Thanks to H & M, you too can dress like Lisbeth Salander

H & M Lisbeth Salander clothes

Thanks to S & M, I mean H & M, we can all dress like Lisbeth Salander. But first, we all have to drop down to a BMI of 16, dye our hair jet black, bleach our eyebrows, and get tattoos (namely, a dragon tattoo!)

Personally, this isn’t my style, but I wouldn’t mind dressing up like this when I feel anti-social and want to just eat my Tom’s pizza and pretend that I’m internet hacking (a.k.a. Googling plastic surgery rumors.)

The 30 mostly black pieces were designed by Trish Summerville, the costume designer on the set of the English language adaptation of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.

The English language film adaptation The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo comes out December 21, and stars Rooney Mara (the girl who played Mark Zuckerberg’s gf in the first scene of The Social Network.) It’s based on a breathtakingly amazing book trilogy (which is also an international best-seller by epic proportions) by the late Stieg Larson (who never lived to see his books’ fame.) It’s an amazing series. If you only read three books in the next three years, read these. I’m serious.

Unless you don’t want to spoil the movie, then, read the books after. But still, READ THE BOOKS.

Here’s Rooney Mara as Lisbeth:

AND, what Rooney Mara before her transformation (2010):

And a few photos of the clothes offered by H & M, including an adaptation of the AWESOME EARRINGS she wears. CLICK HERE to read more about these bad-ass earrings!

And, of course, the leather jacket!

Here’s Ro

If you’re itching for more Dragon Tattoo, though, there’s a really amazing Swedish adaptation of the novels staring Swedish actress Noomi Rapace (who now has a big $ role in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes sequel with Robert Downey Jr.)
Roomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander:

She normally looks like this:

You can instantly watch the whole Swedish trilogy on Amazonbuy the DVDS, or watch instantly on Netflix if you have Netflix streaming. The American version directed by David Fincher (The Social Network, Fight Club) releases December 21 in wide release.

Then dress up like the title character Lisbeth Salander

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