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Jenelle's sister Ashleigh Wilson Facebook

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason’s life has more drama than a Shakespeare festival, but her life might be considered relatively tame compared to that of her older sister Ashleigh Wilson. After a two-year custody battle for the youngest of her two boys, which has included multiple accusations of kidnapping and a high-speed police chase, Ashleigh feels that the legal system has let her down thanks to her “royal piece of f**king sh*t” attorney, and she is asking for help via Facebook.

NOTE: I will include links at the bottom of this post to our previous stories documenting the last few years of Ashleigh’s life in detail — including her disputes with Jenelle, fake abuse photos, accusations of prostitution, kidnapping, and more.

Before I get to the recent drama, let me set the stage just a bit. Ashleigh has an older son named Gabriel, who looks to be roughly the same age as Jace, with her first ex-husband. That relationship ended after claims that he was abusive. Ashleigh also has a two-year-old son named Atlas with her second husband named Lee. Atlas was the cute little red-headed boy featured with Ashleigh in the Being Babs MTV special, and he is the little boy at the center of the custody battle.

Ashleigh kicked off her latest Facebook campaign with a declaration that she would be sharing her story on national television:

I’m going on national television to expose my custody situation on national television and my mother and Lawyer are backing me up to expose everyone! I think I’m finally getting justice heard. Stand by this is going to be huge!!

It’s unclear what Ashleigh meant because none of her follow up posts mentioned being on a nationally televised TV show. She is taking a trip to New Orleans next week, but I don’t know of any shows that are filmed there that would fit?

After that declaration, Ashleigh began sharing evidence in the form of recorded telephone conversations with Lee in which he seems reluctant to talk about the custody situation. Ashleigh also says one of the conversations is evidence that Lee and his parents were not providing proper medical care for Atlas. Ashleigh captioned the clip with the following:

Refuses to give him his medicine as prescribed in N.C. I’m the only responsible adult that ever takes him to the doctors. He left him with an ear infection for another 6 weeks suffering. He never took him to the doctors i called. He makes excuse after excuse. When he came home he had the same ear infection again. I appealed the temporary order that I was never read in court.

In reaction to those asking Ashleigh to calm down, she offered this defiant response:

For those who keep messaging me telling me to relax. Get off my FB, I’m a mother who’s been fighting for justice for two years now. I was never read any court orders in court. My old Laywer was sexually assaulting his clients in his office. So now, I’m going to fight as hard as I can to get him home. I’ve been trying to keep cool but this mama has had enough. I’m not backing down anymore. I’m sorry if you don’t like me exposing the truth piece by piece. I’ve done nothing wrong.

Ashleigh then posted a brand new 25-minutes-plus video recorded in a parked car in which she summarizes everything that has happened up to this point:


Here is a recap of the video:

Ashleigh alleges that Lee, who she is still legally married to, was “very abusive, very violent.” She adds that CPS had gotten involved and had told Lee to stay away from her and his son. Ashleigh admits that she defied the order and allowed Lee, who had since moved back to New Jersey to live with his parents, to see Atlas. “I was just trying to co-parent,” she says.

Lee and his brother were visiting from New Jersey and they took Atlas, who was six months old at the time, from Barbara’s house. Ashleigh says there was a “high speed chase in Brunswick County” resulting in everyone (including Ashleigh and the police) on the side of the road together. She says that the police were unable to get in touch with CPS, and Lee was able to convince them to allow him to take Atlas. He returned to New Jersey with Atlas to live with his parents.

Ashleigh later posted this photo taken after the high-speed chase and the caption beneath:

Jenelle Eason's sister Ashleigh police chase

This is when my estranged husband put our son in danger during an open cps investigation and was told not to take our son by cps and he was ordered supervised visitation by cps. He took him out of my mothers house and it led to a high speed chase on the highway in Brunswick county. The police let him take him away because they couldn’t get ahold of cps in Onslow County to verify my paperwork. The police ripped my son out of my arms as my mother nephew son and women police officer didn’t know what he told the sheriff. We sat in the highway for three hours. I did nothing wrong. He took him out of my mothers house with no clothes bottles or a coat in 33 degree weather. To this day we still don’t know what he told the police. How would you feel if your 6 month old baby was ripped from your arms and you did nothing except try to co parent with the father? How would you feel if you tried to get him in NJ and he disconnected his phone number and wouldn’t give you your little boy back?

After the chase, Lee returned to New Jersey and disconnected his phone.

Ashleigh interjects that although Lee served in the Marines, he was a cook and never saw any actual combat. She says that he does not have PTSD, but adds that he is prescribed psychiatric medication. These comments would suggest that Lee has used PTSD as an explanation for past behavior, but that is not clear from what Ashleigh says.

With some financial assistance from her mother Barbara Evans, Ashleigh hires an attorney. Lee is instructed to appear in court for a hearing or a warrant would be issued for his arrest. Ashleigh says she was instructed by her “royal piece of f**king sh*t” lawyer to hide out in a hotel because Lee is dangerous, and while she was there, she alleges that her attorney went to court without her knowledge and worked out a 50/50 custody arrangement in two-month increments.

After four or five months of the new custody arrangement, Lee expressed interest in reconciling with Ashleigh. “I forgave him for what he did, miraculously,” Ashleigh admits. So, Ashleigh quit her job, packed her bags, and moved to New Jersey. She says that her mom was even willing to provide $80,000 toward the down payment on a house.

Unfortunately, the home buying never took pace as things fell apart fast. Lee’s parents, who seem to really despise Ashleigh (No one involved would dispute this), refused to allow her to stay there, so she rented her own place. She lined up a job and everything, but her relationship with Lee deteriorated and she was soon packing again and heading back to North Carolina.

Here is a photo posted by Barbara in August:

Jenelle Eason's son Jace and her nephews Atlas and Gabriel

“Just came back from Virginia, Atlas is back!!” Barbara wrote at the time. “COURT ON Tuesday hope he will be home for good A long 2 years BATTLE.” Unfortunately, things did not go as hoped. OK, back to the video recap…

When it was time for Ashleigh’s two months with Atlas, Lee filed for a temporary custody. Ashleigh says it was only then that she found out that her attorney had not actually filed their 50/50 custody arrangement with the court, so it was not official. She goes off on her lawyer, whom she mentions by name, by once again claiming that he was “sexually assaulting” female clients and adding that “he has 178 malpractice lawsuits on him in New Hanover County North Carolina.” [I cannot attest to the validity of Ashleigh’s claims, merely the fact that she said it.]

Some time later, Ashleigh and a female friend were in New Jersey and attempted to see Atlas. Lee was apparently not present, but both his mother and father were there. Ashleigh says she was at the front door talking with Lee’s mother when Atlas came to the door and wanted a hug. This is when Lee’s mother tried to force her into the house. Ashleigh says she grabbed Atlas by reflex to protect him, and then handed him off to her friend, who was a bit bigger than Ashleigh. They ran to the car with Atlas and Lee’s parents gave chase.

There was an altercation as Lee’s mother tried to get Atlas and Lee’s dad allegedly put Ashleigh in a choke hold and “drug me 20 feet across the pavement.”

Ashleigh’s account of what went down at the door sounded really weird to me. Lee’s mom tried to force her into the house and she grabbed Atlas as a defensive reflex before handing him off to someone else and running to the car? To assuage the doubts of people like me, Ashleigh posted a video of the incident along with this caption:

This is what happened when i was assaulted by my mothers bf father inlaw when the custody order was violated. Please help me get a court date so I can get him home. I went to hug my son and she tried to force me into her house and stay I was breaking in. I just wanted to my my little boy. How can these people be granted temporary custody? I never tried to rub off with my son. They were illegally withholding him from me

The video:


I hate to be the one to break it to Ashleigh, but that video DOES NOT seem to help her case AT ALL. Judging from what’s in the clip, it looks like Lee’s mom was going to allow Ashleigh to see Atlas, although she was very suspicious that she might try to run off with him. It then appears that Ashleigh grabs Atlas and runs away. Maybe it was different, and maybe Lee’s mom tried to force Ashleigh into the house or whatever — I’m just saying that the video looks like something Lee’s family would use as evidence in court, not the other way around.

From what I can tell, the current custody arrangement for Atlas is six weeks with Lee and one week with Ashleigh. And the one week that Atlas is with Ashleigh has to be supervised by her mom Barbara — which is difficult given that Barbara has a job. Ashleigh has hired a new attorney and has filed at least four emergency custody orders to no avail. She says she has been trying for a year just to get her day in court because none of the evidence against Lee has ever been presented before a judge. “I am posting this video because I want to get my story heard,” Ashleigh pleads in the clip. “I want justice. I can’t take it any more.”

In her most recent Facebook post, Ashleigh thanks those who have offered suggestions and advice and says she will soon be headed to the state capitol:

Thank you everyone for the support and messages. Thank you for the ideas you sent me I’ll be heading up to Raleigh in a week or two. This has been so hard. I have more videos coming and if anyone would like to help me start a petition and FB to bring him home I’d appreciate it. All I need is a court-date all my requests been denied off the court calendar 23 times in the past year since I filed my appeal last December. My attorney is so frustrated he’s doesn’t know what to do.

As promised, here is a timeline of some of our previous posts that go into each chapter of Ashleigh’s story over the last few years in GREAT detail. If you are just interested in the Ashleigh and Lee drama, you should hop right down to the July, 2016 entry.

(On a side note, with MTV so thirsty for more Teen Mom themed programming, they might consider a spin-off for Ashleigh using Barbara as the unifying factor. To be honest, I thought that what they might have been working towards when they featured Ashleigh so prominently in the Being Barbara special. Of course, that was partly because Jenelle refuses to film with her sister AT ALL.)

Jenelle Evans sister Ashleigh and Babs together 2016

July, 2012 – Jenelle and Ashleigh have a huge falling out after Jenelle reportedly took money given to Ashleigh by Barbara so that she could move to California. “My sister got beat in the face and I left at 3am from her house becuz her husband was coming home I was scared,” Jenelle said of the incident, adding: “My mom gave me $500 cash for the trip and when I heard her husband was going to be around I dipped out.” Jenelle shared a rather gruesome photo of Ashleigh with an injured face as evidence of her first husband’s violent nature.

July, 2012 – Ashleigh says the abuse photo was fake. Jenelle was incredulous: “If it was fake then she lied to my entire family and the government.”

August, 2012 – Jenelle posts a video on YouTube that features a woman screaming at her son and alleges that it is Ashleigh and her son Gabriel. There is also a text message from Barbara that suggests Ashleigh is in possession of a Jenelle Evans sex tape with two other guys?!

January, 2015 – Jenelle and Ashleigh’s feud reignites online as Jenelle interprets Ashleigh’s pregnancy announcement as her sister trying to ruin her vacation with Nathan. Wait, what? (You just have to read the post.)

July, 2016 – After Ashleigh’s appearance on Being Barbara, we checked in and caught everyone up on the drama in her life since the Jenelle pregnancy vacation debacle. It covers her happy days with Lee in January of 2015, the alleged kidnapping in early 2016, and everything right up until the date of the post.

August, 2016 – Ashleigh denounces Jenelle after she finally confirms she is pregnant with Ensley. Ashleigh explains her decision to pack up her kids and move to New Jersey to give Lee another chance.

November, 2016 – Ashleigh’s trip to New Jersey DOES NOT GO WELL. She hurls all sorts of allegations of abuse at Lee, and his family responds with accusations that Ashleigh was a prostitute (with a photo receipt). Lee REALLY goes off on Ashleigh on Facebook as he posts her phone number and declares “Trust me if I didn’t have kids and a family and a good job I’d beat her ass until there’s no tomorrow.” He concludes his tirade by referring to Ashleigh, Jenelle, and Barbara as “nasty hillbilly ‘MTV’ superstars.”

November, 2017 – [This Post] VIDEOS Jenelle Eason’s sister Ashleigh seeks help regaining custody of son Atlas

May 2018 – Barbara Evans & daughter Ashleigh going on national TV after losing custody case in ‘corrupt’ Onslow County court

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