Court papers accuse Britney Spears of breaking wind, picking nose, using meth

Britney Spears performs on Jimmy Kimmell

Recent court papers filed by Britney Spears’ former minder and cop Fernando Flores are claiming that the singer passed gas and picked her nose unapologetically in front of him, made frequent naked sexual advances and used various drugs including methamphetamines. Man if that’s a crime I’m up the creek without a paddle on all but the meth!

These papers have been released on Radar via Star Magazine and if your objective is to make sensational claims to attract and sway media attention as Britney’s lawyers are claiming than you can’t do better that this over-the-top Flores suit. Lets do a breakdown of all the things Flores is accusing Spears of doing or in the case of bathing, not doing.

-> Using a cocktail of drugs

-> Farting and picking her nose unapologetically

-> Obnoxious personal habits such as chain-smoking which caused her to smell of stale cigarettes

-> Required staff for no apparent reason to call her “Queen Bee” or “Jennifer”

-> Usually did not brush her teeth or use deodorant

-> Frequent unwanted nude exposures to Flores

-> Cut hair in erratic fashion causing bald spots and uneven lines

Based upon the numerous claims above Flores is seeking at least 10 million dollars in damages but Spears’ lawyers have been launching preëmptive strikes claiming what would appear to be the obvious; that these claims are, “to embellish on his tale of lewd and sensational allegations” and “contain a litany of insults toward Ms. Spears that are clearly designed to prejudice Ms. Spears in the eyes of the public and the Court.”

I know Brit-Brit can be a little out there but this suit by Flores wreaks worse than the claims he’s making against the pop star. I mean “Jennifer” what’s that about!?!