Ace

    Hmmm, so anyone else think these were also staged photos? The teen moms quite often get the ‘paparazzi’ to photograph them, but they’re obviously set up and probably get paid for them.
    Also, I’m wondering why she got an IUD (as she claims) only to have a child again so soon? One would think if you’re getting on birth control that lasts 5 years, that you would be planning on not having more kids for at least 5 years, or ever. And I thought pregnancy #2 (the one she miscarried) was an ‘accident’, so seems a bit strange she got pregnant again so soon huh?

    • Danielle

      Agree. She’s trying to cash as much as she can, so these photos are most likely staged.

    • Salmon

      She got pregnant on mirena with her miscarriage. If you’re going to bash somebody at least have correct information

      • Shell

        Which is an IUD, genius.

  • Amelia bedelia

    Jeremy better pay her lots of attention or Leah will look elsewhere….fact!

  • its a boyyy i bett

    • AubrielleAndGage’sMommy

      They have already said it was a girl idiot 🙂

  • Liadee

    She probably waited until she hit to 3 mos mark to tell anyone due to the miscarrage the last time – nothing wrong with waiting to get out of the danger zone. if you figure she probably told he family and friends before posting online it may have been close to a month later, and shes so tiny id guess shes 4 mos or so, not much room for the weight to go except a bump

  • lalala

    I never realized how short her legs were! strange

  • Miranda

    I am kind of disgusted reading these comments on here…My god people, you don’t know her or her situation at all. So unfair to judge.

  • A Red Scar.

    I’m 22 and I have one daughter. My daughter was born with health problems and while she’s fine now we don’t know what the future holds. I couldn’t imagine wanting another baby with twin and having a special needs child. And all of this at 20. I married young, (still married), but I think she’s moving a little fast.

  • Von

    she looks just 5 or 6 months, definitely not two in there. Shed b way bigger.

  • Bobby

    I think she is beautiful! Don’t criticize unless you know the whole story, which none of us do. She is obviously doing well and so are the girls. Leave her alone for Christ sake.

  • HRA08

    good thing, cause I doubt she cares what you think.

  • Courtney

    I do admit I’m jealous that she can get pregnant so easily and she has a guy that she loves to support her BUT Leah needs to take a minute and stop and enjoy and appreciate what she has righ now! She needs to stop throwing everything away for selfish reasons and having kids for fame and instead out of pure love and want for that child!

  • AubrielleAndGage’sMommy

    Leah is 20 years old she is old she is old enough to have another baby if she wants one.

    She is married and already has twins, why not have another baby?

    She is a great mom, she will do just fine with this baby to!
    She is old enough to deal with the responsibilities.
    I’m sure if she didn’t think she could handle another child then she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant.

  • What is the rush!!? She just turned 20 my goodness!

  • kendra

    I think her belly is super cute and I am so happy for leah 🙂

  • Rrrrr

    She’s 20, on her 2nd marriage and her third baby, 4th if you count the miscarriage. I am shaking my head, disgusted…

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