GOLD RUSH Rick Ness and fiancée Leese break up amid cheating allegations

Gold Rush Rick Ness and Leese Arie break up after getting engaged

Less than one month after Gold Rush star Rick Ness announced his engagement to girlfriend Leese Arie, the couple have split up due to Rick allegedly cheating on her. Again.

Leese made the break up announcement on TikTok late last night. In the brief clip, Leese lip synced the words to Brett Young’s song “Like I Loved You” before flipping off the camera at the end. “Last Time he ever cheats on me again!!” Leese wrote over top of the clip.

The clip was captioned with a string of hash tags that includes #cheatersneverchange, #singleuntiliknowitsreal and #neverlookingback.

Leese shared the TikTok post on Instagram as well. “Never looking back!!” she wrote in the caption. “2 years of emotional, mental, and physical abuse weekly!! I am done!! God please give me the strength to get through this.. 😭🙏💔😭🙏💔”

On Facebook, Leese posted a selfie and was a little more vulnerable with her message:

Dear God, 😭💔😭💔
Please help me, I am not strong enough on my own.
I need you now and always…
Please take me in your arms and hold me tight…
Please protect me from this world and all of this pain…
Please heal my heart and soul and make me whole again…
In your name Amen 🙏

In the comments of the TikTok post, Leese shared some additional information on her troubled relationship with Rick:

COMMENT: They never change..
LEESE: It hurtssss sooo effin bad girl 😭💔😭💔😭💔

COMMENT: Well that’s not what I expected I thought he really cared about you nobody deserves that take care 😢
LEESE: If only the public really knew exactly who he is. No one would ever believe it — that I put on my son’s life

COMMENT: Please tell me it’s not true.
LEESE: 100% true. I can’t do it anymore. I have to tell my story in hopes to keep me strong enough to find strength.

COMMENT: Sooooo, ummm engagement is off huh?
LEESE: Yes, I just caught him again tonight, and I CAN’T do it anymore!! 🥺

COMMENT: Who in their right mind would ever?
LEESE: Rick Ness for literally our entire relationship. I hurt soooo bad rn!! 💔💔💔

COMMENT: I hope this is not true! You sure don’t deserve this
LEESE: On my son it’s true. He’s cheated on me literally countless times our whole relationship. I just can’t do it anymore!! 🥺💔🥺💔

COMMENT: People suck 🤷🏽‍♂️
LEESE: They do, but I am the dummy for taking him back countless times. I don’t understand it 💔💔💔

Rick has yet to post about the break up on social media.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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