VIDEOS Teen Mom S3 E8 After Show and bonus footage

Amber Portwood Season 3 Episode 8 bonus footage

As the sun rises once again on another Wednesday so does our weekly break down of the Teen Mom After Show and bonus footage. So what will the girls minus Amber who’s in rehab have to say about this week’s show? Let’s take a look as I post ’em up and break it down for you.

First up is the full After Show with host SuChin Pak. On a personal side note, Pak is hot!


Baby number two really!?! That’s how Pak opened up the discussion. Maci explained that she began to feel an emptiness and that she really wanted another baby. Part of the reason she gave was that Bentley was with Ryan so much that she felt bored. She explained it was a natural feeling for a mother when their child gets to Bentley’s age to want to have another. Pak asked the other Teen Moms and both Farrah and Catelynn agreed no time soon. Farrah did state that she wanted a son but that it wouldn’t be until she’s 38, done with school and possibly married.

After these reactions Maci back tracked a little bit stating that she was mainly just messing with Kyle and that she would have to be married first and she would want Kyle 100% on board with wanting to be a dad. Along with Farrah and Catelynn the audience of young mothers all agreed that they had no immediate baby fever. Maci was all alone in this regard.

Maci then discussed why she got so emotional when her friends were worried about her being hurt again. She stated that it hurts her deeply knowing that Bentley will grow up with separated parents. Maci admitted that Ryan still has the power to hurt her emotionally and that their unicorn and flowers first love feeling still remains but that the Ryan she’s talking about is the Ryan she fell in love with and not the Ryan he is now.


Miss independent discusses how surprised her parents were about Farrah wanting to establish a life of her own and the battle with that need for their daughter. Farrah explains she’s the youngest and that her moving forward is harder to deal with because of that fact and that she’s moving on before the others of her generation in the family. Farrah understands that she hurt her trust with her parents when she was younger and that this lack of trust still lingers for her parents. Farrah gets exhausted by having to reassure her parents time and time again that she’s being a responsible adult now.


Catelynn talks about getting Carly’s 18 month package in the mail. She and Tyler were blown away by her growth and that it reassured the both of them about their decision to adopt. She explains that the sadness has diminished with the help of counseling and that Carly realizes in a way already that she’s adopted. Next they discuss Tyler’s mom Kim calling the adopting parents and that it did irritate both her and Tyler. She explains that the adoption is between just her, Tyler, Carly and the adopting parents. Catelynn explains Kim’s tears and how frustrated Kim is about not having seen her granddaughter in two years.

In this week’s bonus footage Amber has her cousin Krystal over and they discuss, with quite a few bleeps thrown in, Amber’s relationship with Clinton Yunker and how Krystal wants Amber to be with Gary Shirley.