PHOTOS Jenelle Evans, Brittany Maggard, Britany Truett arrive for court

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans arrives for her infamous videotaped fight court appearance

Man, right when I get done posting up about Jenelle Evans and her willingness to fight the videotaped infamous fight charges I’m looking at photos of her, Britany Truett and Brittany Maggard all making their way to the Brunswick County Courthouse for their scheduled court appearances in regards to the infamous brawl!

Just to rehash, the three main players in the beat down are Teen Mom Jenelle Evans who does most of the whoopin’, Britany Truett who ends up on the wrong end of Evans’ fists and Brittany Maggard who instigated the fight by pushing Evans into Truett.  Well she also encouraged Evans to go to Truett’s and later said she wanted to see a fight but I don’t have to go through all that again right?

The scene was a veritable feast of paparazzi perfection as our ladies made their way in.  That first image (above) was of course Jenelle and she looked poised with spectacles on and papers in hand to get down to business.

Britany Truett appeared extremely solemn and none-too-thrilled about the whole ordeal. Truett has also filed a separate complaint accusing both Evans and Maggard of assault.  Here is Truett:

Britany Truett arrives at court for her role in the Teen Mom videotaped fight

Last but not least is of course the pusher Brittany Maggard.  She was the most casual of all and appeared unfazed by all the attention.  As I reported back when all of this fight mess was hitting the fan all three girls had charges filed against them for “affray for fighting.”

According to Evans’ attorney Maggard had no legal representation today, “She indicated that she was going to hire her own.  She is also on supervised probation.”  Here is Maggard making that long courthouse stroll.  Those are boot cut jeans so I can’t tell if she’s still wearing that Spider-Man sock:

Britany Maggard arrives at court for her role in the Teen Mom videotaped fight

Evans’ attorney has told Hollywood Life that the case will likely be going to trial. Sullivan stated that:

“There’s no plea that’s been offered to us from the District Attorney’s office. So as of right now, we are taking it to trial. The next hearing is scheduled for May 24.”

Sullivan was also adamant that no jail time will be coming for Evans even if she is found guilty of the charges.  In a bit of additional legalese Sullivan will no longer be Evans court appointed attorney as of April 29th but will be retained by the reality star which means she’ll have to start paying the man herself.

All Photos: PAPSFIRST/Splash News