David Beckham’s Harper tattoo photos, plus David poses with newborn daughter

David Beckham's upper body tattoos

In beautiful people news, soccer player and divine underwear stuffer David Beckham unveiled the latest addition to his growing collection of skin art: a tattoo of his newborn daughter’s name “Harper” on his left shoulder.

Mr. Victoria removed his shirt after his Los Angeles Galaxy defeated FC Dallas 3-1 last night, a game in which the proud pop had two assists. The tattoo is written in elegant script and is just above his elaborate visual tribute to his other three children in the form of three cherubs assisting Jesus. (CLICK HERE to see that tattoo complete with a video of the Becks’ commentary about it.)

Here’s a zoomed-in view followed by a zoomed-out view:

David Beckham's Harper tattoo on his left shoulder

Shirtless David Beckham in soccer shorts

And just in case seeing Harper’s name wasn’t satisfying enough, Victoria has been sharing some elegant black and white images of her with mom and pop on her Twitter account over the last couple weeks. (Click to enlarge)

David Beckham photo with his newborn daughter Harper Seven Beckham

David Beckham poses with newborm daughter Harper Seven Twitter photo

Tattoo photos: Splash News
David Beckham and Harper photos: Twitter

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