PHOTOS TLC premieres “High School Moms” tonight

TLC's High School Moms cast member Catrina and her baby

TLC continues to try to capitalize on the succes of MTV’s popular reality series 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom by following their other 2012 shows My Teen is Pregnant and So Am I and Birth Moms with a new pseudo-pilot for High School Moms, premiering tonight at 10/9c.

High School Moms takes cameras into the hallways of Florence Crittenton High School and into the lives of some of its student body — which is made up entirely of pregnant young girls! Here is the official press release from TLC with a description of the show as well as some photos of a few of the girls we will be meeting.

Regina from High School Moms show on TLC  TLC High School Moms Kaylynn photo  TLC High School Moms' Catrina with her baby and boyfriend
^ High School Moms from left to right: Regina, Kaylynn, and Catrina


— High School Moms Premieres on TLC August 12 at 10 PM ET/PT–

— Encore Airing of High School Moms on Discovery Fit & Health August 16 at 10 PM ET/PT–

(New York, NY) – Every high school has its share of drama, from driving lessons and finals to self-esteem issues and boy troubles. At Florence Crittenton High School the students face all of this, but their troubles go beyond finding a date to prom or deciding what outfit to wear…every one of them is a teen mom or mom-to-be. Go behind-classroom-doors with TLC and Discovery Fit & Health and witness what happens when these teenagers try to balance schoolwork, sonograms, diapers and dreams of a bright future. HIGH SCHOOL MOMS premieres on TLC Sunday, August 12 at 8 PM MST/10 PM ET and catch an encore airing on Discovery Fit & Health Thursday, August 16 at 8 PM MST/ 10 PM ET.

Carla from TLC reality show High School Moms  Maria from TLC reality show High School Moms  TLC High School Moms Florence Crittenton High School graduating class
^ From left to right: Carla, Maria, and FCHS graduating class

School is in session in this six-part series that goes inside the halls of a Denver high school catering to teen families. With only 40-percent of teen moms graduating from high school nationally, HIGH SCHOOL MOMS provides a rare glimpse into the daily struggles of a group of teens who are determined to make a better life for themselves and their families by getting their high school diploma. Staffed with a devoted faculty, nursing facilities and on-site daycare center, Florence Crittenton High School offers these teen moms every opportunity to continue their education while tackling the responsibilities of caring for a baby or preparing for motherhood. Even with this strong support system in place, every day challenges arise forcing some of these teen parents to question if their high school diploma is even worth it. With bills to pay, some absent fathers and wailing infants, passing an algebra class can feel like the least of their problems, forcing these teen moms and moms-to-be to find the strength within themselves to continue their education while balancing it all. From struggling with the decision to drop out because the daycare bills are past due to getting ready for the school’s first prom, HIGH SCHOOL MOMS gives an unfiltered look at what it’s like to be a teen mother in high school.

HIGH SCHOOL MOMS is produced for TLC and Discovery Fit & Health by Rize USA.

  • ashley

    Keep getting knocked up, teens! There is always a show willing to give you 15+ min of fame!! What about a show about teens graduating and making positive decisions with their lives to inspire others and show that being 16 and pregnant isn’t the only way to make a name foe yourself.

  • ashley

    For* yourself

  • Jenn G.

    Yet another show to glorify teen pregnancy.

  • Mickey

    That’s what it seems like is going on now! They just keep adding more and more shows of pregnant teens, those ratings are just gonna sky rocket back up! It’s getting ridiculous. Teen Mom wasn’t really giving a realistic view of teen parenting and all these added shows are doing is showing that if you get pregnant, you get on T.V. I’m so through

  • Anonymous

    They are all so beautiful!!! Especially Kaylynn!!

    • gigi

      and easy. you should go for it.

  • Jessica

    Oh good, another show about young girls with no self esteem and loser guys with ratty little mustaches on their upper lip.

    • Rosa

      we made this show to prove wrong that teen mom show on mtv that is bullshit we are not !!

  • Barf

    I’m sickened by the fact that someone actually put their penIs close enough to that Kaylynn girl to impregnate her. Her freaking arm is bigger than my thigh!!! GROSS!!!

    • LIli

      Im sickened by your comment you do know there is such this as personality?? To some that is more important than looks!

      • gigi

        sorry. barf is right. she’s gross. i don’t care if she has a charming personality, it’s hard to see it thru the blubber.

  • Jackie

    I agree with you barf. Having a kaffir kid is gross too.