Kim Plath arrested in Florida today, plus DUI pending from June incident EXCLUSIVE DETAILS

Kim Plath arrested in Florida

Welcome To Plathville matriarch Kim Plath was arrested in Florida earlier today, and jail records indicate the charge is “TRAFFIC – DUI: DUI/PROPERTY DAMAGE/PERSONAL INJURY.”

According to VINE, Kim was booked into Wakulla County Jail just before 3AM this morning. Her status was changed to “out of custody” just after noon.

Court records indicate that Kim was charged with careless driving in June of 2022 and the status of the case is currently listed as “Pending DUI.”

We were able to obtain a copy of the original traffic citation from the June incident, which describes the offense as “Careless Driving, Single Vehicle Crash, DUI.” It appears that the case was not updated in the courts to “Pending DUI” until September 8.

Kim Plath DUI

The citation states that Kim was driving a blue 2007 Chevy Suburban at the time of the June incident. The time of the citation is 11:52PM.

It’s a little hard to make out in the image above, but under “Crash” the officer selected the “YES” box and under “Property Damage” the officer selected “YES” and appears to list an amount of $20,000. The officer also answered “YES” under “Injury To Another” but “NO” under “Serious Bodily Injury To Another” and “Fatal.”

Kim was assessed a $161.00 fine when she was initially charged on June 10, which appears to remain unpaid.

It’s unclear if Kim’s booking early this morning is tied to her “Pending DUI” case, or if this was a new incident. We will continue to look into her case and share any updates here.

UPDATE – “[Kim] was arrested on an outstanding warrant from another agency,” the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement shared with People. “She turned herself into our agency. She turned herself into the sheriff’s office in the lobby today for arrest.”

The WCSO says the warrant was for drunk driving, but “no other details of [the] case or where [the] original agency was for arrest are available” at this time. Hmmmm… If the warrant was from the June incident, I’m not sure how that could be “another agency.”

UPDATE – TMZ is confirming that Kim Plath’s arrest Thursday stemmed from the incident in June. The site also confirms that the incident in June involved a crash — and a very serious one! According to the police report obtained by TMZ, cops arrived on the scene of Kim’s accident in June to find her vehicle “flipped upside down, in a ditch filled with water.”

“Police say Kim was notably intoxicated after the incident, with the smell of booze coming from her mouth,” the site reports. “Kim was taken to a nearby hospital and a blood sample was taken.” The blood sample results didn’t come back until September, and that’s when the DUI charge was filed, as revealed above. Kim was served on Thursday and turned herself in Thursday morning.

Here’s our video report that includes all of the updates above:

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