VIDEOS Teen Mom S3 E3 After Show and bonus footage

Farrah Abraham discusses Dereks' father in bonus footage form S3 E3

We’re getting in the groove and catching up with our original TM’s and it’s time for our weekly round-up of the After Show and bonus footage for the latest episode. Once again Farrah, Maci and Catelynn sat down with host SuChin Pak to discuss last night’s S3 E3 episode and other circumstances in their current lives. The show also includes a small live audience of young mothers.

Here’s the After Show in full:


The interview starts off with Farrah discussing going through the baby photos of Derek Underwood and how painful it was at the time and how seeing it still makes her very emotional. She says that she had only seen Derek’s father once before at his graduation. In addition they talked about Stormie Clark wanting to see Sophia and her issues with Social Security and how incredibly lonely and depressed she felt at the time. It really is an emotional moment as Farrah explains how she still shuts everyone off and has dealt with the pain by shutting down. She says she still doesn’t have friends and is unable to create those new and important type of relationships.

Maci thinks she’s terrified of losing someone else. Catelynn explains that she understands the feeling of loss in relation to her giving her baby up for adoption. Both Maci and Catelynn then try to console Farrah by telling her that they love her and that they are her friends. Su Chin Pak then asks a very poignant question, “Do you think your sadness effects Sophia?” This really gets the tears flowing as Farrah admits that she believes that Sophia can sense it.

This is one of those amazing Teen Mom moments that I would reference as a counterpoint to those people who criticize the show as just a vehicle of fame for these girls. This discussion is more real and directly deals with problems so many young Americans face than anything else reality TV has to offer. This young woman is hurting, alone and doing her best to try to relocate her happiness in the face of loss all the while having to keep up a front and try to push through for her daughter. That’s real life regardless of Farrah’s fame.


For Catelynn they discuss Butch getting out of jail and how surprised she was that he got a Carly tattoo. She explains that Butch has a no contact order with her mom because they got into a fight and her mom had called the cops and he was on parole and neither were allowed to see each other. For Catelynn the tattoo was a nice gesture but for Tyler it was a big deal. “Parent’s right?” Su Chin exclaims as it always seems to be a hurdle for Tyler and Catelynn as they grow together.

If you missed our recent update Butch has been admitted into a hospital for pancreatitis. You can follow-up on his status here.


Maci says when Kyle and Ryan first met that they were acting fake and like girls. She almost thinks it would have been better if they kept it real. Maci admits that she could barely stand the awkward and fake interaction. Kyle later told Maci he was glad that it was done. As for them ever being able to be friends Maci isn’t so sure. They (Kyle and Ryan) do frequently see each other during drop off and pick ups etc. Maci says that Ryan is still very jealous of her and Kyle’s relationship because he still wants to be with her.

Maci believes that Ryan thinks he can do whatever and that when he wants her back he’ll be able to do just that. Maci explains that she’s a family now with Kyle and Bentley and that she still loves Ryan but not in a romantic way. She worries about Ryan and especially Ryan and Bentley’s relationship. Kyle has a better understanding in regards to Maci’s feeling about Ryan because he’s the father of her child. Maci explains that this struggle is an ongoing and complicated thing that they still work on.

In the online exclusive scene we see Farrah with her mom and dad and Sophia as they discuss the desire of Derek’s father to meet with her. Mom kind of takes over the situation and is questioning the motives behind Derek’s father wanting to meet them.