PHOTOS Special Teen Mom 2 Throwback Thursday! See the moms before their kids

Teen Mom 2 Cancelled

For the past few years, the Teen Mom 2 kids’ transformations from babies to toddlers have been recorded for posterity — meaning their future Throwback Thursday posts will be cinches to create. But, for the young moms on the show, glimpses into their childhoods are much more rare. That’s why it was so awesome when we do get those peeks into their pasts.

Young Kailyn Lowry

Young Kailyn Lowry - Teen Mom 2

Hubby Javi Marroquin shared this sweet picture of Kailyn last September, shortly before their big wedding. He wrote, “This is why I married her.”

Baby Kail looks totally 1990s fab in her bright orange vest, button-down shirt and pigtail braids. Although she put on her best smile for the school photo, she recently revealed that her childhood wasn’t particularly happy. She also shared this photo in her book, Pride Over Pity.

Young Kail Lowry

Young Chelsea Houska

Photo of Teen Mom Chelsea Houska as a child

Chelsea graciously opened up the family scrapbook a couple of years ago to share this gem from her third birthday. The Lion King theme was absolutely perfect for 1994! Chels also shared another picture of her in a totally 1990s dress and from Planet Hollywood with her mom and dad. (Papa Randlicious + a ‘stache?! Love it!)

Teen Mom Chelsea houska as a child with her mom and dad in a family photo

Young Jenelle Evans

Young Jenelle Evans - Childhood Picture

The Instagram account for @TeenMom_MTV recently got their hands on this never-before-seen childhood photo of Jenelle… Can you say Jace lookalike?! This is the youngest picture of Jenelle we can remember seeing. But, we would be totally remiss not to mention the classic photo of her as a junior high cheerleader. (She’s on the bottom left side.)

Photo of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans as a young cheerleader

Young Leah Messer-Calvert

Young Leah Messer-Calvert

This cute picture of a young Leah was shared on a fan page a few years back. It appears to be from one of those formal family photo sessions that were ubiquitous in the 1990s. But, if this is a competition for which Teen Mom 2 star has the most thrown-back TBT picture, then Leah definitely takes the cake with these exclusive photos from her actual birthday.

Momma Dawn on the day Leah Messer was born with Dawn's mother

Cuteness all around!

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