Where can you buy Gretchen Rossi’s makeup line, Gretchen Christine Beauté?


After much anticipation, Gretchen Rossi’s makeup line Gretchen Christine Beauté (pronounced beau-tay) is finally available for sale online at shopgretchenchristine.com. Tonight on RHOC we’ll see Gretchen debut Beaute at the Women’s Empowerment Expo.

On Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen uses the launch of her makeup line as part of her story line, picking out colors of eye-shadow (which come in generic black cases) and asking advice from businesswoman Vicki. Like many of the show’s viewers, Vicki is a little skeptical of launching a makeup and beauty line when the market is already flooded with products made and marketed by multi-million dollar companies like Estée Lauder. Not only do big, established companies have long-running loyal customer bases but they also have teams of scientists and chemists coming up with new innovative products, not to mention their huge marketing campaigns.

Despite that Gretchen is soldiering on with this project, advertising as much as she can with heavily-lined lips and pancake layers every episode. Hopefully this is her own product she’s layering on her face, otherwise everything in life may be a sham. I have to admit, just like Kim Zolciak before her, Gretchen is becoming likable, and her over-exaggerated looks only ad to the charm. Her main likability though is found in those little moments when she makes fun of the other women, like Alexis’ overt piety (which seems to be just as layered-on-thick and superficial as Gretchen’s makeup).

She also came off well during the episode where they visited Fleur de Lys, and although she was the youngest in the bunch, she seemed to be the only one who knew how to hold herself during an upscale dining experience. That’s right folks, Gretchen’s versatile. She can pose with her pants down on a toilet or dine with royalty and do both equally well. We may sling our barbs with all our snarky might, but the truth is that most b**ches have waltzed with intoxicants and found themselves in all sorts of unseemly positions more degrading than cheesing with a corded vibrator.

However, most of us haven’t made a fool of ourselves on a reality show, or entered into some sort of arrangement (engagement, caretaker?) situation with an ailing rich man, but that’s not to say many wouldn’t take one or both of those opportunities if offered. I’m not arguing that most people aren’t pure of heart, it’s just that most of the time people will buy and sell their time and talents more easily than they think they will. The fact is, in order to survive you have to sell something, the difficulty is finding out what you have to sell and how high the price will be.

But I digress, back to something Gretchen’s trying to sell: makeup. The prices are pretty reasonable, ranging from $10.50 for concealer to $39.99 for one of those eye shadow palettes we saw her deliberating about on the show. She also sells a liquid concealer, Brow Quads, a $30 anti-aging foundation featuring Duo-Peptides, NutriLayer, and antioxidants, curling lash mascara, and color swirls, which is a bit questionable.

As far as product lines for Real Housewives go, this one is still a real stretch. Making it in the beauty industry is a major hustle, and she doesn’t have ground-breaking products that would make people change up their routine to buy Beauté. I’m not sure how Ramona Singer’s doing with her TruRenewal anti-aging cream, but she does have a QVC show, which could be a viable rout for Gretchen.

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