16 and Pregnant’s Nikkole Paulun reveals what really went on with her baby’s father Joshua Drummonds

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On February 23, 2010 America got to meet Nikkole Paulun, a soft-spoken former high school cheerleader and teen mom from Monroe, Michigan, when her episode of 16 and Pregnant aired on MTV. Unfortunately, America also got to meet Nikkole’s boyfriend, Joshua Drummonds.

Throughout the course of the episode Josh was openly belligerent and disrespectful both to Nikkole and to Nikkole’s mother, Rikki. Some of his best worst moments from the episode include:

• Breaking up with Nikkole when she informed him she was pregnant and wanted to keep the baby

• Getting expelled from school

• Standing Nikkole up at their Homecoming Dance

• Starting a fight with Nikkole’s mom as Nikkole was giving birth

• Cheating on Nikkole numerous times

But his attitude problem went beyond just disrespect and belligerence. Here’s some of what I said about Josh in my post about Nikkole’s episode just after it aired:

“I rarely use harsh derogatory comments when talking about people, but this kid is a complete a$$. … Not only was he disrespectful to everyone, as he openly admitted on the show, but there is a meanness and viciousness about him – which is a character trait not many people are ever able to rise above.”

Here’s a brief clip of Josh and Nikkole’s mom in which he openly admits he has an attitude problem, and that it’s something that is never going to change:

Sorry, your browser does not support Flash Video Player *Video:16 and pregnant nikkole paulun and baby daddy josh

As bad as Josh seemed in the episode, things were even worse “behind the scenes.” As we reported in our profile post on Nikkole before her episode aired, Josh pleaded guilty to a charge of Larceny in a Building and was sentenced to 3 years probation just one week after Lyle was born. But that wasn’t even the half of it.

Recently Nikkole, who is currently in college in Toledo and has finally moved on from Josh permanently, opened up on her Tumblr blog about what all was really going on with Josh before, during, and after MTV cameras were taping. I seriously didn’t think I could be shocked by anything negative anyone had to say about Josh (The last time we checked in with him he was being sentenced for larceny after stealing blank checks from his mother), but Nikkole’s stories about his extreme drug addiction are jaw dropping, and a poignant reminder of how drugs can reap havoc on people’s lives – both the person addicted and those around him or her.

16 and Pregnant Nikkole Paulun and son Lyle with his dad Joshua Drummonds
We contacted Nikkole and told her we wanted to do an article about what she had written, and she was kind enough to let us reprint the post in its entirety (with a few paragraph breaks thrown in.) So first, let me say thanks to Nikkole for sharing the info and for letting us repost it here. And second, let me say kudos to her for being able to move past Josh (however reluctantly) and start down a positive life for her and her son, Lyle. Forget 16 and Pregnant, Nikkole’s teenage years need to be a Lifetime movie! Or at least an episode of Intervention! (Remember, all this has happened – in addition to having a son – and Nikkole is only 18!)

Before we start, here’s Nikkole’s episode. If you don’t want to rewatch it now, you will after reading the rest of this post.


I’m writing this not because I want everyone to know my business, but because I’m looking for help, advice, & support. Josh being a drug addict is nothing new to those who think it is. I’m going to have to backtrack a little bit.

Josh was in juvy right after I first met him. Why? He had marijuana on him at school & also got in trouble for being on private property. When we started “talking” he had just got out. We started dating a few months later. When we were first dating, he was a homebody. He always sat at home and read or played Wii or whatever. He also loved to cook.

He got his GED about a year into our relationship and started college a few months later. A few months after he started college, I found out I was pregnant. Which was April of 09. Up until this point josh had been a pretty normal person. Just sat at home, most of the time with me.

Joshua Drummonds from 16 and Pregnant

When I wouldn’t abort the baby, Josh changed dramatically. He broke up with me, stopped going to school, and got kicked out of his house. I was dumbfounded by it all. He was literally living in a crack house. I went there once and it was absolutely disgusting. No electricity, holes in the wall, and drugs everywhere. I couldn’t believe the person I loved was like this. I tried so hard to save him but I didn’t know what to do. I was only 15.

MTV doesn’t show a lot that happened. They didn’t show me writing a note that said “ultrasound to find out sex of your child June 16 at 12.” and taping it on the door of the crack house. It didn’t show all of the doctors appointments he promised me he’d make it to, but never showed. They didn’t show the numerous times we filmed him going to court, or when he went to jail, or when he went to rehab. But they filmed it all.

All of this plays a role as to why he was so crazy. He’s a drug addict. At the end of the episode where we break up at a restaurant, he got special permission to leave rehab to film that scene. The same “rehab” where he first smoked crack. Then, when it shows me crying saying I didn’t want him to leave, I’m crying because he was going to jail because of him failing drug tests in rehab.

Nikkole Paulun's baby daddy Joshua Drummonds just out of rehab

Once he got out of jail for that in may of 2010, we didn’t get back together. I was too focused on school and Lyle to pay any attention to Josh, although he’d call every now and then. In August, I knew he had warrants and when I saw him with his 15-yr-old girlfriend, I called the police and had him arrested.

When he got out of Jail for that in Dec, I agreed to giving our relationship one last shot. Ultimately, I moved in with him and his family because me and my mom couldn’t get along. Josh went out with friends to Detroit one night and didn’t come back for days. When he finally came home I just knew something wasn’t right. This continued for the next few weeks.

One night he came in real late and didn’t know I was still up. I heard him fiddle with the heat vent for a few minutes. Then he went to bed. When he was taking a shower the next morning I looked in the vent and found two needles. I was beyond shocked. I immediately disposed of them so he couldn’t find them. I didn’t say a word.

Nikkole Paulun's boyfriend Josh Drummonds from 16 and PregnantI was sitting on the couch later in the day and I heard him go into the room. He came out looking pretty upset and asked me if Lyle had been near the vent. I went into his room with him and confronted him about it. He told me and said he was sorry but nothing could stop him now. He said he wanted help but not to say anything to anyone. So I didn’t.

Finally, on New Year’s Eve, he called me and asked me to steal his dad’s gun or else he’d shoot up bleach. I decided it was time to tell his mom. She started crying, and me and his sister hurriedly drove to where he was. We found him safe and sound and he ended up coming home with us. About 30 mins after coming home he began to have crazy withdrawals. I didn’t know what to do. He was puking and shaking and freaking out. We called an ambulance and the police ended up showing up too since he had warrants we didn’t know about.

He served his time in jail, and when he got out, he went right back at it. I was done. I wasn’t letting myself live this life anymore. I decided to call my mom and come home, and of course she said yes. I had all my stuff packed and Lyle in the car, and Josh told me he was going to kill himself. I laughed and said shut up. He held his hand out and in it was a fist full of sleeping pills. He threw them all in his mouth and swallowed. I screamed for his mom to take him to the hospital. I went home after that.

I guess he had his stomach pumped and had to stay for 3 days because he was on suicide watch. I never wanted to be with him again. I still don’t. He went to jail in May, 2011 and remained there until a month ago, they then transferred him to the same rehab where he first did crack, and he ran away 2 weeks later. A week after he ran he was caught and his arms were full of bruises and holes.

He’s now in jail again until May. I’ve managed to be on two cheer leading teams, raise my son, get all A’s in school, and deal with this. Not to mention I’m barely 18 and a freshman in college. I’m looking for answers and help because we all feel so hopeless. Thank you. Q

UPDATE – According to Josh’s sister on Twitter, he just got out again today and she is “scared for him.” Josh is obviously someone that is in desperate need of professional help and I hope he’s able to get it.

UPDATE – Nikkole was taking Lyle to see Josh and apparently something went amiss. Here are Nikkole’s tweets from April 14:

Taking Lyle to see his dad today. You better be up & ready @bj_246

& these are the reasons you don’t deserve to be a dad @bj_246.

I’m so embarrassed. Seriously.

Yup & there’s cop cars infront of my house. Way to embarrass me & especially your son in front of the whole f***ing neighborhood!

The more things change, the more they apparently stay the same.

You can keep up with Nikkole via her Facebook page, her Twitter account, and her Tumbler blog.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, Lyle is growing up fast!

16 and Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun and son Lyle

And Nikkole’s doing a little growing of her own – and lookin’ goooooood! 😉

16 and Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun in a bikini

(That’s Nikkole on the left.)


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  • coco

    Wow that is extremely sad. It is a wake up call to females. You really need to be careful who have a child with.

  • InWonderland

    She mentioned he was in jail for something drug related on the where are they now episode. It’s awful that this is her son’s father, and someone she once loved, poor girl. I’m glad she has her life on track though. Hopefully he leaves her alone now that he’s out. She and her son don’t need this chaos.

  • sanoga

    I feel like a lot of 16 & Pregnant episodes just show the tip of the iceberg, and leave out all of this crazy drama. But why? This would have added so much depth to her episode and her situation.

    • Laura

      I TOTALLY agree with you!! Sooo many young girls go through situations like that and they could have really brought this issue to light if they would have showed him acting the way she describes. I think it would have made alot of girls going through the same situation sit back and think ” Is this really what i need in my life”..

  • luxlisbon

    omg… this is soooo sad, poor nikkole. I’m 27 and COULD NOT imagine getting pregnant at 15!! I was a freshman in HS and just, no. Unfortunately, I was in a relationship with someone who also was was an addict. I found out he was shooting up in my 3 yr old’s bathroom. It was more important for him to get high then to love me. To every girl out there: THIS IS HOW EVERY SINGLE DRUG ADDICT OPERATES!!! GET FAR, FAR AWAY FROM THEM, DON’T GIVE THEM A CHANCE, NOTHING.I hope he has signed over all parental rights, Ok, good luck nikkole,

  • tab

    i find it funny that she claims she “rarely uses” derogatory words or terms about anyone. take a look at her twitter. she talks crap about everyone and calls them nasty names on twitter.
    and the only reason she’s sharing all of this is in the hopes that maybe MTV will do more shows with her. rumor has it she was super mad when they didn’t choose her and some of her “cast mates” from her season of 16 & knocked up season to be on TM3.

    • Camilla

      The Author of the post said that, see below —

      [Here’s some of what I said about Josh in my post about Nikkole’s episode just after it aired:

      “I rarely use harsh derogatory comments when talking about people, but this kid is a complete a$$. …]

  • Cassie

    Wow , I feel so bad for her! Going through that is so hard, she is so strong and such an incredible woman for standing up and finally getting out of that situation. Good for her!

  • LeAnn

    Camel toe haha

  • CiCi

    She seems like a really sweet girl from her episode. I wish her & Lyle the best!

    • amy

      you should add here to your FB or Twitter, she is a total different person than she was portrayed on the show. she seemed so nice, now that i see her on a daily basis putting others down, talking like a truck driver and making poor decisions i realize the show really did leave a lot out. shes definitely not as nice she the show made her out to be …

  • Nikki

    It seems like Josh may be a manic depressant who is seld medicating. I hope he gets the help and balance he needs to become helathy.

  • emjay

    Wow, what a powerful story. Good for Nikkie for moving on. Addiction is a powerful powerful disease, and sadly many pursue into the gates of insanity or even death. The only person who can ever help Josh is himself. May peace find him and his family. http://www.na.org

  • Sweet Venom

    Yes yes let’s all congratulate her on having a baby young and FINALLY getting her senses together enough to ditch her bad boyfriend after all of the crap he put her through. Better late than never I suppose? But a smarter person would have left him sooner.

  • rae

    its hard to leave someone when you want to make it work after having a kid. once you do get out and look back on it years later… that’s when you really kick yourself in the ass and say “wtf was i doing” especially when there is a kid involved. When she wrote that he hid the needles in the vent and he thought Lyle got to them! that is just so unbelievably scary, but shit like that DOES happen. regardless of how she is as a person it’s still a bit more comforting knowing she’s away from him. the trick is STAYING AWAY. I moved across the state to get away from my ex bf. He’s got his own boat load of problem but you have to do what you have to do. Keeping your kid out of harms way is number one. And ppl can say ‘well you shouldn’t have been with him to begin with’ Well they don’t start out as crazy assholes. ppl change and then you have to change to.

  • lesley

    Josh has her name tattooed on his chest. lol


  • karen

    from what i understand this boy told her he did not want to be a dad! Why did she try to force it on him when she knew he was so unstable. I also do not believe he was the stay at home good guy and then all of a sudden went crazy when she said she was pregnant. She doesn’t want to accept that she chose this trash.

  • Mandy

    I’m confused as to how he ever got into her pants with that haircut. A bowl haircut is a form of birth control.

  • HOT

    On that last picture, who is that smoking chick with that black bikini? What I wouldn’t do to pummel that one.

  • amy

    How can those two sheepdogs even see each other through all that hair? I guess love truly is blind.

  • xt

    i remember the episode and he was a di*ck.. and when he got out of prison she left her moms house and went to live with him. She chose to stay with that tool – usually i’d feel sorry for someone in that situation but shes an adult now, stop blaming everyone else. She had her mothers support but she pis*sed it up the wall.

  • its1999

    He needs serious help, or he will end up dying.

  • Allison

    I’m surprised she didn’t mention that Lyle was a planned baby. Yes, PLANNED, believe it or not. Nikkole used to have a Formspring, and she said that Josh wanted her to get pregnant; they were trying because he thought it was the ultimate way of being close to someone or something like that. He wanted her to get pregnant, and then get an abortion. He’s crazy.

    • abcd

      and so is she.. anyone who agrees to a baby at 15 (without force) needs a kick in the butt

  • leann

    After reading this, I feel bad for Lyle. His father seems like he could be a great dad if only he took a chance and realized that life isn’t really bad as he seems to be. Maybe now that he’s out and seeing how big Lyle has gotten that he will change. Who actually knows. The fact that Nikkole is doing great not only in raising Lyle but also in school proves how strong she is as not only a mother but a human. I just hope for the sake of Lyle that Josh will realize he needs to stop before it’s to late.

  • knowsthefamilies

    Yes, he’s trouble with a capital T! And as for Nikkole, her MOM is raising her son, not her. She’s too busy drinking and partying and being the trampy trash she is.

  • Tracie

    Wow. So glad she is doing well now though!

  • Leigh

    nikkole- im from monroe area, and ive been thru the exact same thing…minus the baby… i dated my boyfriend for a year without knowing about his drub abuse. i stayed with him for 3 more years and put myself through hell because of it. im happy to hear you have moved on and have made it through such a hard time. monroe is full of drugs and hellish temptation. youre a beautiful girl and deserve so much more than what he has/had to offer. good things are to come!

  • marcella

    josh is soooo annoying, he is like a little kid. i dont see how anyone can put up with him. During the show nikkole really needed to grow a backbone. seriously. how is he going to cheat on you, and dis respect your mom but breaks up with you and your all sad. makes no sense.

  • Uh Yeah

    Update: She MARRIED JOSH

    • puchilu

      she deserves everything she gets

  • Lisa Ann Smith

    UPDATE: She is NOT married!

  • Audreen Connors

    i know this pain Nikki- i was pregnant at 15, had her, married her dad who is just like Josh- but i had another baby before i had enough- it wasn’t just the drugs, it was the beatings and oh, did i mentioned he ran drugs,illegals and guns across the border? (Mexico)- AND had FBI had us under surveillance for counterfeiting 20 dollars bills? always look forward and just know it was a lesson learned- btw, the girls are grown and g-mothers themselves and we are all happy and great- i am sorry to put out there that their dad is diagnosis with schizophrenia due to his long term drug abuse- i don’t hate him, but that chapter has been closed a long time and wish him well to find the quality of life we all deserved-