TEEN MOM Jade Cline and Sean Austin are back together

Teen Mom Jade and Sean back together

The new season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant premieres on Monday, October 15 and apparently one of the things viewers can expect to see is mom Jade Cline patching up what seemed to be an unpatchable relationship with Kloie’s dad Sean Austin!

The first hints that the couple might have reconciled came via Instagram story videos in which it appeared that they were together with Kloie just hanging out — without yelling or throwing anything. Later, Sean all but confirmed the reconciliation rumors by posting photos with Jade at a restaurant together, including one photo in which the two could be seen locking lips:

Sean captioned the photo by writing: “..Yeah I know she bad af, She’s mine.”

Although Jade hasn’t uploaded any recent photos with Sean, she did respond with some advice on coparenting with him to a Twitter follower just yesterday:

TWEET: How’s your relationship been coparenting? I recently broke up with my sons father and he’s 3 so it’s been harder trying to get him to stay consistent with what is done at my house and I don’t want to tell him he has to but don’t know how to communicate properly.

JADE: We make sure to communicate often, and we both make sure our daughter always comes first! With coparenting you have to make sure you both on the same page. But I know sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way. Best of luck to you love ❤️

Jade was then asked if she could see herself getting back with Sean, to which she responded: “Hmmm idk maybe one day ?” She followed that up with another tweet in which she added: “Anything is possible ?! Lol ?”

I’m going to guess that Jade is just trying to avoid sharing any spoilers for the upcoming season with her evasive responses.

In case you missed it, Jade confirmed that she and Sean had split during her appearance on Total Request Live Late Night in May, after sharing numerous tweets suggesting that Sean had cheated on her. When asked about her planned wedding with Sean by a TRL audience member, Jade held up her ringless left hang before confirming that the wedding was “off the table completely.” She added:

As of right now, I feel like the treatment that I’ve gotten — I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but I DO NOT want to settle for being treated however, being talked to as however. You know, I wanna be a voice for women out there that don’t have a voice, you know? That you don’t have to keep putting up with that.

Well, it seems that Jade now wants to be a voice for women to let them know that change is possible — as is forgiveness!

Judging from some of the preview clips for the upcoming season, it looks like viewers will get to see the healing as Jade clearly begins the season a single woman. Check out this “Dear Jade” clip in which she asserts her independence with a new hair style and color:

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant returns for a new season on Monday, October 15 at 10/9c on MTV.

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