PHOTOS Farrah Abraham’s reign as Sauce Queen begins! “Mom & Me” is officially in production

Farrah Abraham with her mother, grandmother and daughter at Mom & Me sauce launch

Way back in January we reported that Teen Momtrepreneur Farrah Abraham was branching out into food products with the launch of her Mom & Me brand premium Italian hot pepper sauce, and today Farrah, daughter Sophia, mom Debra, and grandmother Carmella were all on hand to watch the first jars roll off the assembly line!

The event took place at the Original Juan Specialty Foods processing facility in Kansas City, Kansas and Farrah shared photos of mom and mom and her and Sophia (above) as well as the first jars off the line on Twitter:

Farrah Abraham Mom and Me sauce productionFarrah Abraham Mom & Me Italian hot pepper sauce labelingFarrah Abraham Mom and Me Italian hot sauce packaging

The above photos were accompanied by the following tweets (from left to right):

“From the processor to the label this is how it’s made”

“Label Time:) #foodie”

“Box to your local store #location

Want to know more about Farrah’s Mom & Me premium Italian hot pepper sauce? Check out these links:

Announcement including hi-res photos of the labels and a list of ingredients.

Promotional video for the sauce starring Farrah Abraham and Sophia!

And for those so inspired by Farrah’s endeavor that you want to sell your own specialty sauce, here’s a video tour of Original Juan Specialty Foods:

Once again, congrats to Farrah! It’s easy to come up with an idea, but to actually get it to the manufacturing stage is a long, hard process. Now we just need to figure out who to contact to get a jar so we can write a review for everybody!