REPORT Mob Wives’ Big Ang undergoing treatment for lemon-sized throat tumor

Big Ang Throat Tumor Cancer Scare

Mob Wives‘ Big Ang put on a brave face and a turtle neck sweater for a reality television event in New York City this week, just days before she was reportedly admitted to the hospital to have a lemon-sized tumor in her throat removed.

Sources close to Big Ang told TMZ she recently went to the doctor complaining of neck pain. At that point, they discovered the massive tumor and immediately scheduled her for surgery at a Staten Island hospital. It’s unknown whether the tumor is cancerous or benign.

Big Ang (real name: Angela Raiola) was scheduled to film a different reality show at the time of the tumor diagnosis. She went ahead with attending this week’s “Death of Fake Reality TV, Birth of Connected” event in NYC, where she socialized with Jon Gosselin, Omarosa, Tila Tequila and a handful of other peers.

“It’s like a reality tv hangout,” Big Ang cheerfully said on Facebook. “We are having a blast today!”

We’re wishing her a quick recovery!

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