VIDEOS Sneak peeks for upcoming Teen Mom OG Unseen Moments Special


For everyone who’s having a hard time letting go of all your favorite Teen Mom OG peeps (slowly raises hand), we’ve put together all the sneak peek clips MTV posted for the upcoming Unseen Moments Special.

First up we’ve got a producer having to operate as a go-between for Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran. The producer (Heather) informs Farrah that she got a text from Simon, who was concerned that Farrah might not even be alive.

Farrah-Bear listens intently while sipping her OJ before unleashing a pure Abrahamified reply. “Simon is f***ing delusional. He’s psycho. He’s f***ing crazy and I’m never having anything to do with him.”

Next we have baby Nova giving Momma Catelynn all she’s got as she puts her crying into high gear. She does finally calm down just in time for Tyler to enjoy an adorable moment.

When Catelynn’s asked if she’s figure out a way to calm Nova down she says, “Yeah. Really it’s not that hard. As long as I am constantly engaging with her and talking and playing with her she’s completely fine.”

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier get TMI-candid as they discuss a gas-passing situation that went down during a massage session. The clip’s worth the watch just to hear Matt’s accent on full display as he repeatedly says the word “fahhht.”

And finally we’ve got Ryan pulling a Ryan by no-showing and keeping production at bay. When Nessa asks Maci about it, she confirms it’s his norm. “This is like every single time… It’s bad.” Even the other moms acknowledge Ryan’s absentee rep.

The Teen Mom OG Unseen Moments Special airs Monday night at 9/8c.

Here’s one more parting shot, because we JUST HAD TO do this after seeing Farrah going full “But That’s None Of My Business” Kermit!


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