American Horror Story: Coven New Supreme Probability Pie Chart – Finale Edition

Fiona Goode picks a new Supreme on American Horror Story Coven

We are twelve episodes into America Horror Story: Coven with only one left to go, and the question of which witch will become the next Supreme is just as cloudy (if not cloudier) than when the show premiered way back on October 9.

We did a New Supreme Probability Pie Chart a few episodes in, and at the time we had Zoe (33%) and Madison (30%) in the lead. Since that time pretty much every witch has died and been reborn at least once, and now there really is no clear frontrunner to inherit the Supreme title from the deceased (for now) Fiona Goode. With that being said, our Coven Finale edition of the Supreme Probability Pie Chart has each and every young member of the coven, as well as Fiona’s daughter Cordelia Foxx, tied at 14% with the new odds-on favorite (by two percentage points) being “Who the hell knows?”

Who will be the new supreme on American Horror Story: Coven? Madison, Misty, Cordelia, Zoe, Queenie or Nan

As far as my own personal opinion, I’m putting my money on Cordelia. I know the generational timing is a bit off, but she seems the one that is most metaphorically set up to take the title (self sacrifice, blind but now I see, etc.), plus no one will see it coming — pardon the blind reference. Of course, I’m like most fans because I secretly hope the new Supreme will actually turn out to be Stevie Nicks.

So who do you think will take the Coven reigns Wednesday night? Or will there be no Supreme after everyone dies trying to complete the Seven Wonders?

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