Grumpy Cat is a millionaire


Despite a great deal of market saturation, Grumpy Cat (whose given name is Tardar Sauce,) is just getting started. It’s been two years since the first photo of her natural scowl was uploaded onto Reddit, and her owners (siblings Tabatha and Bryan Bundesen) have been working hard to maximize her viral meme potential. With the help of Ben Lashes, GC’s manager, this little kitty is worth millions.


The Hollywood Reporter did a piece on the empire surrounding Grumpy Cat, that revealed she’s pulled in $100 million in gross revenue so far. The money’s come from a commercial, a book, Grumppucino coffee drinks, and countless other products like stuffed animals and shirts. She’s currently gearing up to star in her very own television movie special on Lifetime called Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.

Grumpy’s net pay isn’t know, but her manager guarantee’s she definitely made over a $1 million, hopefully well over that given the amount of revenue her grouchy visage is generating. Her manager, who refers to her as the “Marilyn Monroe of cats,” is working hard to make sure the two-year-old feline is pampered and well taken care of when she starts shooting her special this month. She’s going to have her own trailer and get unlimited breaks. “Just because she’s a cat, you shouldn’t be able to take advantage,” Lashes says of his star. “If it’s worth putting the star in your picture, you’ve got to treat her like a real star.”

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