LHHNY Who is Yandy Smith’s foster daughter Infinity?

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Love & Hip Hop New York stars Yandy Smith and Mendeecees have two biological children together: son Omere, born in 2012; and daughter Skylar, born in 2015. But they’re getting ready to add one more to their family with the forthcoming adoption of Infinity, one of Yandy Smith’s foster kids. Infinity and Yandy met thanks to Yandy’s non-profit organization, and Yandy’s been helping the teenaged Infinity through some emotionally trying times ever since Infinity moved in to the Smith-Harris home a few months ago.

How did Infinity and Yandy meet?

Yandy recently sat for an official VH1 interview to share a little bit about how Infinity came into her life. She explained that she “started the process to become a foster mom” since LHHNY Season 8 wrapped, and that she did so specifically with Infinity in mind.

“I met Infinity when she was in seventh grade, and now she’s in tenth grade,” Yandy said. “She was a part of my mentorship program. She just completely stands out.”

“And you know, sometimes people just need a little more love, a little extra push,” Yandy goes on. “And so I felt like I should step up to the plate and do the right thing. That’s what she needed from me.

Yandy further says that the “cameras were rolling as everything transpired between Infinity and I.” It’s a curiosity, as most states have fairly strict rules about foster children appearing on film and on social media while they’re still wards of the state. But according to Yandy, including Infinity in the tumult of the LHHNY experience was well worth it, since viewers will “see the real, raw emotion of it all….[and] that there are women — real women, normal women — that are on reality TV, just out here working, loving up on their families.”

How did Infinity become one of Yandy Smith’s foster kids?

Infinity and Yandy met at a career day at Infinity’s school; Yandy was the keynote speaker. Infinity was “shocked” by Yandy’s story, and found her ability to manage business and home responsibilities “dope.”

But Infinity didn’t meet Yandy in person until she was in the tenth grade, when she applied for acceptance into Partners Uplifting Our Daughters, Yandy’s nonprofit mentoring organization for middle school and high school girls. As Yandy recently explained, her organization was “designed to promote the development of literacy and emotional wellness for young ladies of color.”

And, as Infinity further shared, she and Yandy “really bonded” during Infinity’s first meeting with the group. Both Infinity and Yandy broke down and cried. As Infinity left, Yandy followed her out, told Infinity she was “amazing,” and gave Infinity her contact information so the two could stay in touch.

Here’s Infinity’s “New Beginnings” video diary, in which she tells in great detail the story of how she came to be one of Yandy Smith’s foster kids. The video also features footage of Infinity’s actual packing and departure from her previous foster home, and of Yandy giving Infinity a ride home on the very first day they were foster mother and daughter.

What’s next for Infinity and Yandy?

Becoming one of Yandy Smith’s foster kids has certainly done wonders for Infinity’s brand. Her Instagram following is currently at 46,000 — impressive for a girl still in her early teens. (Of course, it pales in comparison with 7-year-old Omare and 4-year-old Skylar’s 167,000 followers — but Infinity has time to catch up.)

We know Infinity is an avid baller. For the near future, she’s looking for just the right elite prep school to help her hone her game:

Beyond that, it sounds like college will be in the cards, along with potentially any career Infinity sets her mind to. First up, though, is the adoption process: Yandy revealed last year that she and Mendeecees plan to make Infinity their legal daughter.

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 9 airs Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

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