Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind arrested for DUI again, Chelsea bails him out of jail

Fake Adam Lind mug shot photo for his March 2012 DUI arrest

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy Adam Lind is in trouble with the law once again as he was arrested in Sioux Falls, South Dakota around 2:30am Saturday morning and charged with driving his motorcycle while under the influence, driving on a suspended license, and exhibition driving.

A source tells Radar Online that Adam had been bar hopping earlier that evening and was on his way home when he was picked up by Minnehaha County Sheriffs. “Adam turned 21 in January and has been drinking even more since then,” the source says.

After spending a few hours behind bars, Adam was released on $450 bond – which was paid by none other than Chelsea Houska herself! He is due back in court on April 26.

We spoke with a source close to the situation who tells us this is Adam’s second DUI arrest in as many months, which would explain his suspended license. The two DUI arrests are just the latest in what is a rather extensive criminal history for a young man who just turned 21!

Adam Lind and Chelsea Houska during the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Reunion Special with Dr. Drew
^ Adam and Chelsea during the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Reunion Special

It will be interesting to see if this news affects Dr. Drew’s affinity for the Lindster. No doubt it will only solidify the feelings of Chelsea’s dad, Dr. Randy Houska, who is not only an advocate of motorcycle safety, but is also an advocate of not treating your girlfriend (or his daughter) like dirt.

  • Stephane

    Good God, Chelsea is a dumb as a bag of rocks! She needs some psychological help or something because she is so clueless as to how Adam treats her and the potential harm it could cause to their child. Chelsea really needs to cut the ties with this dude … and her dad needs to stop enabling her as well.

    • Christina

      I agree, she needs some psychological help. This guy has repeatedly treated her like dog crap yet she is always on beck and call for him.

    • Me

      She’s on the path to becoming just as dumb as Jenelle when she bailed Kieffer out of jail. Good grief child, how much more are you going to take from this low life dead beat? I mean you should have let him stay there. Wake up Chelsea. You need to focus on school, Aubree and yourself. It’s obvious Adam doesn’t care.Aubree deserves and needs better. Kick Adam’s butt to the curb.

      • Caroline

        It is her choice to bail him out of jail. It is her choice to date him and ride in his truck with him. But it is not Aubree choice to ride in her dad’s truck. Until Adam gets some help Chelsea should never let him drive with Aubree.

  • SarahH

    déja vu… Hope they cancel TM2 as well because this story line is getting old fast.

  • 1st x stupid on him,2nd x stupid on her…. You can’t fix stupid! The most pathetic point of this whole story is?. She is naively teaching her child early on how men should treat her and it’s o.k. All because she’s in “love” ……. This kid has no chance for a mature relationship in life w/a man once she becomes of age…children raising children!!!

  • Katie

    In my opinion, she doesn’t love Adam. She’s OBSESSED with him.

  • tab

    i just lost what little respect for chelsea i had left.
    i bet her dad will be PISSED when he finds out she spent $450 to bail his dumb a$$ out of jail. maybe it will inspire him to cut her off from his money.

  • Stef

    Okay guys… Chelsea has posted on her twitter seveal months ago that her and adam were doing better. they ARENT dating.. but he sees aubree more now and treats her better.

  • Patri

    No one Knows the truth if she bailed him out. There are so many fake stories out there. Good God, if someone said Lady gaga had a baby and it was a Unicorn people would believe it.

  • kc

    Just when I thought Chelsea finally smartened up she does this. I have no respect for her. I know she wants her “family” to be ok but putting up with abuse for it? Such a stupid girl. Her daddy needs to cut her off financially so she actually has to grow up.

  • Jayla

    Wow, you people are so quick to judge Chelsea about a situation you honesty have no idea about. Get pregnant at 16, have a child and deal with that child’s father and THEN maybe you can pass comment. I doute any of you have a clue what’s its like to be a teenage single parent, or love someone you know doesn’t deserve it, just don’t be so quick to talk smack on her, I think she did what she thought best for aubree.

    • sara

      Jayla, I was a single teenage mother and i agree with everything these people are saying she is seriously obsessed with a loser, who is just using her because he knows he can. That little girl is going to be damaged for life for her mother’s choices she’s going to grow up thinking that its okay for him to take my money, cheat on me, do drugs, drink its fine because that is what she knows.
      I was 17 pregnant and with a dead beat it took me a year to realize what a loser he was, when i finally kicked him out and cut him off he was gone. I’ve done everything best for my son i got a great job, was going to college full time, raising my son on my own. I was doing so great for myself that at 18 i bought my own house. I am currently expecting my second child with my wonderful husband and amazing step father to my son.
      I’m not saying its not hard, because its one of the hardest things in life is being a single teen mom. I’m saying when you actually do what is best for your child you work hard for it, you don’t fail and you don’t make excuses you just do it.

  • In the words of her mom, “Chelsea, no!” Oh dear.

  • Roxanne

    I think it is extremely sh!tty of all of you that you haven’t stopped to consider the fact that she has been emotionally (and probably other types of) abused by him. None of you clearly understand the effects that abuse can have on someone. She is showing all symptoms of someone who has been in an abusive relationship. She is not DUMB. She has been damaged and hurt, and does not know how to cope with it. I don’t think she should have bailed him out at all, and I think the guy is a loser, but I understand how abuse can affect the actions and feelings of the abused. It’s complicated. What she needs is support and psychological help. Not sh!tty people talking smack about her.

    • lovelula

      i agree that chelsea is being emotionally abused by adam and that she needs support.

      but i also disagree with you. chelsea is emotionally unintelligent and completely lacks insight. i don’t think she views her situation as an abusive one, nor does she acknowledge the negative impact the relationship (or contact) will have on her child. also, her parents are complete and utter enablers, and really aren’t strong enough to give her emotional support.

  • KL

    Yeahhh pretty sure she had no problem coming up with the money for that considering Adam just got $20,000 JUST for signing up for another season of TM2. She may or may not still be obsessed with him but it doesnt matter. He has a girlfriend now. Theyve been together for a bit now.

  • Clare May

    Chelsea’s father most certainly is no motorcycle safety advocate. While a great guy he has said on twitter that he does not wear a helmet, nor does has he encouraged his daughter to. Anyone remember the scene in last seasons Teen Mom 2 when both Adam and Chelsea were riding on his motorcycle sans helmets?

  • Dee

    What I’m wondering is is Chelsea really paid the bond? I wouldn’t put it past her, but no one knows if this is true or the circumstances behind it all.

    • hdtryon

      She probably felt responsible for his dumbass, he was probably out looking in parking lots for her and Gary.

  • coco

    No surprise here, both Adam being arrested and Chelsea bailing him out. He is such a douche and she is so dumb. I bet she hadn’t even heard from him in weeks when he called her to get him out . Good to see Daddy Randy’s money and the Teen Mom checks going to good use!

  • Kim

    Ugh, if she did bail him that girl needs to grow up and realize this guy is a dead beat. He was driving drunk! You really want this great example of a father around your daughter. What kind of example is she setting for her daughter. I dont care if she is a “victim” to abuse. There is a point when you stand up for yourself and stop playing that “victim” role.

  • Kelly

    What happened to the guys from Caged? Granted there’s a distance issue, but I think that guy was MUCH better for Chelsea, than Adam.

  • courtney6

    i cant stand adam u dont see him all the time on teenmom but ohhh when the show amost done who pops up adam he knows that they are about to get money and a lot of it she should find a better man she a preety girl she can fine someone better not ungly adam look at him he dosent look like his self anymore missing hair and looks like he smokeing drugs she should of left him in there i know he wouldnt get u out of jail.

  • hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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