VIDEO PHOTOS Teen Mom 2’s Leah Calvert’s daughter Adalynn Faith’s first birthday

Adalynn Birthday 4

Jeremy Calvert and Leah Calvert’s baby daughter Adalynn Faith is (almost) officially a one-year-old toddler! Although Addie’s actual birthday is February 4, her parents rounded up family and friends to mark the occasion with a party last weekend.

Days before, little Addie put the finishing touches on her party trick: Taking steps!

On Saturday, friends and family gathered to mark Addie’s big day with an owl-themed bash — which was complete with a cake smash.

Adalynn Birthday 7

Leah and Jeremy went all out with an adorable two-tiered cake for guests and a personal “1” cake for Addie.

Adalynn Birthday Cakes

Leah’s littlest lady wore a tutu, polka dot leggings and an own-adorned shirt. But, because table manners aren’t usually mastered within one year, Leah put Addie in a “look whoo’s turning 1?” bib in time for cake.

Adalynn Birthday 6

Leah joked on Twitter that Addie had a major “what the hell is going on?” look on her face when the ornate, customized cake was served… Yet, Addie was extremely delighted with the party balloons. (It’s the little things!)

Adalynn Birthday 5

Friends and family rounded out the gathering with lots of gifts for Addie. If you would also like to send a belated birthday wish — or a general note of support to her famous momma-of-three, Leah mentioned fans can send letters to P.O. Box 125 Elkview, WV. 25071. Leah added, “My mom and I do read them so don’t think we don’t and we enjoy it.”

Catch Leah, Jeremy and the “AAA sisters” on Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday night at 10/9c on MTV.

All photos from Twitter unless credited to Leah’s Official Fan Page on Facebook.

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