What Josh Duggar will eat on first Thanksgiving in prison

The holiday season is upon us and Josh Duggar is spending his in prison.

After being convicted of possessing child pornography in April 2021, the disgraced 19 Kids and Counting star was sentenced to 12 years behind bars… and that includes 11 Thanksgiving’s.

An article by InTouch reveals the menu Josh will be served. Does it include the traditional turkey option? Keep reading to find out!


Duggar and his fellow inmates will be enjoying bran flakes on Thanksgiving morning. Whole wheat bread and breakfast pastries will also be offered.

Milk for the cereal and to drink is available, and for the abundance of carbs: margarine pats, sugar substitute and jelly.


Lunch will be Duggar’s big meal of the day, and fits with the traditional Thanksgiving meal you’d expect.

Will Josh get turkey? YES! Both split turkey breast and baked ham are the main dishes for his prison meal.

Sides include sweet potato casserole, cornbread dressing, and our personal favorite: green bean casserole.

Josh Duggar celebrates Thanksgiving 2017 with family years before his arrest.

Interestingly, the jail seems to be accommodating those with dietary restrictions. Vegetable lasagna or vegetable meatloaf is available for vegetarian inmates.

Fruit, cranberry sauce and a beverage will also be available.

What would the meal be without its signature carbs? FCI Seagoville in Seagoville, Texas will have dinner rolls or whole wheat bread and assorted holiday pies on hand.


With lunch being the traditional Thanksgiving meal, dinner for Josh Duggar will be much more laid back.

Sandwiches will be the main course, with the inmates getting to chose between deli and peanut butter and jelly. Chips, dessert, and a drink will also be included.

Rounding out dinner is… more carbs of course! Whole wheat bread slices seem to be provided at every meal.

Duggar’s on Thanksgiving

We aren’t sure what the Duggars have planned without Josh, but if 2021 was any indication, they’re going to make it work without the disgraced eldest sibling.

In the official family post from last year, the Duggar’s chose to focus on gratitude and blessings, with zero mention of Josh.

Currently, the members of the Duggar clan are rebelling in their own ways. Sister Jinger has a tell-all in the works that is sure to spill all the tea. Joy-Anna is celebrating her THIRD baby, and most shocking of all, Josh’s wife Anna was recently seen wearing jeans.

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