Who Is “Downtown Girls” Klo?

Of all the Downtown Girls (premiering tonight on MTV at 11 p.m.), Klo appears to be the odd woman out: it doesn’t look like she has a cool career, like boutique owner Nikki Laura, a hip career in music like Gurj, or a blogger like BFF Shallon. Klo gets to be the girl who is planning her dream wedding! As we all know, ladies must decide: no one can have the job and a man! Besides being Shallon’s plus one, who exactly is “Klo”? Let’s find out!

Sad to say, Klo, who’s real name is Sarah McLynn, doesn’t appear to have much going on besides her connection to this show. She’s attended a ton of parties with Shallon (so much for her MTV bio of “reformed” party girl) including the American Cancer Society’s Pink and Black Tie Gala, “Adoptalooza” and Gen Art’s Fresh Faces show, which she attended with co-stars Nikki Laura Cohen and Shallon Lester.

Apparently Klo is a bit older than the other girls, and may be around to give them some advice, since she’s so sage and wise. The woman is engaged to be married, after all!

Image: MTV