Survivor: South Pacific’s Mikayla Wingle Playboy and Lingerie League photos

CBS has announce the cast for Survivor: South Pacific and one in particular caught my red-blooded male American eye and it was lingerie football player and Playboy vet Mikayla Wingle.

That’s right folks, one of the contestants who will try to survive their way in the reality wilderness is a linebacker for the Tampa Breeze of the Lingerie Football League. She’s from Stanhope, New Jersey and was featured on the cover of Playboy magazine when the famous men’s publication did a special on the women in their sexy underwear football concept. Here’s that cover (Mikayla is the young lady with her rear turned towards the camera):

Survivor South Pacific Mikayla Wingle Playboy cover

Talk about your fantasy football amirite!?!? Anyways in case you’re actually about the stats that aren’t her measurements here’s her player profile from the Breeze:

Survivor Mikaya Wingle lingerie football

Wait a minute Mikayla had no stats in 2010!?! I guess we really don’t care about that now do we? Here’s a full shot of Mikayla’s Lingerie Football League look without all those troublesome graphics:

In an interview with Hooters Nation Mikayla discussed her time with The Heff’s mag and the cover shoot. She explained that her mom supported her decision to go for it and I have to say that I do to. She admits that folks gave her a hard time about the shoot but she reiterates that it was to promote the league and that these girls really play hard. She mentioned that the turf scarred her up so much that she duct tapes her band aids on. She laughed about the fact that she became a target in the league because of her cover fame.

She was excited about seeing the wardrobe options that the magazine had to offer and that she was on the shoot for about 4 days. Her friend summed it all up the best, “I just saw your butt in the newsstand!” And now we’ll all get to see her backside trying to win Survivor!