Jenelle Evans hospitalized in New Jersey after ovarian cyst bursts

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans

As we revealed earlier this week, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is currently in New Jersey where she has been apartment hunting with boyfriend Kieffer Delp. But, the 20-year-old’s trip took a bit of a bad turn earlier today when she was forced to go to the hospital for a burst cyst. And to add insult to her injury, she and Kieffer have broken up yet again, leaving Jenelle “all alone with no support” in a hospital in New Jersey.

The news first broke on Twitter when Jenelle wrote, “Please send prayers my way. 🙁 in the hospital once again all alone with no support for a ruptured cysts that bursted inside me”

We just talked with Jenelle who gave us this update:

“The doctor said there isn’t much you can do for cysts on the ovaries that burst. So now I’m about to be discharged as long as I can eat and hold it down. Then I’m driving back to North Carolina.”

A bit shocked, we asked her if she would be driving back alone, to which she said, “Yupp. Me and Kieffer broke up and I have no support to have anyone drive back with me.” Unbelievable. Say what you will about Jenelle, but I just know she would be a pretty damned great road trip partner!

And in case you were wondering, no, Jenelle is no longer planning to move to New Jersey.

We wish Jenelle well, and like many of her fans have said on Twitter, we suggest she take a break from boyfriends for a while. Oh, and one other piece of advice — DO NOT pick up any hitchhikers on your way home! Especially if they’re wearing a green Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie!

  • Harper

    She’s the idiot for even driving up to NJ with that dirt bag.

  • *sigh* She will never get herself together. No one feels sorry for you, Jenelle! You get yourself in these situations. She honestly deserved to drive all the way up there only to be dumped by that loser again..that’s what you get when you put a “man” before your child. Willing to leave her son behind? Such a disgrace…..I can’t even.

    • ashley

      Agree 100%!!!

  • Jenn

    She should have known better from the first time around. Good luck Jenelle. I had a bad cyst on my ovary too. Worst pain ever! Hope you feel good enough to hit the road and get out of there.

  • Rachel

    Can we please quit talking about these losers already. Why do we even have to know about this supposed ovarian cyst? Are we supposed to care or something? Jenelle could join a cult in South America for all I care, I’m sick of hearing about her and the other attention whores who seem to think they are noteworthy for refusing to use birth control. I hate MTV for making these girls known.

    • dee

      i understand where you’re coming from, but if you’re sick of hearing about them then don’t click on the article. Simple as that

      • Mia007

        They shouldn’t do articles about these girls and give them attention for being knocked up teens that don’t have the common sense to take birth control. It’s not good for young teens girls to see them getting attention and tv shows for being stupid and having a baby as a teen.

        • lovelula

          to be fair, if “these girls” weren’t getting attention, someone else would be.

          surely if some teen girls only took on the message of “get pregnant, get famous” from this show, there are bigger problems at home with parenting, their sexual education and their own self-esteem.

  • ashley

    I find it verrrrry interesting that she’s in the hospital which I know from experience having a ruptured cyst is horribly painful but yet she still has time to let all the gossip pages know what’s going on.. I honestly call B.S on this. And now she’s going to drive back to north carolina in that condition? Someone is looking for attention. Give it 24hours and her and loser boy will be back together lol

    • What else are you going to do in a hospital, all alone? Its freaking boring waiting for hours.

    • Erika

      When my cyst ruptured, they just gave me some pain meds and sent me home. Maybe we do it different here in Ohio, but they don’t keep you overnight for that stuff here.

      • JJ

        I think it just depends on the hospital. When I had one rupture I went to the hospital around 8:30 p.m. and there was only one doctor on call. We were there until the next morning and all they could do for it was give me Tylenol 3

  • Grr

    At what point do you stop posting about her? Nobody cares.

  • Courtney

    Ok, I’m sorry but THIS time I REALLY feel for her! I have suffered the SAME thing in my early 20’s (couple of years ago) as I too experienced being hospitalized for a burst cyst AND having my relationship end all in like 24hrs. She’s telling the ABSOLUTE truth about needing to go to hospital due to the excruciating pain of a burst cyst and the Dr. saying there’s nothing you can really do. (I was told they either slough off naturally or burst) Unfortunatly my 4 year relationship ended due to the fact that when stuff got scary FOR ME, having to stay in a hospital for the first night and being 300 miles from my nearest family member, HE made it ALL about HIM! He whined how hospitals gave him the creeps so he couldn’t stay longer than 10 mins! Yada yada yada (yeah I just used that phrase) I REALLY feel for Jenelle and it seems like she’s being honest and getting her act together. PLEASE Jenelle LEAVE KIEFFER IN THE PAST!

  • Val

    Prayers for someone who proclaims they are atheist? Must have been quite a moment to start believing I’m god.

    • Atheist

      Just a few weeks ago she said that people shouldn’t get plastic surgery on their face cuz “God made you that way for a reason” as an atheist, im annoyed this trash is giving us a bad name.

      • I tweeted her about that. She is only atheist when it’s convenient, like when she’s trying to “fit in” with Kail. I actually think she might not even know what atheist is.

        • Atheist

          The only reason I can is that on her twitter post “I am an atheist” many people replied she needs to find god then her life will straighten out. She hurts both the young mother and atheist with her reputation.
          She may be a deist or a theist or even agnostic but she is NOT an atheist. Ugh I hate her.

          • Atheist

            care not can**

  • Val

    In god. (sorry for the typo)

  • glk900

    mmmm, sorry already used this story a few times so I call drama queen bs. can you NOT think of some new lies…someone stole my clothes, someone stole my phone, my boyfriend cheated on me..blah blah blah blah….get some new material or just fall of the face of the earth….oh, and how are those 2 dogs you adopted and then deserted doing? At least Jace has are completely worthless.

  • AnnoyedbyU

    If you guys honestly don’t care, why did you even open the topic. If youy don’t like her shut up and be done with it.

  • annoyedbyU

    If you don’t like her then why’d you even open the topic? Quit reading about people you apparently dont care about if you’re gonna trash talk them like you’re any better.

    • Noname

      I am better then her. I trash talk her because she makes young mothers look bad. Plus I need something to do while breastfeeding the son I have sole custody of. Im also single by choice, working and i am going to college. Trash talk does not bring me down to this girl’s level.

      • Noname

        One more thing, Jennelle decided to air her life out on TV and twitter, opening herself to critisism.

    • Ace

      For the same reason people look at their ex’s Facebook pages, and why people rubberneck accidents etc. Cause you can. I also find it kind of entertaining how messed up she is, but I feel terrible for Jace. And I too go on the internet while I’m holding my sleeping baby, can’t move so what else am I gonna do. Also a young mother here and I’ve never acted remotely close to how she does. Never gone more than a night without seeing my 3 year old, he’s my world. So yea I am better than her 😛

  • tab

    enough about this girl already!!

  • I’ve had cysts burst, and its very painful. For functional cysts they can’t do much, except switch your birth control. I think she’s on mirena or norplant or something? Mirena can cause them. If it was a more serious cyst they would have done surgery (which I’ve had done twice). Sucks!

  • jean

    Why is this girl constantly in the hospital? I have never gone to an emergency room in my life and it seems like every other day she is in the er for something or another.

    • Ace

      Exactly what I was thinking. I’ve been to the hospital only to give birth and once for a kidney infection, but she’s always in there. And man she loves to post about it so people feel sorry for her..nope, sorry, not happening.

    • hellow

      Lucky you. Some people have better luck and better health than others. Embrace your health, you’ve got it good!

  • micro OP

    Well, that is too bad. I hear that is very painful. But seriously she needs to stay single for at least a year.

  • Jenn

    I know how painful a burst cyst can be, but in the picture posted the other day of her with the knock off handbag she was trying to pass as real it looked like she had a hospital bracelet on, so did this happen then or today?

  • Allison

    “bursted” Enough said. 😐

  • ameliaBedelia76

    What I won’t be surprised with an article one day that tells us that Janelle is dead from drugs, some killed her, raped her etc…some situation gone bad. I know this is cold to write but it is true. Any article about Janelle she is either in the hospital, jail, court, living in her car, hotel etc.. Does that sound like a woman trying to get her son back? No!!!! Sounds like a woman on a one way track to skid row.. Maybe if I heard how she was gainfully employed or going to school while living with her Mom or another safe place while she was in Jace’s life, then I would say she can make it. But, not on the road she is on. Sad really. Wish Jace was like Carly in Teen Mom, being raised by a real Mom & Dad who care about him & giving him a life he deserves. This little boy does not have a Mom or Dad that care for him. Jace lives in a white trash nightmare.

  • I have had my share of ruptured ovarian cysts and it can be ridiculously painful. I feel for her!