PHOTOS Teen Moms and their kids in their actual Halloween costumes!

We had a little fun creating Photoshop costume suggestions for cast members of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, but old hallow’s eve has finally arrived and now we’re happy to share the real deal! These are photos of the teen moms as well as their kids wearing their real deal 2011 Halloween costumes, most of which were shared via the gals’ Twitter or Facebook accounts.

*** We will continue to update as more photos come in.

First up is Jenelle Evans’ son Jace went as his favorite TV pup, Blue’s Clues. Jenelle shared this photo on Twitter with the tweet “My little blues clues πŸ˜‰ ” (You’ll have to CLICK HERE to see Jenelle in her sexy cop costume!)

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' son Jace in a Blues Clues Halloween costume

UPDATE: More Jace as Blue, including one of him driving a fire truck! (look out for those light poles!)

Jenelle Evans' son JAce in a Blue's Clues costume in a fire truck        Ten Mom 2 Jenelle Evans' son JAce gets his face painted for Halloween Teen Mom 2 JEnelle Evans' son Jace in a Blue's Clues Halloween costume 2011

Next up is Little Miss South Dakota herself, Chelsea Houska’s daughter Aubree Skye – who is dressed up as “The most gorgeous ladybug ever!” according to Chelsea’s tweet. (Chels also pointed out that “she won’t wear her wings or headband lol”) (I tossed in a bonus non-costume photo of the “Perfect!” Aubree chillin’ out with some serious South Dakot-o-lanterns!)

Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree Skye in a ladybug Halloween costume Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree colors in her ladybug Halloween costume Aubree Skye of Teen Mom 2 chills with some jack-o-lanterns just before Halloween 2011

UPDATE – Here’s a cute one of Aubree with mom:

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska with daughter Aubree in a ladybug Halloween costume

And leading all contenders in number of photos taken (it’s still early in the race!) is Leah Messer, whose twins Aleeah and Aliannah are making their “Trick or treat!” pitches wearing some super cute Belle and Tinkerbell costumes. Leah, on the other hand, goes the old school spooky route with a great witch costume!

Teen Mom Leah Messer Aleeah and Aliannah in their 2011 Halloween costumes   Leah's daughter Aliannah Simms in her Tinkerbell Halloween costume Teen Mom Leah Messer in her with Halloween costume in 2011

UPDATE – And another one of Leah and Aliannah:

Teen Mom Leah Messer and daughter Aliannah in a Tinkerbell Halloween costume

Maci Bookout revealed in a previous interview that her son Bently would be filling his boxcars with goodies as his favorite obsession, Thomas the Tank Engine!

Maci Bookout's son Bentley in a Thomas the Tank Engine Halloween costume

UPDATE – Here’s another great shot of Bentley the Tank Engine:

Teen Mom Maci Bookout's son Bentley in a Thomas the Tank Engine Halloween costume

And how about Maci Bookout as G.I. Jane?

Teen Mom Maci Bookout in a G.I. Jane Halloween costume


Kailyn Lowry’s son Isaac was all about the ferocity in his lion costume! (Click images to see our post about Isaac’s look from earlier today)


UPDATE – Isaac played both sides of the food chain this year as he later dressed up as a Zebra! (I know Jenelle’s loving this one!)

KAilyn Lowry's son Isaac in a zebra Halloween costume

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia revealed their monstrously colorful Uggsy costumes last week – click the photo to see the original post that includes Farrah and Sophia’s trip to the pumpkin patch:

^ Photo: Chris Bott / Splash News

So that means we’re still waiting to see Amber and Gary’s daughter Leah and possibly Catelynn and Tyler’s daughter Carly, although there will probably be a delay on that one since it will nee to be passed on from her adopted parents Brandon and Teresa first.

UPDATE – I think we have a winner for most ferosious Teen Mom costume! Check out Catelynn Lowell’s little brother Nicholas in his uber spooky bat costume:

Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell's little brother Nick in a bat costume Catleynn Lowell's little brother Nick in a bat Halloween costume
  • me

    Leahs girls are Belle and Tinker Bell. not fairies!

  • mandy

    Leah is decent looking but kills it with those stupid faces she always makes. It’s so annoying!

    • jenny

      I was thinking the same thing when i first saw it!!!!!!!!!

    • uhhh

      UGH i know! She makes the ugliest faces and I don’t understand why.

      Also, its good to see her hair isn’t that bleached almost white blonde anymore. She’d look so much better if she stopped with the blonde hair, stopped caking on makeup an inch thick, and got a NATURAL tan because she is always orange! I swear, shes what 19? And in pictures sometimes she looks at least 35-40, it’s gross.

    • Laura

      I agree–it’s very annoying! It’s not all that funny either if that’s what she’s trying to be.

    • em em

      No joke! The pics are adorable, but damn Leah keep your tongue in your mouth!

  • e

    aubree is too cute! shes the cutest one!

  • Leah

    People, I’m a fun person!! I can smile in pics I just choose not too! I love having fun with my baby girls and being funny. Gosh!/:

    • Cati

      Leah, I think it’s great! && from
      What I see your such a great mom!! Im a young mom too and I know its really hard! And you have two kiddos!!! Your doing unbelievably awesome!! Keep
      It up girl!:) you have a fan in me! Hehe :))

  • Emily

    They r all equally cute. It’s not nice to pick one cuter than the other . They r babies and all equally beautiful ncute

    • e

      I know its not nice to choose…maybe thats why people dont generally call me nice, lol and yes they are all equally cute! i love aubs outfit, and i like it best and her smiling in the pic! no cutest thing, just a at the moment thing.

  • Retsin

    I really hope that’s not Farrah’s dog. Didn’t she learn from the last one? She shouldn’t have pets!

  • Kaitlyn

    omg all the costumes are great! They all look adorable, my favorite costume is definitely Isaac though! They’re all gettin so big!

    And let Leah live jeez people she has twins. If she wants to do it up with the make up and hair and faces she can. Its her life and she deserves it

  • Kotie

    Why are we so worried about Leah’s facial expressions when Farrah clearly has another dog?

  • Katy

    What’s an uggsy?? Is it a tv show or something that we don’t have in Australia?? I have never heard if it πŸ™‚

    • Kristi

      I’ve never heard of it either and I am in the states and have 3 kids!

  • Whoa

    Notice the other pictures are all pictures taken by the girls or friends while Farrah’s was a more than likely staged paparazzi photo.

  • imho

    Ugh seriously plenty of people have gotten dogs then gave them away cause it was too much to handle at that time in their life like shut up already maybe she was ready for a dog and that’s why she got another. Just be happy she gave it away to someone who would love and care for it when she couldn’t at that time in her life. The whole dog thing is getting so annoying…

  • Sandraya

    Farrah is the biggest FAKE in the world! She hires photographers to take pics of her and sells them to magazine! Give me a damn break! Who does she “think” she is?! She ain’t sh*t!! Using that poor baby to make that cash.. SMDH!!!!

    • mandy

      If people are interested in her, she will be in magazines. Why shouldn’t she make some $$$ off of it? If she sells them, they get what they want and she gets what she wants. She is the absolute smartest one out of all of them. She is making sure she has a future after “teen mom”. And some extra cash to put away in the meantime. Anyone who hates on that makes themselves look jealous.

  • Jamie

    Farrah got rid of the dog because she got tired of it.she’s not a good mom,so why would she make a good pet owner?it’s not normal to”buy”a dog in the first place

  • Kristi

    Pretty sure that is not a Halloween costume Isaac has on in the car picture. Its a winter hat, my son has the same one, I posted a pic of him in it yesterday lol

  • Vannah

    Maci and Bentley are my favorite<3 She's such a good mom and Bentley is just plain adorable. πŸ™‚

  • miss.Mandy

    my son was the same thing and my other son was percy the train

  • latina44870

    I LOVE Farrah and sophia outfits! They are SO cute!!! She is def not my fave teen mom but she does have style. Jenelle looks like a trashy hooker, Leah and her girls look adorable, love Macy and Bentley. Issac is adorable what a handsome lil guy! Aubrey is a cutie. Jace I just feel sorry for him cause he has a mom like jenelle ugh. I’d have to pick farrah as a better mom than jenelle and believe me farrah is not a good mom. (judging by how she treats her own mom and acts on tv) I dont know any of them personally. these are only my opinions of which I am entitled to have… just sayin’

  • Ashley

    Aubree is so cute and so are jace and isaac.Adorable.

  • mandy

    I just saw the new one with Ali standing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her standing.. GO Girlie!! πŸ™‚

  • All of the kiddo’s are adorable! Happy to see that some of the mom’s dressed up to. Cant wait to see the others. Just wondering what the heck is an Ugsy? lol cute dog

  • Ally-Anna

    Leah always has her tongue out. Can the girl ever take a serious pic? I realize that she’s a teenager, but damn girl, you can’t act like a kid forever, especially when you HAVE kids.

    Maci put a little too much make-up on.

    Farrah looks ridiculous!

  • ME;))

    i think all these girls dese4vre to have a good time but they cant always like macy cant always have fun when ryan inerupts her nfun time with bently and kyle!! so get off their backs omg people grow up!

  • I feel like Leah’s going to look back and really regret making those god-awful faces in like 99% of the pictures she takes. Can’t she just hold her babies and have a sweet genuine smile? It would look a thousand times better than that face.