Courtney Cox and David Arquette to divorce?

An emotionally fragile David Arquette told Howard Stern that problems arose in his marriage with Courtney Cox over their dwindling sexual activity and Courtney no longer wanting to “mother” him.

Despite all that and the fact that he has a hot new “conquest” (his word), Jasmine Waltz, David still wants to work things out with his long-time love.

The couple separated in June, as per Courtney’s request because of the mothering issue. (via PopEater)

“[She said] ‘I don’t wanna be your mother anymore.’ I appreciated that. I respected it,” he told Stern. “I’ve been going to therapy. I’m trying to grow up. I’m trying to be true to myself. Trying to figure out myself and my world, as is she.”

The couple, who fell in love during the first Scream movie and recently wrapped Scream 4, have a 6-year-old daughter named Coco.

Despite David’s hope that they’ll work things out (while in the meantime he’s seeing his side-piece), this relationship seems headed towards Divorceville like a train without breaks.

David swears up and down that he didn’t start seeing Jasmine until after their separation.

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