PHOTO Mob Wives Drita D’Avanzo and husband Lee D’Avanzo together

Mob Wives' Drita D'Avanzo with husband Lee D'Avanzo
^ Mob Wives‘ Drita D’Avanzo and her husband Lee D’Avanzo photo

Caving into pressure from television viewers and fans, Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo finally released a photo of her husband Lee D’Avanzo! She shared the picture on her Facebook page along with this caption:

I posted a pic of Lee because I have been asked a million times 2 and its starting to get annoying…here is it is.

Drita shared the photo on the heels of her announcement that she would be filing for divorce from Lee, who is currently serving time in prison for drug and bank robbery charges. Until now Drita had been honoring Lee’s wishes to not post any photos of him – but promises like that tend to get broken when your husband takes your daughter along for a hook up with a salon stylist!

I know prison is a pretty unpleasant place, but if I were Lee I don’t think I would be in any hurry to get out.

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  • eh

    Wow! He’s not what I expected.

  • Philly gal

    This is what Drita & Karen were fighting over! Give me a break, he’s a criminal & not even that good looking! I was expecting an Italian Brad Pitt!

  • dumb hoes

    Drita dude is hella fine u r just a hater!!!… for real tho he ain’t ugly and so what if he is a criminal he still be makin more money then u so do it matter. Who cares what u do as long as the paper come threw!!!

    • Amanda

      So as long as you make money it is ok to harm people and steal? And it should be “paper comes through.” The guy is not “hella fine.” His face is decent but he’s fat.

    • rose

      C’mon girl…you don’t really think that way, right? How would you like these thugs to target your family and bully them or rob ’em too??? You would call the cops so quick begging for protection! Thugs Suck!!!

    • Bronx chick

      So it doesn’t matter what u do as long as money is coming in… Your the dumbest most ignorant chick I’ve heard in a long time.

  • vic

    you should all not be so quick to judge. lee is a good man and a good father and would lay down in traffic for the ones he loves.”judge not, and you will not be judged”

    • Meh

      If he’s so good, why did he hook-up with a stylist when he has a beautiful wife?

  • Tank

    That boy is a punk.

  • Mrs.Longoria

    Drita is one of my favorites on MOBWIVES. Despite of what her man has done or does to make money, she has stood by her man to the fullest. But now finding out after all U do or have done, that he disrepected U with another woman an carrying ya’lls baby along is totally dishonorable in any marriage. So U do whatever U need to do MAW to prove your point and get your respect. Your a beautiful woman and can have anyone you want, if leaving him is what U think is the best thing to do then follow your heart. Just keep in mind, once a man steps out and U take them back 95percent do it again. Good luck sista and GOD BLESS…

  • Sally Ballz

    The show is scripted. She f**ked some kid when she was with Lee and the kid was beat up pretty bad!!!!!

    • Whatever

      Was it when she was married to Lee, or just dating him? Because if she had sex with some kid while they were married, she really should stay with him now because she cheated too. If she did it before they took their vows, well, judging by Karen’s sexual history, it seems as if they were all a bunch of loose bootys. Karen was f–k–g Lee, and what, six other dudes? Puhleease!

  • kaygee

    OmG Drita she is a divaaaaaaa and the fact that she is a good mom makes me loves her more.and to hell with Lee

  • Whatever

    All those types of guys cheat on their wives. Actually, even guys who are not that type, cheat on their wives. If the guy is physically attractive, extremely charming, or wealthy, he is attractive to women, if he is attractive to women, the women will come on to them, if women come on to them, they take it! No man will say no to new p—y. No man. So honestly, Drita should just stay with that criminal because I don’t know what he’s doing from the cell but the b—h doesn’t have to work and Aleeyah and Giselle don’t look like they’re starving. In fact, Aleeyah is kind of chubby, so she really should stay w/her man.

  • Word

    All men cheat. She should just stay with him. She won’t be able to find another guy who is “regular”, she likes his kind, and if she finds another guy who is the same kind, he will cheat on her too, so…unless she plans to date guys like Joel Osteen, she should shut her raspy voice up and stay with her man because as pretty as she is, I don’t think a dude is going to want his woman to be talking about fighting all the time. She can cheat on Lee too, to even the score, but not divorce him.

    • Sunshine

      I beg to differ with you regarding your “All men cheat” comment. I know COUNTLESS men who have never cheated.

      • lulu

        no u dont. all men cheat, some are just better at hiding it than others. grow up naive little girl.

  • boo

    Haha dude has a tiny head and fat body

  • Lieutenant

    You people are all such tools. First of all, Lee D’Avanzo is a criminal, but he’s not a member of ‘the mafia’. He’s a friggin’ loser doing his second long stretch in prison for bank robbery. He’s basically just a 40-something Guido who never matured beyond the age of 15. I remember him and his Guido loser “New Springville Boys” robbing the bank at the Staten Island Mall in circa 1990 (they actually wore red football jerseys with “New Springville Boys” on them and their last names on the back, making it REAL easy toodenify and track them down). He’s never matured since. Considering all of the wise guy types he knows, the fact that he was never inducted into the mob and has had to rely on robbing banks and armored cars etc and selling pot to make money is an indication that the wise guys regard him as an incompetent idiot. A guy like that will end up in jail again and again throughout his life because the only way he knows to make money is to rob banks and stores (and he doesn’t even do that well). He’s a dirtbag. He’s probably a druggy too, fom what I here.

    The show is really stupid and blatantly scripted. Drita didn’t know how many years her husband was sentenced to? Gimme a break. Karen is the daughter of Sammy the Bull, and Renee is the daughter of Tony Graziano (a high ranking member of a low ranking mob family), but Drita and Carla’s exes aren’t mobsters. Lee is a degenerate rescidivist bank robber and Carla’s ex was pump and dump stock market scammer. None of them are rich as the show suggests. They all live in cheesy Saten Island working class style homes with small backyards and little space between adjacent houses. The show uses camera angles and editing techniques to make their homes look like mansions, lol – they’re not.

    And this new Ramona broad, the purported granddaughter of the guy Al Pacino played in “Donnie Brasco”, ‘Lefty’? Well, that’s a laugh, considering that he Pacino character in the movie was a composite of two different people. The whole show is a farce.

    • truth hurts…

      Love this post…

    • JoJo

      you hit the nail on it’s head Lieu 😀

    • la citta

      Hahaha! You’re dead on, Lieu! Just one thing: Ramona really is Lefty Ruggerio’s granddaughter; she has the same beady little butthole eyes that he did. I think it’s funny these bitches try to act like THEY’RE hard because of who their daddies/ex-fuck buddies are, when they’re just a bunch of spoiled little Staten Island brats! Even “Dorito” has a rich daddy that owns a plumbing company. “I’m from the projects,” yeah…okay..


        Notice John gotti was a real mobster.! His daughter Victoria has class.! Karen gravano a dad had to rat on him.! Karen’s dad murdered 19 people.! She acts proud of that loser thug.! She acts as low class fat ass that she is !!

  • rose

    Aleeya looks just like her daddy 100% (Handsome guy)! You’re a good mommy don’t ever change! Tone down the tyson attitude and you’ll be alright! P.S. When was this picture taken? definitely, looks like after the boob job…didnt you get the boob job after lee went to prison???

    • jaifrots

      not really aleeya lokks just like her mother gizelle looks just like lee

  • Jen D

    I happen to go know Lee because I live in Staten Island. He is a gentleman, he’s really respectful and would do anything for the people that he loves. He messed up, but he is not the first nor the last person to make stupid mistakes. If he didn’t love Drita with all of his heart, he wouldn’t have married her. Yes, she has waited for him while he was in prison, but she also has cheated on him. He has slept with one woman, but god only knows how many times she has been around the block. Everyone knows that she sticks by Lee because no other man would put up with her crap, nor will they spoil her. She acts so tough on television, but if she acted like that in reality, she knows that she would get her teeth smacked down her throat. It’s disgusting that she’s bashing Lee on television to make herself look good, she’s a typical reality star drama queen. He will be getting out of a prison in a few months and she needs to run fast and run far.

  • Bklyn 11229

    What is the matter with you Drita. Leave the basterd and get yourself a life.

  • steve B

    Lee D’Avanzo is a low level thug who robs bank and holds up people … He’s somebody’s toy in the prison… I know since I served time in his pod.. Boy get his stuff pushed in every other week.. Him and his boy Chris Paciello are low level.. Drita.. keep doing what you do and support you kids.. cause Lee would’nt know what to do with a women like you when he gets out.. He’s flipped and enjoys the boys in the tier

    • Donna

      R u people smoking crack lee is ugly as hell he is not good looking at all ur right about one thing he is not a real mobster he’s a wanna be mobster but again he’s ugly n does NOT look like the rock

      • Truestory

        Your right , he is a ring your doorbell type of thief lee is a nobody …

  • MIMI

    Drita looks good with some weight on her now she looks like a skeleton

  • dehope

    heck yea, dude is a cutie, why you think karen is acting a fool about someone elses husband and would open them legs quick if he asked, you don’t keep fighting fursely like for nothing, now I see why, but to bad so sad are you karen!!!!!!!!!

  • tangyterp

    This is what Karen and Drita were arguing an fighting over? Ewwww…not worth it.

  • EastCoastScholar

    I don’t know if I should highlight the incorrect usage of subject-verb agreement and sentence fragments or stick to the task at hand. I think I’ll stick to commenting on Drita & Lee. Although, the teacher in me finds it appalling that grown men and women don’t have a better grasp of the English language. HOWEVER, I digress and will continue by saying that as a fan of the show, I applaud Drita for filing for divorce from Lee. Apart of me wishes she would have thought it through further but clearly she has considering the show is taped months beforehand. I am glad that she and Lee have continued to remain “friends” for the sake of her beautiful girls.

    Likewise, Lee is a major looker so I can see why the women of Staten Island are ready to “throw hands” for him. Nope, scratch that, these women shouldn’t be fighting over a guy who would bring his newborn daughter to see a jump-off. Also, if men are going to cheat, please let it be with women who have more than enough common sense to know not to throw their own selves under the bus. The hairdresser gave herself away when she said “Hey Aleeya!” when Drita went to the salon. This is how Drita found out lol

    • Mel

      “A part” not apart of me . . Should be two words!

  • JoJo

    that’s Lee? not what I imagined..was thinking Michael Corleone, or even Sonny…lol and Drita you look good a few pounds heavier and not so pumped, anyway who really cares what they do with thier lives, I got my own and it is NOT a relality TV celeb! i got a real job :)

  • jesica racsumberger

    OK- where do I start?…..Lee is definitly not cute or even in-shape. The theory he was doing what he had to to take care of his family is lame.-that is all

  • Hanna

    Lee is good looking, I thi.k jo is goos lookin too

  • Italian Princess

    I think the girls look just like their daddy! Drita looks very happy in this pic…it’s very sad when someone takes you for granted & hurts you. :( I hope everything works out for Drita…every cloud has a silver lining…or so they say!

  • lorelei mortenson

    Drita probably cheats on her husband because hes always in prison…. and it wont be long before he has to go back to prison…. he goes in and out of prison for decades…. so of course she dates other guys she cant stop living her life…. im sure its a lonely life looks like they have an open marriage for alot of reasons not so much by choice….. hes anything but respectful the way he talks to her and calls her nasty names very abusive….. its basically an abusive marriage…. you go to prison with animals for years bad things happen… you really think this guy has protection in prison no way! Sad but true he has no respect for woman in general maybe he did at one time but no more…. they will definately stay marriage because he will probably be back in prison anyway….. why divorce! Feel bad for kids

    • Sunshine

      I married my first husband when he was serving time in prison. Just for the record…I did NOT cheat on him. Not everyone is a cheater!!!

      • lulu

        Thats bc u are a female. Not all women cheat but ALL men do or at least 95% do. Sorrry, this is the world we live in with these loser no good men. Men have ALWAYS been incapable of remaining monogamous.

  • Hard2know

    Okay so she says her husband looks like the rock… she can’t be serious

  • Jax1281

    Omg Lee your girls are your twin !! What a beautiful family you drita and the girlies

  • Jax1281

    Love love love drita

  • Johnny

    I met Drita at Parx in Bensalem.
    Very classy lady.
    There are a lot of guys who are not “in”, but get their respect.
    I’m not even Italian, I am Latino, yet I was always made to feel welcome by real made members in Trenton.
    I could easily blend into the show because I know the life and look the type.