SOUTHERN CHARM Paige DeSorbo’s trends for Fall 2023 (you’re gonna hate #4)

It-girl Paige DeSorbo from Summer House told Lauryn Bosstick what her biggest trends for Fall 2023 are. Chances are you’re really going to hate the last one she lists.

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Paige DeSorbo

Paige DeSorbo, 30, is a fashionista who stars on Summer House, Winter House and Southern Charm. She is a pillow designer, Amazon Live and social media Influencer, nail polish collaborator and podcast host. DeSorbo tours as the popular Giggly Squad with former castmate Hannah Berner.

SUMMER HOUSE Paige DeSorbo’s career featured in The New York Times

Paige frequently shares her #OOTD with followers on Instagram. She has been dating equally as fashionable Southern Charm costar Craig Conover since October 2021. The two enjoyed Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour this summer in between European vacations and business collabs.

Paige and Craig just announced their second collaboration for Conover’s Sewing Down South lifestyle brand. In an exclusive with People Magazine, the pair shared that while Craig is super good at designing the pillows, Paige is 100% in charge of the clothes.

I feel like Craig definitely lets me pull all the outfits. That is one time where he does not comment on whatever outfit I put him in because he knows it’s going to look good in the photo shoot.

Paige’s trends for Fall 2023


The last one killed me. @Paige DeSorbo #falltrends #summerhouse #southerncharm

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#1 Pop of red

Paige tells host Lauryn Bosstick that she’s doing one of her “favorite” fall trends. DeSorbo thinks its “so chic.”

#2 Knee high boots

Paige says that she likes hers a “little more biker-ish”

#3 Anything mini & #4 Low Rise (WHAT!?)

After answering the first two to agreement from the host, Paige DeSorbo throws us a curveball and suggests that low rise jeans are worth re-visiting.

I like anything mini so I hope the mini skirt trend stays. I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna add a fourth one in there – I’m liking the low rise. I’ve, like, come around to it. 

Bosstick interrupts her and asks in horror: “The low rise pant? UGH!”

Paige explains that you can “put a longer top with it” and make it “super early 2000’s.” It wont feel as like “oh my God”

What do you think? Are low rise jeans adorable or atrocious? Tweet us on Twitter/X @starcasm.

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